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A Brazil woman’s plastic surgery turned her into a kleptomaniac. Presidential candidate Donald Trump easily won the Republican Nevada primary with over 44% of the votes in early counting, in a election marked by complaints of fraud and chaos. He made a victory speech in front of a rowdy crowd dressed in “Make America Great Again” hats and t-shirts at his Las Vegas hotel, and expressed his love for everyone from casino mogul Steve Wynn to the “poorly educated.”

He also offered up some more information about his plans should he be elected president, including keeping the Guantanamo Bay detention facility open and loading it up with “bad dudes.” Quartz has transcribed his entire victory speech. You can also view it here (speech starts at the 1:49:22 mark). Oh boy. You know we weren’t expecting—a couple of months ago, we weren’t expecting to win this one, you know that right? And Michigan—the whole thing.It’s going to be an amazing two months. We might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest. He loves the rifle stuff. We won with young. The Sober Truth About Field Sobriety Tests. Does this woman look drunk? There are only a few tests that are proven to tell. (Photo: Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr) If you haven't experienced it in person, you've definitely seen it on TV: a police officer pulls over a suspected drunk driver and makes them touch their nose and walk in a straight line to see how drunk they are.

Such field sobriety tests, or FSTs, have been around since police have been pulling over erratic drivers, but it wasn’t until 1975 that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) decided to find out which, if any, were actually effective. To this day, only three tests are officially sanctioned—and all come from the same decades-long study that started in the 1970s. Prior to 1975, FSTs were developed independently within individual police forces without any empirical study or validation, other than the anecdotal experience of the officers who used them. The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test is more familiar than it sounds. Presidential Vacations. Q: Is it true that George W. Bush took more vacation days than Barack Obama? A: Yes. Before his two-week trip to Martha’s Vineyard in August, Obama’s count was 125 full or partial days and Bush’s total at the same point in his presidency was 407. Our inbox is chock full of questions about who took more vacation days, Obama or Bush.

(The short answer: Bush. The long answer: There’s no such thing as a true non-working vacation for the president.) The recent barrage from our readers coincides with Obama’s 15-day family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard — he returned to the White House on Aug. 24 — which occurred during major news events including the beheading of a U.S. journalist by Islamic militants and protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old black man.

Obama faced criticism for being on vacation during these times, but those types of complaints are nothing new — either to Obama or presidents in general. — Lori Robertson. Descending A Massive Chimney. Chicago Policeman Who Shot Quintonio LeGrier Sues Estate Of Teen. 10 People Trapped in the Wrong Body. 19-year-old trapped inside a 2-year-old Girija Srinivas is an Indian woman with an extreme case of underdevelopment — she never physically developed past the age of 2. Girija is unable to sit up on her own and can barely lift a cup of tea, yet she has not given up hope. She is artistically inclined and dreams someday of becoming a famous painter. (Source) Man discovers he's really a woman at age 66 Kwong Wah hospital where the man was treated A 66-year-old man was visiting the hospital for a swollen abdomen when he was given some rather unusual news — the swelling turned out to be an ovarian cyst. Teenager born without hormones trapped in a 10-year-old's body Poppy Web-Jones has a very rare condition called panhypopituitarism, which means she was born without hormones. 42-year-old man trapped in 14-year-old body refused hormone treatments Mario Bosco also suffers from panhypopituitarism, but he says he is happy the way he is. 4-year-old trapped in body of old man Woman believes she's a cat.

The Lipstick Robot. The Body on Somerton Beach. The FBI and the Internet can’t crack this dead man’s code. It’s not surprising that McCormick’s case would grip the Internet. The mysterious death, the encrypted notes only later released to the public—it’s a tale ready-made for conspiracy theorists and armchair sleuths. It continues to resurface on message boards like Reddit’s Unresolved Mysteries, a testament to the allure of a murdered man’s ciphered words. McCormick’s notes entered the canon of undeciphered texts, which includes the Voynich Manuscript, the 15th-century cipher (or hoax) that includes elaborately surreal illustrations of the cosmos, the coded treasure-map Beale Papers, and the “Dorabella” letter.

But McCormick’s notes also belong to a subgenre of the unbroken code canon: the cold case, with its most famous examples being the Tamam Shud case and, of course, the Zodiac Killer. Indeed, when the FBI released McCormick’s notes, the Zodiac Killer couldn’t have been far from the minds of Internet sleuths. There was a disconnect, then, between the unbreakable code and the broken man. The triumph of the peanut gallery: MH370 and the search for answers. When Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished shortly after midnight on March 8, 2014, a few things should have happened almost immediately. The process for air crash investigations is dictated by international treaty: Official investigators collect debris, interview survivors, then publish a final report laying out what happened.

