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Do You Own An iPhone Or Smartphone? Next Time When You Take Photos, Use These Awesome Tricks. | Diply. Culture Photography NEXT POST Do You Own An iPhone Or Smartphone? Next Time When You Take Photos, Use These Awesome Tricks. by julia.letts from Different Solutions These days, pretty much everyone has an iPhone or some kind of smartphone. Since they're already in our pockets, most of us prefer to use our phones as cameras these days.

Since no one wants to look like an amateur photographer, Lorenz Holder has come up with seven essential smartphone photography tips and tricks that will take your photography to the next level. Trending on the Web Report Post Never miss a post! See More by julia.letts Future dog mom. He Starts To Place Bacon Side By Side Then Spreads Something On Top. Recommended Posts Lights Announces New US Tour In Support Of Little Machines, Win A Trip To See And Meet Her! 18 Beautiful Beauty Fixes 16 Pieces Of Cat Logic That Are So Purrfect More Posts in Culture 19 Reasons Why I Have Trust Issues Funny 19 Awesome Times That We Won In The War Against Snow Parenting Entertainment. Photography Challenges. Over the past…er, six months…I have really neglected my camera.

You may or may not have noticed since I’ve continued posting each week. However, I haven’t posted nearly the number of creative photos I once did (minus the photos of Felicity – of course I have been photographing her). In an attempt to jump-start my creative juices, I’ve decided to join a couple of challenges. Considering that Autumn is by far my favorite time of year, I think it’s the perfect time to re-engage myself with photography. By posting this message, I am publicly making the commitment so feel free to join me if you too are looking for everyday inspiration.

The first challenge I’ll be joining is hosted by Fat Mum Slim in Australia – Photo a Day Challenge: October. I’ve included the list below if you’re interested. Similar to this challenge is the list that Sarah Halstead posted a few weeks ago. Finally, there is the Nurture Photography – Fall 2012 Challenge hosted by and Project 365 and Project 52 Link Up | Click it Up a NotchClick it Up a Notch. Are you tackling a Project 365 or Project 52 this year??

Consider adding your link so others can follow and support you. I do ask that if you link up that you follow a few others on this list. I know I could not have made it through my Project 365 if it hadn’t been for my other friends I had made through the project who supported and encouraged me when I wanted to give up. Tips for completing a Project 365:11 Tips for Completing a Project 365Tips to Make Your Project 365 a Success Grab the button to let others know you are doing the our Project 365 and encourage each other.

Don’t forget to comment on each other’s sites!!! Project 365 Link up Project 52 Link up. 14 Photography Project Ideas. 27 Awesome Photography Blogs to Follow - Several months ago we published a list of 20 Inspirational Photography Blogs, and today I’d like to follow up on that post with links to another 27 blogs that will be of interest to photographers. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, following blogs in the industry is a great way to learn new things, improve your own skills, find inspiration, and stay up-to-date with industry news. And with that in mind, here are 27 blogs that I like to follow. PictureCorrect PictureCorrect is a very active blog that often publishes several posts per day.

Fstoppers Fstoppers is a popular blog that often publishes multiple posts per day. Light Stalking Follow Light Stalking and their team of writers will provide you with a few new posts each week including tips and link roundups. Improve Photography Improve Photography, by Jim Harmer, is the home of a popular blog, podcast, and online courses. 121 Clicks 121 Clicks is an excellent blog for photographers to follow.

Click it Up a Notch DIY Photography. Capture Your Christmas Photography Series | Click it Up a NotchClick it Up a Notch. Who doesn’t love to capture the joy of the holidays, with the traditions, excitement and fantastic Christmas lights? Over the past few years I have put together a variety of Christmas photography tips and wanted to put them all in one place for you. Please remember, this time of year is not capturing the perfect moment and making everyone miserable while doing it. Instead, it is about freezing these fleeting moments and putting down the camera to enjoy them not through a view finder. 16 Tips to Photograph Christmas Morning – This is by far my most popular Christmas photography tip post. 5 Steps on How to Photography Christmas Lights – Capturing the lights on your tree and house is a great way to remember that year and how you decorated.

Tips to Make Your Christmas Photos More Than Snapshots – It is easy to grab the camera and snap a couple of pictures to remember the moment. Christmas Tree Light Bokeh – Another fun one for capturing your Christmas tree. So, you took some photos. Now what? | Fat Mum Slim. So you’ve played Photo A Day, now what to do with the photos? This. Read on. ♥ Create a video from your Photo A Day photos This is so super cool, but so easy as well.

You can also add a song to go with it from your library. . ♥ Make a calendar collage There are a few Apps around that do this, but the one I’m most familiar with is Collect App. . ♥ Print them You can get your Instagram photos printed in a host of different places now, but my new favourite is Origrami. . ♥ Make some art I’m a bit crazy about my Postrgram artwork. And then… it’s time to move on to the November challenge. Kiddy Up Go App Idea - SellanApp. Take Better Pictures with your Phone. Hi friends! We’re kicking off a new series at A Night Owl today called Technology Tuesday! If you’re a mom or a woman on the go, you know how important technology can be to keeping you in touch and organized!

So each week we’ll be featuring gadgets, apps, tips or anything technology related that can help make our lives a little easier or a little more fun! Today we’re starting out with Tips to Take Better Pictures with Your Phone by Jennifer of Mangiamo! Capturing good photographs with your smartphone requires a special set of skills that might seem counter-intuitive to many photographers. Even if you own a pro-style DSLR, you’ve probably found yourself using your smartphone more often, simply because of the convenience factor. According to Mashable, in today’s world, more than 27% of all photographs come from mobile phones. Pay Attention to Camera Specs When Shopping for a Phone Via Use HDR for Yield Breath-taking Night Photography Via How-To: Levitation Photography. iPhone photography. How To... Take Great Shots Without a Big Girl's Camera (Part 2)

If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +. Thanks for visiting! Welcome fellow Pinners! So lovely to have you stop by via Pinterest. Why sign up to auto updates via the “Subscribe to e-mail” box? Do you remember the lovely lovel Spud from over at Spudballoo wrote this awesome post on How To Take GREAT shots without a Big Girl’s Camera.? And…we’re back! On the agenda today: a more detailed look at product shots (ie. stuff that doesn’t move, such asOur Art) and some very quick editing tips. I’m just taking a moment to ponder on the zillions of pounds I’ve spent on photography kit when, if I listened to my own advice, I could have spent it all on shoes. So product shots. I fiddled around with various locations to work out where the light was best and easiest to manipulate, bearing in mind that I was shooting using natural light and not flash. The final shot looked something like this The main points here…think about your backdrop.

And after I’d upped the exposure.