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Responsive Layouts, Responsively Wireframed

Responsive Layouts, Responsively Wireframed
Responsive layouts, responsively wireframed Made with HTML/CSS (no images, no JS*) this is a simple interactive experiment with responsive design techniques. Use the buttons top-right to toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Using simple layout wireframes, this illustrates how a series of pages could work across these different devices, by simulating how the layout of each page would change responsively, to suit the context. Responsive layouts? Producing static wireframes to design layouts for websites, web applications and user-interfaces has worked well for a long time. However, this solution creates a new problem: How should we go about the process of designing these variable layouts? Enter, responsive wireframes? The 'wireframes' on this page (which are only very simple, high-level examples) were created with HTML/CSS, and some argue that this is the answer; to design in the browser. So which is better? Traditional wireframes? HTML? So, what's the answer? Just wondering...

Essential tools for every web designer Every web designer requires the right tools to do their job. To create well crafted original designs you certainly need to be inspired to do so. Getting to that point is sometimes the hardest challenge in the field of web design. Luckily enough for us and our fellow design community there are tools available to assist in completing the job quicker and more efficiently. Below, I have outlined a list of tools I recommend for any web designer. Color Adobe Kuler (free) A great tool offered by Adobe which allows members to upload, create, and edit color schemes of their choice. Pictaculous (free) From the creators of Mailchimp comes a color palette generator different to any other. Colorzilla (free) ColorZilla for Google Chrome is an extension that assists web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks – both basic and advanced.ColorZilla includes a Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and many additional advanced color tools. (free) Hues ($2.99) Typography

Responsive Navigation Patterns Update: I’ve also written about complex navigation patterns for responsive design. Top and left navigations are typical on large screens, but lack of screen real estate on small screens makes for an interesting challenge. As responsive design becomes more popular, it’s worth looking at the various ways of handling navigation for small screen sizes. Here’s some of the more popular techniques for handling navigation in responsive designs: There are of course advantages and disadvantages of each method and definitely some things to look out for when choosing what method’s right for your project. Top Nav or “Do Nothing” Approach One of the easiest-to-implement solutions for navigation is to simply keep it at the top. Pros Cons Height issues- Height matters in mobile. Responsive navigation breaking to multiple lines on small screens In the Wild Resources This clever solution keeps the nav list at the footer of the site, while the header contains a simple anchor link pointing to the footer nav.

40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets Some of the best things in life are free. When it comes to icons and icon sets, there are many talented designers and artists that choose to provide beautiful and useful icon sets for commercial and/or personal usage. In this collection, you’ll see 40 beautiful, free icon sets that you can use in a variety of ways (websites and/or your desktop). In total, you’ll find close to 3000 invidual icons showcased in this article. Note: It’s important to read the fine-print before using any icon sets; some may have restrictions for commercial use (or require that you give credit to the designer). Yoritsuki icons 35 icons – Download (PNG and ICO) Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set 14 icons – Download (PNG and JPG) rounder_png 43 icons – Download (PNG) eico 1 year 17 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS) Wifun Icons 6 icons – Download (PNG and ICO) 3D Cartoon Icons Pack 111 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS) 3D Cartoon Icons Pack III 205 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS) De Freu 41 icons – Download (PNG) Practika V!

15 Responsive CSS Frameworks Worth Considering Taking the next step of our responsive layout coverage (we recently published the articles Responsive WordPress Themes and jQuery Plugins to help with Responsive Layouts), today we are taking a look at responsive CSS frameworks that we feel are worth your consideration. Just like most CSS frameworks, all of the frameworks below will help you rapidly develop sites by eliminating the need to write basic CSS styles yourself, as you would expect. But, on top of that, they also come with a responsive layout helping you to quickly and easily create mobile-specific sites. Less Framework 4 The Less Framework contains 4 adaptive layouts and 3 sets of typography presets, all based on a single grid, composed of 68 px columns with 24 px gutters. The idea is to first code the Default Layout (992 px), and then use CSS3 media queries to code seve­ral child layouts: 768, 480, and 320 px. Foundation MQFramework Golden Grid System The Golden Grid System is a folding grid system for responsive design. Columnal

40 Incredibly Useful Web Design Tools You Should Use Daily This article will showcase tools which should and could be used by designers daily. If you need some inspiration – you can visit the most popular and recommended design showcase sites to find really good works and examples. Check out design related tools, online generators, free font sites, template sites, great websites helping to test and manage websites – those all have been created to save your time! Remember - not always the best way is to create everything by yourself. I strongly suggest you to go through this article and bookmark tools, which could help you or just bookmark this page and come back whenever you feel discouraged or struggled! Inspiration 1. Deviantart is one of the largest artist showcases on internet. 2. Web Design Library is an internationally refereed resource that provides a platform for the dissemination of design thinking and research. 3. 4. Behance is a very great place for inspiration, because there are more professionals with stunning designs. 5. 6. 7. 8.