But this time, things were different. Instead came a stream of official obfuscations, stonewalling, and misinformation that stoked a frenzy of media speculation that lasted for months. Amid the confusion, a loose confederation of obsessives emerged on the Internet—an ad hoc group that seemed at last capable of explicating the puzzle with clarity and incision. But they, too, were scuppered by a strange turn in the case. Now, nearly two years and $130 million later, the picture is as murky as ever. I came into the MH370 story as a mainstream journalist with a decade’s experience covering aviation for magazines and websites. Sure enough, no plane turned up. The last days of HitchBOT.

The video surfaced on Aug. 3, two days after the attack. It was CCTV footage, showing a man in an oversize Eagles jersey strolling up North Second at 5am, where he spots HitchBOT on a bench. The man gives the bot, whose body is obscured by a mailbox, a swift, savage beating, and dumps its freshly severed arms on the sidewalk. Job done, he swaggers off towards the sunrise. The footage aired on virtually every major news network: Allegedly, the anchors said as a caveat, this is the man who killed HitchBOT. There are three problems with this video, which ought to have cast doubts on its legitimacy. “First, I just want to say how proud I am that Ed and I were able to prank the news,” Jesse Wellens said in a video blog post on his YouTube channel, the day after.

In the world of YouTube stardom, Jesse Wellens is so successful that Google auto-completes a search for his name with “net worth.” That was Rebecca Tennenbaum’s friend, the one who drove HitchBOT down from New York. “Yes. “Yeah.” Hillary Clinton 2016: Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to End. When precisely did Chelsea Clinton complete her transition from a White House kid whom journalists agreed to treat as off-limits to a public figure deserving of the full scrutiny of the press corps? The unsettling answer to the question appears to be, “Not yet.”

The soon-to-be 36-year-old occupies the status of an American princess—Diana on the Potomac, if you will. The press covers her, of course, attempting to ask her substantive questions, but mostly she exists to grace the covers of magazines—Fast Company and Elle most recently—and be treated to lighter-than-air puff pieces. Story Continued Below Few object to the cone of deference the press places over the actual children who reside in the White House, or their parents’ attempts to construct a privacy zone around them.

Even after White House kids are no longer minors and move on to college, as Chelsea did in 1997, most reporters and editors resist covering them as news in themselves. “I’m sorry,” Chelsea said. Why lost phones keep pointing at this Atlanta couple’s house. Over the last year, more than a dozen people have shown up at Christina Lee and Michael Saba’s door in Atlanta looking for stolen smartphones. The visitors’ find-my-phone apps say their phones are inside the house, but they’re not. It’s been frustrating for Lee and Saba, not just because they fear someone angry and violent might show up one day, but because they didn’t know what was causing it.

Tech experts I consulted when I first wrote about Lee and Saba’s tech mystery were flummoxed. The phones included Androids and iPhones, on all the different carriers from Verizon to Sprint. But now security researcher Dave Maynor thinks he’s figured what’s causing this Bermuda tech triangle. Maynor visited Lee and Saba’s home last week, accompanied by Reply All who I teamed up with to solve this tech mystery. “In the five blocks around where I live by contrast,” said Maynor by phone, “there are 3000-4000 such devices.” Wigle Lee and Saba live in a digital desert. But he’s still uncertain. PJ Vogt. A Look Inside NASA's Spaceship Factory. The most striking thing about the Orion Crew Module is how small it is. NASA is so easily understood on television and film as a Giant Thing—impossibly large rockets and vast launch sites and fiery, apocalyptic launches to an infinite void—but when seen at a human scale—an Orion scale—its size is unnerving. This is it? Orion is the first human-rated deep space vessel to be built by NASA in 40 years.

It is a space capsule, and like the famed Apollo capsules, it is a vehicle of exploration. It was designed to take human beings to moons, asteroids, and other planets. Its diameter is about the length of a mid-size sedan, and it will be mounted to the top of a rocket that's taller than the Statue of Liberty. Following decades of abandoned plans, doomed programs, and dashed hopes, it feels almost impossible to believe: Orion is real. Steve Doering, the core stage manager of the Space Launch System (SLS), a 5.5 million-pound, 321-foot tall rocket. The opposite is true, of course. More exercise does not mean more calories burned. Gym-goers might think that if they huff it on a treadmill for two hours every day, they will burn more calories overall than if they sneak in just 30 minutes.

