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7 Movies That Put Insane Detail into Stuff You Never Noticed

7 Movies That Put Insane Detail into Stuff You Never Noticed
We've mentioned before how film directors occasionally go a little bit crazy when it comes to certain minor details, including ones that 99 percent of the audience are never even going to see. A horrifying amount of time and work go into things that will be forever unnoticed by everyone except a few members of the crew. So let's again take a moment to appreciate the awesomely obsessive ... #7. For any sci-fi or fantasy film, it's one thing to make the clothing and equipment look authentic onscreen, and another to add layers of detail that are physically impossible to notice, even if each frame of the movie is examined with a magnifying glass. If Michael Bay had directed this film, all those Uruk-hai would be explosions, and Helm's Deep would be a pair of tits. What's that? KropserkelEven that codpiece is Orc-accurate. Well, that chain mail that you didn't notice, that you couldn't have noticed, was created by the costume department by hand, link by link ... CollectTolkien #6. #5. Also?

SAF to retire!! “My greatest challenge is not what’s happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their perch.” Ferguson on his biggest achievement “At the end of this game, the European Cup will be only six feet away from you and you’ll not even able to touch it if we lose. And for many of you that will be the closest you will ever get. Don’t you dare come back in here without giving your all.” “I can’t believe it. “It would have been Sir Matt Busby's 90th birthday today, but I think he was up there doing a lot of kicking.” “The most important piece of advice he gave me was not to read the press, it was great advice and I have not read it since.” “It can be difficult to pinpoint who would make it as a manager. “They say he’s an intelligent man, right? “He was certainly full of it, calling me Boss and Big Man when we had our post-match drink after the first leg. “That lad must have been born offside.” “It was a freakish incident. "It's City isn't it?

The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes Much to the dismay of screenwriters, movies scripts aren’t always set in stone. They are often like living objects constantly evolving during the filming process. Some films, like Jaws and Annie Hall, don’t even have a finished script when the cameras start to roll. Actors and actresses are regularly ad libbing, improvising or going off-script while reciting their lines. Sometimes the directors hate it – other times they love it. Occasionally the improved lines become immortalized as some of the most memorable in cinema history. Check out these 32 great unscripted scenes – you may be surprised at how many of your favorite lines were off-the-cuff. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Director – Steven Spielberg While chasing Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) after she’s been kidnapped, archaeologist and adventurer Dr. The original script called for a long sword fight but a day earlier Ford got a severe case of food poisoning and didn’t have the energy to film the scene as written. Zoolander (2001)

5 Film Franchises Based on One Character's Stupid Decision Remember that flashback scene in The Lord of the Rings when Elrond and Isildur are right at the center of Mount Doom, and all Elrond needs to do to save Middle-earth from centuries of war is elf-kick that dipshit and his ring-coveting ass into the boiling lava of oblivion? Had he just done what everyone in the audience was screaming at him to do, the movies would have just been 10 hours of hobbits getting drunk. Well, this kind of thing happens all the time -- one poor decision leads to an entire film series worth of conflict. For instance ... #5. Christopher Nolan's Batman series begins in a Bhutanese prison, where Liam Neeson's Ra's Al Ghul (who apparently has a key) recruits Bruce Wayne to be trained as a member of the League of Shadows. Sadly, like anything good, there's always a catch -- and after Bruce's training is complete and he knows all of the League of Shadows' secrets, he finds himself being asked to execute a man in a show of loyalty. But hey -- free training, right? #4.

The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in ghosts, there are some places in which none of us would want to spend a night. These places have well earned their reputations as being so creepy, tragic or mysterious (or all three) that they definitely qualify as "haunted." Places like... Aokigahara is a woodland at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan that makes The Blair Witch Project forest look like Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood. It probably has something to do with all the dead bodies scattered around. What Niagara Falls is to weddings, Aokigahara is to suicide. More than 500 fucking people have taken their own lives in Aokigahara since the 1950s. The trend has supposedly started after Seicho Matsumoto published his novel Kuroi Kaiju (Black Sea of Trees) where two of his characters commit suicide there. Also skulls. Besides bodies and homemade nooses, the area is littered with signs displaying such uplifting messages like "Life is a precious thing! Winchester Mystery House Oh, bitch...!

5 Works of Art So Good They Ruined Their Whole Genre History is filled with influential artists -- people who were so talented, they inspired hordes of others to create. But sometimes an artist creates a work of art so masterful, it simultaneously defines a style while shutting the door on others who would follow. Sure, people still try, but rarely can they succeed without their attempts being compared, unfavorably, to the masterpieces. GettyThis week, I kept the intro short instead of bitching about people not reading it. Here's a picture of my psychiatrist, who helped me accept things beyond my control, and prescribed me illegal quantities of E. Thanks, Dr. #5. 2001: A Space Odyssey Creates Profound Cinematic Science Fiction Like No Other In 1968, a year before man even went to the moon (or didn't go to the moon, if you're wearing a tin foil hat right now), Stanley Kubrick delivered 2001. 2001 starts at the dawn of man and jumps to 2001, when man as a species is ready to evolve into Homo superior. GettyNo. #4. #3. Getty"Seriously, dude.

