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Color Revolutions

Conspiracy Theorist. The CIA’s Afghan Death Squads. How the Washington Post Does Propaganda These Days. How the Cold War, Which Never Actually Stopped, Actually Started. This will be the first-ever credible, or “historical,” but brief, account of how the Cold War actually began, and of why it started, and of why it continues today (even though it started on the basis of lies which have long-since become exposed but — for reasons which will become obvious — the exposing of which lies remains hidden from the public, so that ‘history’ can be preserved, and the public thus remains deceived).

How the Cold War, Which Never Actually Stopped, Actually Started

To understand today’s world, an introduction is needed first that summarizes what World War II (the Cold War’s predecessor) was actually all about, in geostrategic terms:

Entrapment, Victims

CIA Covert Operative William Barr Nominated by Trump for Attorney General. His Role in the Iran Contra Affair. Coca-Cola. QAnon. Five Eyes. [101] CIA Veteran Admits Deep State Is Very Real. Dark Fleet. Limited Hangouts. MOSSAD. The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know. This article by Professor James Tracy first published in August 2015 is of particular relevance in relation to the “fake news” campaign directed against the alternative media.

The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

Steve Aftergood: Proof the Secret World Is Useless to the Rest of the Government – Public Intelligence Blog. Executive branch agencies that are not part of the US Intelligence Community (IC) can still get access to classified intelligence and to IC information technology systems under certain conditions.

Steve Aftergood: Proof the Secret World Is Useless to the Rest of the Government – Public Intelligence Blog

But they must follow procedures that were spelled out last month in new policy guidance from Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats. How US Flooded the World with Psyops – Consortiumnews. Special Report: The mainstream U.S. media obsesses over Russian “propaganda” yet the U.S. government created a “psyops” bureaucracy three decades ago to flood the world with dubious information, reports Robert Parry.

How US Flooded the World with Psyops – Consortiumnews

By Robert Parry Newly declassified documents from the Reagan presidential library help explain how the U.S. government developed its sophisticated psychological operations capabilities that – over the past three decades – have created an alternative reality both for people in targeted countries and for American citizens, a structure that expanded U.S. influence abroad and quieted dissent at home. Raymond, who has been compared to a character from a John LeCarré novel slipping easily into the woodwork, spent his years inside Reagan’s White House as a shadowy puppet master who tried his best to avoid public attention or – it seems – even having his picture taken. But Raymond appears to have grasped his true importance. A ‘Psyops Totality’ As Col. Taking Shape. CIA whistleblower breaks silence on climate engineering, vaccine damage.

Obama CIA Connections

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Organizations. History and NAZIs. Drug Trade. Foreign Resistance to CIA Manipulation. Targeted Killings, Extreme Prejudice, Assassinations. Remote Viewing Programs. CIA Front Groups. Creation and Support of Terrorism. Leaks and Fake Leaks. Clandestine War Against Russia. Private Company Associations. Clandestine War Support. DHS. CIA Headquarters in Langley Reportedly on Lockdown - Breitbart. CIA Subgroup of MOSSAD, Khazarians, neo-NAZIs. Influence on Journalism and Mainstream Media. Illegal Activities in the United States. BRUCE FEIN: It's time to abolish the CIA. The CIA should be abolished.

BRUCE FEIN: It's time to abolish the CIA

After a trial run of 67 years, the agency has proven a sorcerer’s apprentice. The director and his subordinates have became insufferably arrogant Platonic Guardians hiding behind secrecy in the belief that the rest of us are too stupid or naive to judge what risks to accept to preserve liberty and the rule of law. The CIA has made Americans less safe. Its incorrigible anti-democratic ethos was epitomized by legendary chief of counterintelligence James J.

Spying in and out of the U.S., Cover Stories, Sheep-Dipping, NSA

Zero Dark Thirty, the CIA and film critics have a very bad evening. Just a few months ago, the consensus of the establishment press and the nation's (shockingly large) community of film critics was that Zero Dark Thirty was the best film of the year and the clear (and well-deserved) front-runner to win the most significant Academy Awards.

