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Execution context and closures

What are some advanced JavaScript techniques that you don't see often but should? - Quora. 5 Useful JavaScript Libraries. Front-end development is the coolest part of the complete web development process.

5 Useful JavaScript Libraries

Ever now & then you get to see new libraries and articles coming out. Basically, the Internet is full of various tools for front-end development. In short, you have got tool for everything. Why we chose to move to HTML5 video. We recently switched to HTML5 from a Flash-based video player for all Facebook web video surfaces, including videos in News Feed, on Pages, and in the Facebook embedded video player.

Why we chose to move to HTML5 video

What is the JavaScript Event Loop? Introduction If you’re like me, you love JavaScript.

What is the JavaScript Event Loop?

Yea, it’s not the perfect language but seriously, is there even such a thing as a perfect language?! So despite it’s flaws and all, I love programming on the web and how JavaScript enables me to build applications that connect with the world. Beginner's Tutorial to WebRTC using PeerJS. WebRTC is a technology that enables real-time communication between web browsers.

Beginner's Tutorial to WebRTC using PeerJS

It is relatively new, and the API definition is still considered to be a draft. Coupled with the fact that WebRTC is not supported by all major web browsers yet, (and among the ones that do, some of them do not support every feature of this technology), this makes it relatively difficult to use WebRTC for any mission critical applications. Or so you would think! Connect Four over WebRTC using PeerJS: Look ma, no server! Since it was first introduced by Google in May 2011, WebRTC has been used in many modern web applications. PeerJS - Simple peer-to-peer with WebRTC. - Frictionless Browser Package Management. Moment.js. JavaScript Architecture for the 23rd Century - Modern Web. Jonathan discusses JavaScript architecture patterns of the 23rd century and what the future of JavaScript holds for the 24th century.”

JavaScript Architecture for the 23rd Century - Modern Web

JavaScript applications have grown in size and complexity for the last several years. Build Wars: Gulp vs Grunt. Gulp vs Grunt A brief history of Grunt I realized that a task-based build tool with built-in, commonly used tasks was the approach that would work best for me Ben AlmanMarch 2012 Single, global Grunt: $ npm install -g grunt Configuration over code.

Build Wars: Gulp vs Grunt

What's the difference between and function.apply? Today I read a great blog post by Mark Needham titled JavaScript: Confusing ‘call’ and ‘apply’.

What's the difference between and function.apply?

A while back I wrote an article for our Tech Times newsletter about the JavaScript arguments object. It was called arguments: A JavaScript Oddity because it has all sorts of interesting behaviors that are useful to know about. I realized that although I’d used both call and apply in that article I hadn’t talked about the difference. Well it’s actually quite simple. First of all, both methods expect a thisArg as the first argument. 5 Typical JavaScript Interview Exercises. JavaScript developers are in high demand in the IT world.

5 Typical JavaScript Interview Exercises

If this is the role that best expresses your knowledge, you have a lot of opportunities to change the company you work for and increase your salary. But before you are hired by a company, you have to demonstrate your skills in order to pass the interview process. In this article I’ll show you 5 typical questions asked for a front end job to test the JavaScript skills of the candidate and their relative solutions. It’ll be fun! Question 1: Scope Consider the following code: 15 Best Node.js Frameworks For Developers - Webdesigncone. Node.js frameworks are useful javascript frameworks which can help you develop web applications.

15 Best Node.js Frameworks For Developers - Webdesigncone

It has lot of features to develop web applications. Node.js is a javasript platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node. js frameworks are the most useful when it comes to web application development and also it speed up your web development process. Node.js consists of different kind of frameworks such as MVC framework, REST API and generators, full-stack framework, lots of libraries as server library that making it possible to sun a web server without the use of external software such as Apache.

20 Fresh JavaScript Tools for Developers - Code Geekz. JavaScript serves a multitude of ways by which to create interactive websites, web applications.

20 Fresh JavaScript Tools for Developers - Code Geekz

Utilizing JavaScript into your web projects can enable you to move HTML elements around, create a variety of custom animations, and give your visitors a better end user experience. We are back with another JavaScript Tools roundup released recently, following tools are capable of serving you for number of tasks and help you to optimize and create innovative web applications quickly and easily.

We hope you will find the list useful for your development needs, please send us your feedback by posting a comment below. Enjoy !! 1. MotorCortex makes web animations easy, providing the ability to describe them through CSS-like syntax and stop messing animation logic with your actual javascript code. Function Declarations vs. Function Expressions.


20 Best JavaScript Resources for Web Designers and Developers. Javascript is a very widely used computer programming language, generally having the implemented use in web browsers, and is basically used to integrate client-side scripts for the user to interact with the server. It is also very widely used on the server side for the process of game development, mobile applications, some wide server applications, etc. This is a prototype based programming language with first class function and class libraries. Javascript was first ever introduced by the Netscape corporation, and further adopted by the java corporation, to be forming this great and resourceful web development platform.

There are a lot of authoring tools, resources, etc, are available throughout to be implemented to use. Considering the great variety, some of the tools are free or cost, some are paid, and carry their particular features respectively.


Numeral.js. Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js. Toastr by CodeSeven. Socket.IO: the cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps. Lexical environment and function scope. Underscore: LINQ (almost) for JavaScript. As part of my emerging series on LINQ from Scratch, I’d like to take a small detour today into what you do if you need the functionality of LINQ in your JavaScript program.

One answer is the underscore.js library. Here’s what they say about themselves: I just wanted to do a query against some data in memory, and underscore was the perfect answer. The data I had consisted of a series of books and I wanted to filter out all but the best in each genre, to use with KendoUI. To do so, I needed to create a collection of filters for all the books that were not the highest rated in their genre. As you can see, the data consisted of a small set of books, each with a rating.

. _.sortBy was passed my entire data set, and sorted based on the book’s rating. Writing an Awesome Build Script with Grunt. Grunt is a fantastic build system for web development, but it can be tricky to set up. In this guide, you’ll learn to configure Grunt to build a modern web project. When you’re done, your Gruntfile will be able to: Copy files from a source directory to a build directory Remove build filesCompile Stylus files and add vendor prefixes to themCompile CoffeeScriptMinify CSS and JavaScriptCompile JadeAutomatically build source files when they’re modifiedRun a development server Getting started If you haven’t already done so, install Node.js and NPM.

Everything you wanted to know about JavaScript scope. 10 Essential JavaScript Tools Developers Must know About. As the many web developers have already started working together to develop some real piece of softwares or applications which provide the flexibility to the newbies in many ways like it becomes much easier to find mistakes from their written code & the most important factor is that they can create well optimized code for developing some great web pages.

For development tools or applications, one need to think efficiently in many aspects so that they achieve maximum utilization of already written material instead of writing the same code for each and every function. Because writing the same line of code for every function not only increase the size of application, but also becomes difficult to manage and find errors. Now, This trend of utilizing resources becomes more popular day by day and almost every language started following this simple rule.


Angular.js. Profiling.