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Buy a CrashPlan Subscription or Other Backup Solutions - CrashPlan

Buy a CrashPlan Subscription or Other Backup Solutions - CrashPlan
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Killer User Onboarding Starts With A Story Want more people to adopt your product? Make sure you know what progress looks like in your user’s life, not just on their screen. Having a stellar user adoption rate is a beautiful thing. The secret to getting there? Ensuring your new users get that experience is a responsibility put on onboarding, but onboarding itself is rarely designed to deliver it. This is a shame, because in order for an onboarding experience to answer its higher calling, it has to go beyond moving people through a product tour. Setting the Stage for Successful Onboarding When you boil it down, onboarding is really all about changing people’s behavior. Onboarding experiences, when working well, are less like instruction manuals for weight benches and more like personal trainers: they don’t stop at merely showing you how the equipment is used, they make sure you get all the way to attaining your fitness goals. Why are people “hiring” your product? Who should be interviewed, and when? Why is the timing important?

j2 Cloud Services for Business EBAN | The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and other Early Stage market players Tarjetas de visita, postales, trípticos, folletos, papel de cartas & imprenta rápida ~ con How to format plots for publication using ggplot2 (with some help from Inkscape) The following is the code from a presentation made by Rosemary Hartman to the Davis R Users’ Group. I’ve run the code through the spin function in knitr to produce this post. Download the script to walk through here. First, make your plot. library(ggplot2) str(msleep) Let’s say we have written a groundbreaking paper on the relationship between body size and sleep time. sleepplot = ggplot(data = msleep, aes(x = log(bodywt), y = sleep_total)) + geom_point(aes(color = vore)) sleepplot We made a beautiful model of this relationship slp = lm(sleep_total ~ log(bodywt), data = msleep) summary(slp) ## ## Call: ## lm(formula = sleep_total ~ log(bodywt), data = msleep) ## ## Residuals: ## Min 1Q Median 3Q Max ## -6.499 -2.567 -0.168 2.047 10.193 ## ## Coefficients: ## Estimate Std. Let’s put the model on the plot sleepplot = sleepplot + geom_abline(intercept = coef(slp)[1], slope = coef(slp)[2]) sleepplot It’s beautiful! So we have several problems: First make the labels a little more useful. Oh, crap! ?

Big List of Usability Testing Resources :: By Amberly Dressler, Managing Editor :: Website testing has recently come in the spotlight when Facebook was criticized for experimenting with its news feeds. Some prominent website owners came to Facebook's defense, most notably one of dating website OkCupid's founders who, in summary, said that most website owners don’t know what they are doing, and they experiment on human beings to find the answers. “But guess what, everybody: if you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site,” wrote OkCupid Co-Founder Christian Rudder. “That’s how websites work.” Rudder is only partly right – website owners do not do ENOUGH testing. By the same token, the average site conversion rates are below 1 percent for 35 percent of the companies surveyed. Tools Optimizely Optimizely offers A/B testing software “you’ll actually use.” Companies using Optimizely include: Starbucks, FOX, 99designs, Salesforce, MTV, ABC, TRUSTe and more. UserTesting Applause

IVR Systems | Hosted IVR Solutions | Angel And The Next Web Startup Rally Winner is... SILK #TNW2011 - TNW Europe At The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, 16 startups competed over two days in our annual Startup Rally. Just moments ago, the winners were announced and the champagne is out! And here they are, the 2011 Startup Rally champions are as follows… The Next Web Startup Rally Overall Winner: Silk Silk is an app for the web that helps you collect, sort and view the information that you need without making you comb through the data yourself. See our story full story of SilkApp’s launch here and our video interview with the founder here. (Last year won by Next2News) Best B2C startup: Kuvva Kuvva connects fans to brands through online advertising. See our story full story of Kuvva’s launch here. (Won by Rapportive in 2010) Best Mobile startup: Onavo Onavo launched today to help smartphone users regain control of mobile data usage and save money on data charges by reducing the amount of data that’s transferred over their network. (Won by Double Dutch in 2010) Best B2B startup: Cleeng

Códigos CSS y HTML para editar tu página web en WordPress Los gestores de contenido como WordPress permiten hacer casi todo muy fácil sin necesidad de saber código web, pero en ocasiones resulta interesante poder hacer cosas muy concretas con tu plantilla para ir un poco más allá en cuanto a la personalización del tema y conseguir un resultado aún mejor que el que a priori podrías lograr. ¡Te lo cuento en este post! Si vas a tu web y das a botón derecho y a continuación Ver código fuente de la página, lo que verás es el código HTML y CSS con el que está construido tu sitio. Estos códigos los crea automáticamente tu CMS para que tu web pueda verse en internet. Si trabajas con un gestor de contenidos no tienes que implementarlos manualmente, pero conociéndolos un poco puedes hacer verdaderas maravillas. Las plantillas premium suelen tener una amplia sección de opciones para modificar fácilmente casi todos los elementos de tu web, como colores, fondos, estilos de letra, etc. Aprende a modificar tu plantilla y hacer todo lo que quieras en tu web

10 Tips For Creating Good Looking Diagrams Using Inkscape After multiple attempts to find a good free diagraming application I think I have found a decent solution. I'm not creating enough diagrams to justify buying something expensive and I don't feel like finding a graphics designer to make Dia diagrams prettier. If you have a Mac you are probably not in as bad a situation since you can buy OmniGraffle for $79. But for those of us without a Mac or who are just very cheap I think the best solution starts with Inkscape. You will want to download Inkscape first. 1. This is one of the most important things you need to do. I'm using the following color scheme for the examples here: 2. Don't be afraid to use the sides of the screen as a scratch pad. 3. Learning the hot keys will speed up your drawing. group – Ctrl-Gun-group – Ctrl-Shift-Gcreate square – F4create circle – F5create polygons – *transform – F1 4. I use the zoom function to find a blank area in the "scratch pad" when I want to assemble a shape that may require fine tuning. 5. 6. 7. 8.

User Experience Is More Than Design—It’s Strategy By Christopher Grant Ward Published: August 5, 2013 “Most technology companies and digital agencies don’t consider UX design roles to be part of strategic decision making. UX designers usually get hired to execute strategy decisions that others have already made.” User experience concerns much more than the design of elegant, usable products. By UX design , I’m referring to a broad range of skills, including creating personas, wireframes, specifications, information architectures, interaction flows, high-resolution comps, and prototypes; conducting user research, doing usability studies, and organizing content. UX design is typically the kind of work for which UX professionals get hired. Don’t believe me? Table 1 —Common elements of User Experience and Product Management job listings In a nutshell, the pattern is something like this: Product Management defines ; User Experience refines . Why? This is not an issue of corporations’ putting roles into silos. More Than Design What’s Next?

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