Forums - View Single Post - Ankit's Creations[Cricket 13 with Lineup Editor & Graphics Selector] Next Gen Gameplay Patch v 6.0 Features:- i)AI pacing has been made from scratch. ii)Human batting is even more challenging. iii)Introduction Of BluffMarker. iv)All difficulty modes are active(Only ideal zone sizes differ). v)Edges and its occurrence are much more natural. vi)Few fields updated. vii)Stroke Variation has been redone. Note:BluffMarker is a technique by which the CPU sets the bowling marker at a point and then changes it at the last moment making it difficult for the Human to play strokes. Makes the game more challenging. Instructions i)The Cricket07.exe in the root folder SHOULD be of 0 kb. To install:- Download the Gameplay for the particular Roster you are using. Download

New Indie Music - Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now, with Royal Bangs, Generationals, Surf City, Mazarin, Aztec Camera This week's curator: Mara Schwartz of Bug Music. By Mara Schwartz Every two weeks, titans of the mediasphere give Nerve their music recommendations. My life features a soundtrack of near-continual music, whether I'm deciding which of our company's artists to suggest for an upcoming film, checking out new songwriters we're considering signing, or just listening for pleasure. 1. This Nashville-based electro-indie trio takes all the cool hybridization of dance-punk bands like The Rapture and !!! Listen: "Poison Control" 2. Last year's debut from New Orleans act Generationals (which rose from the ashes of the indie-pop band The Eames Era) is all over the map, careening between '60s-inspired boy-group pop, wonderfully twee bounciness, and guitar-laden indie rock. Listen: "Nobody Could Change Your Mind" 3. Listen: "See How The Sun" 4. Listen: "Another One Goes By" 5. On the slight chance you're not wondering, "Who?" Listen: "All I Need Is Everything"

5 True Stories Cut from Movies for Being Too Unrealistic As we've repeatedly pointed out, in Hollywood the words "Based on a True Story" are usually just a code for "Vaguely Resembling a True Story, but Mostly Bullshit." Sometimes, the filmmakers feel like they have to lie and make up stuff to make the story more interesting -- but it turns out that other times, they actually have to cut stuff that really happened because it's all so awesome that no one would believe it. Here are some mind-blowing moments from real life that Hollywood decided were too fantastic, even for their movies. #5. Public Enemies -- John Dillinger Didn't Take Three People Hostage With a Wooden Gun ... He Took 17 The Scene: About halfway through Public Enemies, a biopic of Depression-era bank robber John Dillinger (played by Johnny Depp), Dillinger manages to break himself out of jail by whittling a chunk of wood into a shape resembling a pistol, painting it black with shoe polish and then taking three guards hostage as he raided their weapons stores. The Reality: #4. #3.

15 Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Children Wolverine Squeaky Hammer Yep, that's Wolverine menacingly glaring at your kid with his cock out. Let's just put that on the table right away. We realize a whole bunch of you have already seen the above image, stripped of all context (we bet at least one of you has it as your avatar on a message board somewhere). But where did it come from? Nope, it's an officially licensed Marvel toy (an inflatable hammer, you're looking at one end of it) and they all looked like that. Honestly, what happens when your kid comes home and finds that his Wolverine Squeaky Hammer is deflated and, in his mind, he thinks "Wolverine died!" Congrats, your kid now has a grossly inaccurate idea of how CPR works. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this doll, as long as it's not in motion. If you can't watch video on your computer, let's just say that he starts vigorously jerking off while wailing loudly. Why, what noise do you make when you masturbate? We're guessing it took only slightly longer for owners of...

4 Legendary Pranks by Famous Comedians Office pranks have grown more popular and elaborate since Jim put Dwight's stapler in a Jell-O mold on The Office. Unfortunately, those perpetrated by people who aren't written by Mindy Kaling and Greg Daniels tend to have a hit-to-miss ratio on par with most "humorous" coffee mugs. But there are those rare occasions when people who are funny for a living unleash their comedic sensibilities on the unsuspecting outside world, and the rest of us can only look on in admiration, and think about trying to start a slow clap ... #4. During the first season of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone quickly became two of the most talked about names in Hollywood despite the fact that nobody knew what they looked like. While researching Orgazmo, Parker became friendly with porn star Tim Lake, who invited him to one of the strangest parties in Hollywood history. The point is, most people would have just been grateful for the invite. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an entrance. #3.

Requests Off MattW's Overlays [Ten Sports Red Overlay Released! No Requests!] - PlanetCricket Forums Welcome Welcome to my download thread, I focus on making overlays that are as good as possible within the constraints of Cricket 07. PlanetCricket is the only place where I post downloads, if you see them elsewhere, they aren't mine. Tournament/League Overlays and Menus Host Broadcaster/National Team Overlays and Menus Superseded Overlays/MenusNo previews:Blank Overlay - A totally blank overlay that allows you to play the game without any on screen graphics - good for taking preview screenshots of downloads. BBL/IPL Fixture Fixture, menu edits and logos for playing the IPL and BBL with the team replacements in the Others section, per Biggy's Cricket 12 roster. + graphical edit for tournament logos. Logos For use with Biggy's Cricket 2012 roster and compatible replacements. Logos made for other tournaments not included in Biggy's roster are released in PNG format and are listed below: Bangladesh Premier League logos - New Zealand and South Africa Using my downloads Go for it.

25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven't Seen Midnight in Paris Woody Allen’s latest places starving writer Owen Wilson in Paris with his fiancée, Rachel McAdams. Searching for inspiration for his incomplete novel, Owen begins taking strolls around the city at night where he discovers an unexpected group of people. I wish I could be more specific, but it would ruin the surprise. Let the Right One In The best vampire movie ever made in my opinion. Watch Let the Right One In for FREE on Amazon Instant Video The Man From Earth Holy &#%@ this film’s plot is fascinating! Garden State This is my absolute favorite film. Waking Life It’s impossible for you to grasp Waking Life without actually watching it, but I’ll do my best to explain it. Watch Waking Life for FREE on Amazon Instant Video Closer This film is a rather dark, yet comedic story about the twisted relationships between Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le Scaphendre et le Papillon) Sin Nombre Snatch Spirited Away The Descent Once

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