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Nicolai Howalt. Nicolai Howalt. PROGRAMME — Liège Photobook Festival. PROGRAMME | entrée gratuite Sa. 8/10 de 12h à 19h et di. 9/10 de 12h à 18h | Ouvert à tous.

PROGRAMME — Liège Photobook Festival

Aître Sudète by Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles. Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles. The Anamorphosis Prize’s Videos on Vimeo. Papier Machine. PAPIER MACHINE EST UNE ASSOCIATION A BUT NON LUCRATIF.

Papier Machine

ELLE SOUTIENT LA MICRO-EDITION EN PROPOSANT UN SERVICE D'IMPRESSION ADAPTÉ AVEC DES TARIFS CALCULÉS AU PLUS JUSTE, aucun bénéfice n'est réalisé. LES TARIFS INDIQUÉS CI-DESSOUS S'APPLIQUENT AUX PROJETS D'AUTO-EDITION et de MICRO-EDITION. (TVA non applicable, article 293 B du CGI) Pour les projets ne relevant pas de la micro-édition une marge de 20% est à ajouter.

Cette marge servira à financer des projets d'édition initiés par Papier Machine. Ainsi en imprimant chez nous vous soutenez la micro-édition ! Voici tout le nécessaire pour faire une estimation du coût de votre projet : La riso est une imprimante A3, il faut réfléchir en A3! Pour les livres: Sur une feuille A3 RECTO/VERSO on peut imposer: 2 pages A3 4 pages A4 8 pages A5 16 pages A6 exemple: un livre de 16 pages A5 s'impose sur 2 feuilles A3. 3/3» Blog Archive » LBP –> THE BOOK’S SPACE. Here are -finally!

3/3» Blog Archive » LBP –> THE BOOK’S SPACE

- the finalists + 1 special guest: AKINA. The Swastika On The SunRobert G.


FodderAVAILABLE IMMERSE Collectors’Daisuke YokotaSOLD OUT Verbrannte Erde Salvatore SantoroLAST COPIES Teikai Collectors EditionDaisuke YokotaSOLD OUT Linger Daisuke YokotaSOLD OUT. Louise Warren - Livres d'artiste. Livres d'artistes Vous pouvez écrire à l'auteure si vous désirez vous procurer un livre d'artiste toujours disponible, à l'adresse Photographie : Judith Lamarre, 2012. conversations.

Louise Warren - Livres d'artiste

Livres de photographie 2014 : une sélection. PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE: Dear Japanese handmade photobook by Miyuki Okuyama. Miyuki Okuyama’s photo exhibition “Dear Japanese” and her handmade photobook launch are scheduled August 8th and 30th.

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE: Dear Japanese handmade photobook by Miyuki Okuyama

For those who won’t be able to come to the show and book launch, We are now taking pre-orders! 70 years has past since the end of the World War 2. There are Japanese Dutch people in the Netherlands, who still live in the shadow of the war. They were born in former Dutch East Indies under Japanese occupation, as the offspring of Japanese soldiers. After the independence of Indonesia and the repatriation to the Netherlands, they were even seen as the children of enemy, a taboo.

Photo Book Corner. Seiji Kumagai - My house on Vimeo. Katrien de Blauwer - I do not want to disappear silently into the night, Avarie, 2014, Paris – photobooks josef chladek. » Go directly to the sample spreads Softcover, Swiss binding, edition of 700 copies.

Katrien de Blauwer - I do not want to disappear silently into the night, Avarie, 2014, Paris – photobooks josef chladek

Collages and words-collages by Katrien de Blauwer, concept and editing by Giuliana Prucca, design by Vito Raimondi. „Through KDB’s collages and their short circuit effect in our ways of seeing, the book intends to explore and deepen the concept of void and its visibility, proposing a work that’s situated at the border of different artistic disciplines, from photography to cinema to performance and to painting.Photographer without a camera, KDB collects and re- uses pictures and supports from old magazines and papers, engaging them in a vision that occurs directly in the hand, becoming thereby more physical and tactile.KDB gives new meaning and life to what is residual, saving the images from destruction and including them in a new narration that combines intimacy and anonymity. Fotobookfestival Dummy Award Kassel 2014 » Fotobookfestival. We are very happy to announce the three fantastic winner-books of our this years Dummy Award.

Fotobookfestival Dummy Award Kassel 2014 » Fotobookfestival

Our experts jury members Deanna Templeton, Cristina De Middel, Todd Hido, Carlos Spottorno, Manik Katyal (Emaho Magazine), Ben Füglister (European Photography) and Richard Reisen (k-books) have made their choice: The first prize goes to Irina Rozovsky for her book Island on my mind. Jörg Colberg. Forms and Functions of Photobooks (Part 1) The physical form and shape of a photobook matter immensely.

Forms and Functions of Photobooks (Part 1)

Photobooks are objects, designed to be looked at, to be handled, to be stored. This is a fairly obvious statement. But while the production might involve rather elaborate ways to construct the book, often enough the aspect of how it handles appears to have been ignored. I have come across the most amazing photobooks, which, unfortunately, were impossible to properly look at, or which I had trouble placing somewhere in my library. Just to make this clear, I am not merely talking about convenience here.

When confronted with having to make a decision about a photobook in the making, it is important to ask: do the possible options make sense? This boils down to thinking about whether the various aspects of the book fit its overall concept. But there are other issues as well, those fairly annoying problems: can I afford the production of this book (meaning: do I have the money to pay for it)? This is Peter Dekens‘ Touch. Forms and Functions of Photobooks (Part 2)