“We should get out of our notion is that if we eat a chocolate cake, all we have to do is get on the treadmill and we’ll burn it off,” said Bill McCarthy, a nutrition and lifestyle researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved with the study. “The body doesn’t work that way — sorry.” Read more: Can you exercise too much? For the study, a team led by Herman Pontzer sought to test whether energy expenditures increased as physical activity did, or if those expenditures plateaued no matter how much activity people were doing. Researchers looked at 332 people in five different populations around the world: a mostly agrarian group in Ghana; people living in a township in South Africa; urban residents in Jamaica; island dwellers in the Seychelles; and suburbanites in the United States.

Microsoft's undersea data center uses the ocean to keep its cool. Although many people may think that cloud computing exists purely in cyberspace, it does in fact have a physical home – data centers located around the world, each one full of linked servers. These data centers use a lot of power, they create a lot of heat, and it helps if they're close to populated areas.

While we've already seen some creative approaches to meeting these needs, Microsoft recently announced that it's tried something else yet … it anchored an unmanned data center to the bottom of the sea. Called Project Natick, the 2015 experiment involved housing a data center inside a watertight 38,000-lb (17,237-kg) cylindrical vessel measuring approximately 10 x 7 feet (3 x 2 m). Anchored over half a mile (0.8 km) off the US Pacific coast, the unit used as much computing power as 300 desktop PCs. It spent three months underwater starting last August, run and monitored from shore by remote control. A server rack is installed within the Project Natick vessel About the Author. Theconversation. “I am here to do more than eat and shit,” an irate Mao ZeDong shouted during his only meeting with Josef Stalin in Moscow, having been kept waiting for days. This was Stalin’s attempt to show him who was the real boss. Yet it transpires that he was far more interested in Mao’s inner workings than he let on.

According to recent reports, former Soviet agent Ivor Atamanenko claims Stalin had ordered Mao to be fed well during his ten days of closely supervised “hospitality”. Mao was also asked to use a special toilet, where his excrement was collected daily and sent to a secret lab for analysis. The Russian scientists wanted to determine the state of mind of the Chinese leader by looking for chemicals in the excrement they believed were linked to certain behaviour and traits.

Dubious research We don’t know Mao’s actual results or even how accurately they could measure the chemicals. Gut microbes versus DNA So was it all just pseudoscience? The Tragic Data Behind Selfie Fatalities. Quora. Hasbro Announces New, More Realistic G.I. Joe Action Figures – Duffel Blog. There's no word on whether they will make the new figures less Aryan.

(Hasbro photo.) EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Toy manufacturers are making headlines again, fresh on the heels of Mattel’s Barbie Doll™ reboot. This time, Hasbro has announced they will revamp their popular G.I. Joe toy line to more accurately represent today’s service members. “The G.I. Joe is, first of all, a patriotic toy,” said Hasbro spokesperson Julie Duffy. “For years we’ve had concerns that G.I. The new G.I. Hasbro also announced a brand new toy, the G.I. Other members on the GI Joe Team Roster include “Sick Bay Commando,” “Male Ranger School Washout,” and “Slide Master,” who comes with his own bionic carpal tunnel brace. Mattel plans a future crossover with another of their lines, My Little Pony, to create the G.I. Duffel Blog artists Dark Laughter and The Wolfman contributed to this story. Mozart’s Daily Routine. “The patterns of our lives reveal us.

Our habits measure us,” Mary Oliver wrote in contemplating how our routines give shape to our inner lives. This, perhaps, is why we’re so transfixed by the daily routines of great artists, writers, and scientists — a sort of magical thinking under the spell of which we come to believe that if we were to replicate the routines of geniuses, we would also replicate some dimension of their inner lives and, in turn, their outer greatness. Still, magical thinking aside, without insight into the routines of those who lead creatively fruitful lives, we would have never been able to study the psychology of the ideal daily routine. And few lives have been more creatively fruitful than that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756–December 5, 1791).

He describes his days at the Weber house: I am writing this at eleven at night, because I have no other leisure time. Complement with the daily routines of Hans Christian Andersen, C.S. The Mushroom Death Suit is the Latest in Post-Mortem, Eco-Friendly Fashion. The admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets for years. The Famous Photo of Chernobyl's Most Dangerous Radioactive Material Was a Selfie.