Zero Dark Thirty, the CIA and film critics have a very bad evening

"OK, folks, you can plan something else for Oscar Night 2013 . . . . Zero Dark Thirty will win Best Picture and Best Director (Kathryn Bigelow)," pronounced Time Magazine's Richard Corliss. "'Zero Dark Thirty' and Kathryn Bigelow won major critics' prizes on Sunday, confirming the Osama bin Laden manhunt thriller as an Oscar frontrunner," said Entertainment Weekly.


Here are a few excerpts from the conclusions of the torture report. Operation Mockingbird. Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion. ISIL terrorist leader is CIA agent: Chechen president. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov says the ISIL terrorist group's leader, Ibrahim Samarrai who is known by the alias Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, works for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and is financially supported by western secret services.

ISIL terrorist leader is CIA agent: Chechen president

"Baghdadi should take off his mask and declare loudly and clearly that he is a CIA agent, that he has been recruited,” Kadyrov said on Tuesday, adding, “They (the ISIL militants) are Shaitans (devils) and their sole obsession is to grab as much money as they can lay hands on.

Regime Change

Technical. February 2009. Addendum: The original version of this report has been deleted from my website.

February 2009

Today, I received a letter by post from a gentleman whose name was mentioned in Tim White's jailhouse letter. This gentleman apprised me that Tim White's comments about him and his family were false and libelous in nature, and he asked me to remove the parts of the letter which mentioned his name. I told him I would be more than happy to do so, knowing exactly what it feels like to be targeted for White's outrageous lies, all part of his foolish posturing and boasting about what he thinks he knows -- including about more decent, legitimate people than you could shake a stick at!

Foreign Intelligence Services

ISIS Domestic Terror Threat Created by CIA and U.S. Military. Eli Lake, writing for The Daily Beast, in other words Newsweek, warns that Americans fighting in Syria may soon return home and pose a serious terror threat.

ISIS Domestic Terror Threat Created by CIA and U.S. Military

“The problem, U.S. counter-terrorism and intelligence officials tell The Daily Beast, is that there are just so many jihadists with Western passports traveling to fight in Syria that they worry some of them may slip back into the United States without being detected,” Lake writes. He then quotes Matthew Olsen, the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, who told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in March hundreds of terrorists have Western passports and they “could return to their home countries to commit violence on their own initiative or participate in al Qaeda-directed plots.”

NSA Admits That There is a New Employee Leaking Documents. A new post-Snowden whistle-blower is leaking more sensitive information about the NSA photo by laverrue on Flickr By John Vibes, True Activist.

NSA Admits That There is a New Employee Leaking Documents

Edward Snowden quite possibly changed the course of history with his brave act of exposing some of the most invasive spying techniques currently used by the US government. The US government and mainstream media has treated Snowden like a terrorist, in hopes of deterring others from stepping forward and leaking information as well.

Foreign Locations

Former Spies Activities. The NSA's New Partner in Spying: Saudi Arabia's Brutal State Police. Cross-posted from The Intercept This article co-written by *Murtaza Hussain Barack Obama faces a challenge when he meets with Saudi King Abdullah in Riyadh(image by Reuters) The National Security Agency last year significantly expanded its cooperative relationship with the Saudi Ministry of Interior, one of the world's most repressive and abusive government agencies. An April 2013 top secret memo provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden details the agency's plans "to provide direct analytic and technical support" to the Saudis on "internal security" matters.

State Department Section Chief Becomes NSA Whistleblower. 'Democracy Threatening' Tye explains the differences between section 215 and EO 12333 and hints at how much information is captured: Unlike Section 215, the executive order authorizes collection of the content of communications, not just metadata, even for U.S. persons. Such persons cannot be individually targeted under 12333 without a court order. However, if the contents of a U.S. person’s communications are “incidentally” collected (an NSA term of art) in the course of a lawful overseas foreign intelligence investigation, then Section 2.3(c) of the executive order explicitly authorizes their retention.

It does not require that the affected U.S. persons be suspected of wrongdoing and places no limits on the volume of communications by U.S. persons that may be collected and retained. “Incidental” collection may sound insignificant, but it is a legal loophole that can be stretched very wide. All of this calls into question some recent administration statements. CIA employee’s quest to release information ‘destroyed my entire career’ His CIA career included assignments in Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq, but the most perilous posting for Jeffrey Scudder turned out to be a two-year stint in a sleepy office that looks after the agency’s historical files.