The 8 biggest responsive web design problems (and how to avoid them) | Web design I created a survey asking fellow designers about the problems they faced when creating fully responsive sites. This article will list the most common problems they reported and offer possible solutions, along with suggestions to consider on your next projects. The information contained here is based on hundreds of survey responses (if you'd like to add your own answers, the survey itself is still open) along with problems I've also come across in my own work at Offroadcode. So without further ado, let's reveal what the most common responsive web design problems are... and how you can avoid them. Fledgling methodology Despite responsive design already having been around more than two years, it's still in many ways a fledgling methodology. All of these feature in the most common problems reported by survey respondents, which were: Subscription offer 01. The 'old' process of designing a website was a very linear one, which made it easy for clients to understand. 02. 03. 04.

jeanphiBlog samedi 10 novembre 2012 Par jeanphilippe, samedi 10 novembre 2012 à 17:52 :: Flash Media Server Les fichiers sources (Adobe Flex et Adobe FMS) pour réaliser de la vidéoconférence... Lire la suite 132 commentaires :: lu 9113 fois :: aucun trackback jeudi 8 novembre 2012 Par jeanphilippe, jeudi 8 novembre 2012 à 19:17 :: Flash CS5 Pendant un mois, je laisse l'accés OPEN à mon video chat (visioconference) réalisé sur Flex et Flash ..... 139 commentaires :: lu 2648 fois :: aucun trackback mercredi 23 mai 2012 Ma Triumph Bonneville T100 Jet Black.... Par jeanphilippe, mercredi 23 mai 2012 à 20:09 :: Photos Une photo de ma nouvelle monture.... 476 commentaires :: lu 38492 fois :: aucun trackback mercredi 12 octobre 2011 IPHONE IOS5 : La mise à jour iOS5 est disponible... Par jeanphilippe, mercredi 12 octobre 2011 à 19:32 :: IPHONE APPS iOS 5 est téléchargeable dès à présent depuis le logiciel iTunes. 837 commentaires :: lu 25355 fois :: aucun trackback vendredi 4 février 2011 mardi 23 novembre 2010

Responsive Webdesign-Special: News, Tipps & Infos zu Responsive Webdesign Image Lightbox ist eine schicke Lightbox mit responsive Design-Features und Touch-Unterstützung. Wir stellen dir das schlanke Skript kurz vor. » weiterlesen Heute führen wir auf die Video-Serie weiter, in der wir euch in Zusammenarbeit mit Galileo Press Video-Workshops zu verschiedenen Themen für Webentwickler und Digitalarbeiter präsentieren... ... » weiterlesen Möchte man für unterschiedliche Geräte anpassungsfähige Websites erstellen, ist „Responsive Webdesign“ das Stichwort. Duo ist ein Browser, der dabei helfen soll, Responsive Webdesign zu testen. Timelog ist eine kleine, simple Web-App, mit der ihr einfach stoppen könnt, wie lange ihr für etwas braucht. Mit der Serie „Responsive Webdesign“ wollen wir euch die Entwicklung flexibler Projekte erleichtern. Responsive-Webdesign ist eine tolle Technik. Das Angebot an kostenlosen Templates für die eigene Website wächst stetig. Mit der Serie „Responsive Webdesign“ wollen wir euch die Entwicklung flexibler Projekte erleichtern.

20 Incredibly useful tools and resources for Web designers When it comes to Web design, the tools you use play an integral part in your results. Of course, we’re big fans of getting down to the basics, like putting pencil to paper, but sometimes finding new apps and resources can help you get those creative juices flowing. Check out our list of 25 incredibly useful tools and resources for designers and developers below. 1. Niice essentially operates as a design search engine, pulling in results from Behance, Dribbble and Designspiration. 2. Pixel Dropr is a Photoshop plugin created by UI Parade which allows designers to create collections of icons, illustrations, photos, buttons and other elements that can be dragged and dropped to any PSD file. 3. If you’re a Hacker News reader, you already know how Designer News works. 4. Firefox has added a new typography-centric tool called the “Font Inspector” to its DevTools, available now in the browser’s Nightly Build. 5. 6. 8. This Web app is a simplistic as it sounds. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

The 5 Worst UX Mistakes Websites Make The user experience of websites has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but I still run into sites that make me ask, “What were they thinking?!” From a design perspective, it’s easy to get caught up in internal squabbles (“No, no, THIS is the content that has to be front and center”) or distracted by tools or methods (“I say we use lean UX on this project”). When this happens, we often forget that at the end of it all waits a person who wasn’t in on all these decisions, and just wants to get the information they need, buy the product, or be entertained for five minutes while waiting for the train. In the hopes it will help us all avoid these pitfalls, here’s my list of the five worst UX mistakes that I still see people making in website design. Mistake #1: Paying too much Attention to the Macro and Short-Shrifting the Micro Recently, I reviewed a non-profit agency website. People expect technology to follow the same rules as human-to-human interaction. This is challenging.

Best Open Source Resources for Web Developers | WebAppers Praxis-Guide: Webdesign-Grundlagen für mobile Websites » t3n Magazin Wenn heutzutage vom „mobilen Web“ gesprochen wird, ist damit meistens das so genannte „Responsive Webdesign“ (kurz: RWD) gemeint. Responsive Webdesign heißt soviel wie ansprechbares oder reaktionsfähiges Webdesign und bedeutet, dass eine Website so umgesetzt wird, dass sich das Design sowie alle Inhalte automatisch dem zur Verfügung stehenden Platz im Browser anpassen. Die Darstellung wird dabei mit der CSS3-Technologie „Media Queries“ entsprechend der verschiedenen Display-Größen angepasst. Der Besucher kann bei einer RWD-Site also alle Inhalte konsumieren, unabhängig davon, ob die Website auf einem 27-Zoll-Display, auf einem Tablet oder mittels Smartphone dargestellt wird. Doch RWD ist nicht immer das Maß der Dinge. Mobile-only Bei dieser Art mobiler Site handelt es sich um eine unabhängig konzipierte und programmierte Website. Ein solches Konzept ist vor allem dann sinnvoll, wenn der Besucher unterwegs andere Informationen als von einem stationären Computer aus sucht. Apps Breakpoints

Niice. A search engine with taste.