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How to photograph the moon: an easy way to shoot moon pictures full of detail. Taking pictures of the moon is one of the more popular subjects in night photography – but it’s also quite tricky to get right.

How to photograph the moon: an easy way to shoot moon pictures full of detail

5 Quick Camera Checks Before You Release The Shutter to Produce Amazing Shots Consistently. The following two tabs change content below.

5 Quick Camera Checks Before You Release The Shutter to Produce Amazing Shots Consistently

Karlo de Leon is a travel and lifestyle photographer. He has a knack for understanding how and why things work, taking particular interest in lighting, composition, and visual storytelling. Follow him on The 4AM Chronicles where he shares his insights, ideas, and concepts on photography, travel, and life in general.

Experience has the ability to make us wiser with our actions and choices. As a photographer, I have made mistakes in the past because of which I missed out on awesome photo opportunities. Here are five checks you should develop a habit of before you start taking photos. Photo by Cubmundo. Travel Lens: Dan Westergren’s World. Dan Westergren is the director of photography for National Geographic Traveler.

Travel Lens: Dan Westergren’s World

Though he had an early affinity for black and white photography, being responsible for a travel magazine’s photographic vision means Dan is, in his words, “surrounded by a rainbow riot of color digital images” on a daily basis. Beyond his exceptional eye for editing, Dan is an accomplished photographer who has covered a variety of articles for Traveler. Histogram: photography cheat sheets for achieving perfect exposure. Before the histogram, photography enthusiasts had to go through a lot more effort to get good exposures.

Histogram: photography cheat sheets for achieving perfect exposure

But while the histogram is one of the most useful tools on your camera, it’s also one of the least understood. WTF Just Happened: Why Can't I Take a Decent Picture of the Moon? Check out this awesome shot of the moon.

WTF Just Happened: Why Can't I Take a Decent Picture of the Moon?

(Note: This is actually a light bulb, but you can’t tell the difference between this and many moon photos, which is the point.) Tim Moynihan/WIRED The moon sure looks wonderful tonight. PhotoBert CheatSheets. You can usually modify these preset settings, and many cameras also allow you to create your own custom settings.

PhotoBert CheatSheets

You should experiment with each setting on your camera and determine which is best for each type of photography that you do. Spend some time figuring out what works best for you. If you take a lot of pictures of children playing, than take some "test" pictures, trying different settings with each image. Discussion Forums @ Nikonians - END OF DSLR?? My Two Bits Worth, Photography and the "ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY" is here to stay, at least in what is left of my lifetime anyway.

Discussion Forums @ Nikonians - END OF DSLR??

I have done direct contact images, pin-hole photography, Kodak Brownie, SLR, DSLR Photography and now some Phonography over 50 + years. For me it matters not what is new in the marketplace, as long as I have the capacity to capture the image, be-it via direct contact exposure or my Film SLR's, in the Darkroom with chemicals or my Digital SLR's or Cellphone cameras and the Digital Darkroom etc, etc! I still enjoy, very much, when possible, my time in the DARK, processing 35mm B&W film, using the enlarger and the whole process from image capture to the mounted print.

3.16 – Comment photographier la lune? Techniques de photographie de lune.

3.16 – Comment photographier la lune?

WTF Just Happened: Why Can’t I Take a Decent Picture of the Moon? Easily Capture Animal Attitude in Your Photos With These Tips. Animal attitude makes us smile, giggle and stare at an image a bit longer than a bird perched on a branch.

Easily Capture Animal Attitude in Your Photos With These Tips

Animals are not always perfect posers. However, there are a few essentials that can help improve capturing animal attitude in the field. 12 Expert Tips For Photographing Cityscapes At Night. Jimmy Mcintyre is a travel photographer and educator.

12 Expert Tips For Photographing Cityscapes At Night

His photos have been published in local and national magazines, including the BBC. The Basics Of Luminosity Masks In Digital Blending. Jimmy McIntyre is travel photographer. He is currently undertaking a two-year project in Asia—writing two photography guidebooks for China and South Korea. He has taught digital blending workshops in four continents, and he also offers online courses. You can download his free Easy Panel for Photoshop program, which will create Luminosity Masks for you at the click of a button.

A Pro Shares His Go-To Gear For Wildlife Photography. Will Burrard-Lucas, a professional wildlife photographer based in the U.K., never fails to amaze us with his work. From adorable moments with meerkats to panic-stricken wildebeest migration—his images have always captured the drama and chaos of life in the wild. Another quality we admire in Will is his innovativeness; he is the brains behind Beetlecam and a range of other remote camera equipment for wildlife and aerial photography sold by his company Camtraptions. We recently asked Will to share his go-to camera equipment and accessories with us. 12 Expert Tips For Photographing Cityscapes At Night.

Lighting Techniques: All the Things you can do with One Speedlight. I have encountered many people that think they are very limited because they only had one light (usually it is one speedlight), and I always tell them that most of my photographs are taken using a single light; From portraits to product shots. To put my money where my mouth is, I am sharing all those photos and tips – all using only using one speedlight.

Why use one light, you ask? Choosing the best ND filter: remember these 4 tips (and save this cheat sheet!) ND filters are sold in different strengths, and different scales are used to measure this. Some use an NDxx number, others refer to optical density, and some refer to the light reduction in EV or ‘stops’. Below we’ve served up four of our best tips for choosing the best ND filter for your DSLR. And on the second page of this article we’ve compiled a handy photography cheat sheet to understanding ND filter strengths and shutter speeds. Tip 1: Choose a strength ND filters come in a huge range of strengths. A one-stop (0.3 or ND2) filter cuts just 50% of light.

Field and Ranch Photography. Best ND filter: 6 top models tested and rated. Bright light isn’t always a good thing. Get some serious stopping power as we test six of the top options to find the best ND filter for photographers… 8 Surprising New Instagram Statistics to Get the Most out of the Picture Social Network. 2.3K Flares 2.3K Flares × While just a little over turning 3 years old, Instagram has made huge strides in social media. With over 150 million users on the platform, 16 billion photos shared, and 1 billion likes happening each day, the photo-sharing and editing platform is one of the most engaging channels on social media.

Instagram has some pretty different functionalities in comparison to other social media sites and is fundamentally based on being able to simply upload and share beautiful images instantly. Except, looking at the other capabilities, Instagram is still a platform to share things and identifying what is working and what isn’t helps to determine what a specific audience craves. As a marketer, I’m completely intertwined in social media as it represents a pretty big channel and never ceases to change everyday. 1. 55 Million photos on average are uploaded each day, while the adoption rate of video is barely scratching the surface. 6 Simple Ways to Extend the Dynamic Range of Your Photos. 31 Beautiful Photography Links That Will Delight You. With another wonderful week in the wide world of photography passing us by once again, we find Toad Hollow Photography searching points high and low online for the best photography links to share here with everyone.

This week’s comprehensive list includes an interesting selection of tutorials, some special features and the usual list of great photography. 12 photography cheat sheets that will change your life. 8 Amazing Flickr Street Photographers Whose Work You Should FollowLight Stalking. Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), part time writer, and full time lover of music. You can see Jason’s photography on his photography blog or on Flickr. Time Lapse. Another beautiful night full of wonders. Best Airbrushing Software - Picture Gallery. 5 Tips To Make Your Photos More Compelling. Tiffany Mueller is a professional music and fine art photographer. She has been published in multiple publications including magazines, art journals, and various photography books.

Easy tips for shooting the moon.