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42+ jQuery Image Gallery Plugins. A list of 42 jQuery image galleries, sliders, plugins and tutorials built using jQuery Here’s a list of 42 jQuery image galleries, sliders, plugins and tutorials built using jQuery: 1.

42+ jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

TN3 Gallery TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. Compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Site : visit live demo : here 2. I got inspired by myself when I wrote the Editable Select plugin, so I decided to write another one. Site : visit live demo : here. W3Avenue - Advice & Resources For Rapid Web Development (CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Libraries, Resources, & More...)

Event order. Page last changed today See section 7D of the book.

Event order

Netscape 4 only supports event capturing, Explorer only supports event bubbling. Netscape 6 and Konqueror support both, while Opera and iCab support neither. On the Introduction to events page I asked a question that at first sight seems incomprehensible: “If an element and one of its ancestors have an event handler for the same event, which one should fire first?” Not surprisingly, this depends on the browser. The basic problem is very simple. ----------------------------------- | element1 | | ------------------------- | | |element2 | | | ------------------------- | | | ----------------------------------- and both have an onClick event handler. Not surprisingly, back in the bad old days Netscape and Microsoft came to different conclusions. 10 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins. When it comes to adding JavaScript functionality to a website, jQuery has become the solution of choice for web designers and developers.

10 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins

With it’s ease of use and ever-growing selection of plugins, there’s really no point to look elsewhere. Awesome jQuery plugins are popping up everyday, and we’re always on the look out. So for this post, I’ve gathered 10 fresh plugins that you should find very useful. Cute Balloon Cute Balloon is a jQuery script that allow you to easy make a beauty tool tip balloon, also with ajax content. Captify Captify is a plugin that displays simple, pretty image captions that appear on rollover. GvChart. 13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials. 629 shares 8 jQuery Plugins Worth Checking Out jQuery plugins certainly exist to make our life easier, and it’s always great to discover new ones that make it easy to add cool functionality to our projects.

13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

So for today, we have some fresh jQuery plugins to share with you. From progress bar animations to flat shadows, and HTML restructure in a responsive way,… Read More 852 shares. AJAX Language API - Language Detection. 609 + Ajax/Javascript/Dhtml examples and demos to download. JavaScript Augmented Reality – JavaScript Augmented Reality – Bocoup Web Log. Augmented Reality: using JSARToolkit with WebGL & HTML5 Video Last week I spent some time running tests and generally familiarizing myself with the JSARToolkit code.

JavaScript Augmented Reality – JavaScript Augmented Reality – Bocoup Web Log

I also built a JavaScript wrapper for the library to make it easier to use. JSARToolkit is a JavaScript library converted from FLARToolkit (Flash), and is developed for tracking AR Markers in video footage. The ARToolkit converts the data from the markers into 3D coordinates with-which you can super-impose images and other 3D or 2D content. What is Augmented Reality? "Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics.

You may have already seen JSARToolkit in action on Ilmari Heikkinen’s awesome “Remixing Reality” demo. Resources: JSARToolkit-Wrapper on Github You will need the latest version of Firefox 4 or Chrome to see these demos working. HTML5 Music-Video Research Conclusions. jQuery Impromptu. About jQuery Impromptu is an extension to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input.

jQuery Impromptu

More or less this is a great replacement for an alert, prompt, and confirm. Not only does it replace these but it also allows for creating forms within these controls. This is not intended to be a modal replacement, just a quick tool to prompt user input in a fashionable way. Options $.prompt( msg , options ) msg The message can either be an html string, or an object of "states". Html A string of html or text for the content buttons focus Index of the button to focus(0,1,2..). Submit. JavaScript (Einbindung, Variablen, Sonderzeichen) Linkübersicht JavaScript Wann JavaScript einsetzen?

JavaScript (Einbindung, Variablen, Sonderzeichen)

JavaScript ist ein wenig umstritten. Der Hauptgrund dafür ist, dass der Nutzer es im Browser ausschalten kann. Laut Statistik tun das zwischen zwei und zwanzig Prozent der Nutzer. Javascripts - Kategorie Übersicht. Hier findest du viele verschiedene JavaScript Codes und HTML Codes jeglicher Art.

Javascripts - Kategorie Übersicht

Die Javascripts sind in verschiedene Kategorien eingeteilt, die ihr unten vorfindet. Zu jeder Kategorie gibt es eine kurze Beschreibung. In der Klammer dahinter steht, wieviele Javascripts in dieser Kategorie eingetragen sind. Wenn du eines der Scripts auf deiner Homepage einsetzen willst, kannst du den angebotenen Code einfach auf deine Homepage kopieren. jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library. Lightbox 2. Have a feature request?

Lightbox 2

If you want a feature added, create an issue on Github. Someone else or I might be able to help out. No guarantees. Found a bug? If you find a bug, create an issue on Github. Can't get Lightbox working? If you followed the instructions, but still can't get Lightbox working, search Stackoverflow to see if other people have run into the same issue as you. Looking for older versions? You can access older versions and see a changelog on the Github releases page. Fancybox - Fancy lightbox alternative.

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