Cities Could Soon Be Connected By One 'Endless' Orchard. Is 'Pink = Girly' a Myth? Unraveling the mystery of 11b-x-1371 with Parker Warner Wright. Natasha Vargas-Cooper | Waiving the Age of Reason. Satan at the Door: The Sinister Events Surrounding The Sentinel | The Lineup. Making a Memory of Murder. The rise of Pakistan's 'burger' generation. Sono architects organizes contemporary slovenian home in a triangular composition. NASA astronaut posts photos of the first flower grown in space. Powerball loser sets up a GoFundMe to get her ticket money back. Texas Deregulates Everything - Texas Environmentalists Ask Federal Government to Step In. Cold War Coloring Book Taught A-10 Pilots to Kill Soviet Tanks — War Is Boring. Jumping Off the Jennifer Lawrence Bandwagon.

Ancient Aliens Are Actually Time Travelers. The Lineup’s Creepiest Stories of 2015 | The Lineup. Werner Herzog Has Seen the Future of Virtual Reality and. A U.S. Trial For El Chapo Could Expose More Than Some Americans Want. Bonsai Kitten (Dec 2000) Future - The dos and don’ts of becoming a genius. Earth - We don't know which species should be classed as 'human' President Obama Holds Town Hall on Guns. Why too much evidence can be a bad thing. Burden of Proof: The Construction of Visual Evidence | We Make Money Not Art. A generation of failed politicians has trapped the west in a tawdry nightmare | Pankaj Mishra | Opinion. Evading Death and Immigration Checkpoints | DSSK. How Do You Train a Dog to Sniff Bombs? Tracing You (2015) -- by Benjamin Grosser. 15 News Stories from 2015 You Should Have Heard About But Probably Didn’t. It’s a $cam! The American Way of War in the Twenty-First Century.

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Meet the Fox News atheist — the man Bill O’Reilly calls a fascist and Sean Hannity thinks is evil. Plant viruses: from crop pathogens to key players in bio-nanotechnology. When the KKK Was a Pyramid Scheme. The Special Newsweek Edition “DECLASSIFIED” –Even Further Declassified. Insurrection and Utopia, Part 1: “We are Eating From a Trashcan; This Trashcan is Ideology.” | Desultory Heroics.

Seymour M. Hersh · Military to Military: US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war · LRB 7 January 2016. Sy Hersh Blockbuster: Top U.S. General Ignored Obama, Led Secret Plot to Protect Assad and Bring Russia Into Syrian War. Weaponized Hyperreality: Social Engineering Through Corporate State Propaganda and Religion | Desultory Heroics. Train in vain: No sign of Nazi gold train.

The Inventor of Auto-Tune. Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind | The Brains Blog. Capital - This is why Iran could be the best place to be born today. Keeping The Portal Open: Erik Davis on TechGnosis and the Blurring “Real” & “Virtual” | Desultory Heroics. Evolutionary Theory and Social Engineering (Occult Yorkshire 9) | Auticulture.

South Korean pop group sent home after US Customs at LA airport accuse them of being sex workers. “UNconventional Grey” Geoengineering and the Climate Change Agenda. On Sunday a Man Appeared on Our Televisions. This is What He Said. Gift Wrap Hack Explained. Do you know these planes? Kuala Lumpur has three orphaned 747s that nobody will claim. We’re Breaking Up: Rebecca Solnit on How Modern Noncommunication Is Changing Our Experience of Time, Solitude, and Communion. There is something extraordinary happening in the world | Desultory Heroics. Monsanto Put on Trial for Crimes against Humanity in The Hague. The internet told us Russia would violate NATO territory last week. Watch the Navy's Railgun Catapult Skip a 4-Ton Cart Like a Stone. Tales From The Wise Sloth: The Cow-poline Story. Sheldon Silver Guilty on All Counts in Corruption Trial - Civic Center - New York.

Federal Emergency Plan D-Minus. Rude Behavior Shown to be as Contagious as an Infectious Disease. Graying Japan Tries to Embrace the Golden Years. Counterculture: The Rebel Commodity | Desultory Heroics. Culture - Did female gladiators exist? Psychiatric Disorders are Not Neurological Disorders. Turkey Pardon Cancelled After Russia Fighter Downing. Why it matters that you realize you’re in a computer simulation. Conversion via Twitter. Thomas Friedman Takes on ISIS. Captagon: the amphetamine fuelling Syria's civil war. Google Has Discovered The 5 Key Traits Employees Need To Succeed. Canadian military explored plan to fully integrate forces with U.S. DN!