It was there that Scudder discovered a stack of articles, hundreds of histories of long-dormant conflicts and operations that he concluded were still being stored in secret years after they should have been shared with the public. Second NSA Whistleblower Confirms Snowden Allegations, and adds more (Video Interview) Snowden was only the first whistleblower(image by Andreas Gerhold)

CIA Document 1035-960: Foundation of a Weaponized Term.

Spying and Disinformation to Crush Dissent and Keep Secrets

Government Secrets. Presidents and High Officials Connections. Bush Family. Operation Mockingbird. How Neocons Constrain Obama's Message. Cross-posted from Consortium News President Barack Obama touches the Marshall Plaque at Michie Stadium upon arrival for the United States Military Academy at West Point commencement in West Point, N.Y., May 28, 2014. (image by (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)) As American neocons continue to shape the narratives that define the permissible boundaries for U.S. foreign policy thinking, the failure to enforce any meaningful accountability on them for their role in the criminal and disastrous invasion of Iraq has become painfully clear.

In any vibrant democratic system, it would be unthinkable that the neocons and other war hawks who yahooed the United States into Iraq a little more than a decade ago would still be exercising control over how Americans perceive today's events. Don't Be Fooled By 'Conspiracy Theory' Smears.

MKULTRA, JASON, Mind Control

Venezuela, Oil and US-backed coups: Connecting the dots. Credit Flickr, Riccardo Vásquez. Opposition activists to Maduro´s leadership hold signs saying they will fight for, or lose, their country. America’s War On Drugs. 2004.02.08 - CIA and US Government are drug dealers for Banking mafia! Record opium output forecast in Afghanistan. Links to Documents Concerning the CIA. CIA Involvement: Police chief: Lockerbie evidence was faked. This report was published by the Scotesman exactly three years ago. Links to Documents Concerning the CIA. Michael Ruppert Suicide: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. (Facebook/Michael Ruppert) Former LAPD narcotics officer, author, journalist and activist Michael C. Ruppert is dead, according to condolences posted on his Facebook page. Russian Agent “Missing” In Detroit Was Tracking Bio/Nuke Device. What the MSM Did Not Report About Edward Snowden's Testimony Before the Council of Europe.

Role of Israel andSoros Exposed by MH370 Twin Jet in Tel Aviv. Flight 370 The CIA Hoax: Gordon Duff. Malaysia Flight 370 Pilot Confirmed As CIA “Asset” As Plane Exploded Over Indian Ocean. MH370: US Knows Exactly Where It Is And What Happened (Video) How Much Microsoft Charges the FBI for User Data. Putin puts fear of God in New World Order. MH370 CIA Cover-Up: Military Tells Malaysia To Say Maldives Lied About Plane Sightings (Map) Malaysia Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean.

Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy. CIA Implicated in Distribution of Arms to Syria. CIA Interfered With Senate Committee, May Have Violated Constitution. What Europe Should Know about US Mass Surveillance – Whistleblower Edward Snowden Delivers Written Testimony to European Parliament. The Inverse of Oversight: CIA Spies On Congress. Propaganda Rules The News. Coup in Ukraine Illustrates US Addiction To Meddling and Regime Change. US NGO Involvement in Ukraine Uprising. What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis. A Shadow US Foreign Policy. Snowden: Training Guide for GCHQ, NSA Agents Infiltrating and Disrupting Alternative Media Online.

Operation Mockingbird Exposed: Congressional Hearing Proves The CIA Controls Mainstream Media! NSA Intercepting Laptops Purchased Online To Install Spy Malware. NSA 'hacking unit' infiltrates computers around the world – report. U.S. To Stay in Afghanistan To Harvest Opium Crop? Another Anniversary: Forgotten November Souls. The One Telco Exec Who Resisted The NSA Has Been Released From 4+ Years In Jail. Investigative Journalist: Obama Grandparents CIA Connections; Bogus Harvard Certifications.