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Simple art ideas :: painting on foil. Here’s one of our favourite simple art ideas – painting on foil, which is lots of fun, great for sensory play, and creates gorgeous collaborative art. Simple art ideas :: painting on foil Sometimes you need a quick rescue remedy – something that’s easy to set up, will engage a group of children, and hopefully perk up a gloomy day or grumpy kiddos. This simple set up of painting on foil is one of those activities. All you need is a roll of kitchen foil, some paint, and either brushes or hands to create some art. I laid out our roll of foil on the table, fastening it in place with a little sticky tape at the corners. Then it’s all-join-in time. And you can make all sorts of gorgeous patterns, from waves… to follow-the-leader dots… and mandala shapes. Laid out on the table, the foil can be a canvas for a big collaborative piece, with everyone painting their own section, or overlapping across the foil, layering the paint and colours as you go.

Super Sensory Invitations to Play. Photos du journal - Toddler Approved. Oil and Water Droplet Painting. Oil and water droplet painting is the result of mixing cooking oil and colored water to create a beautiful, slightly marbleized effect. You can find such paper at a craft or stationary store, or you can invite your kids to help you make some of your own. Supplies needed are a shallow pan (same size or bigger than the paper), cooking oil, plain water, dyed water (we used liquid food coloring), heavy paper (we used heavy sketching paper, but watercolor paper would be even better), large baking sheets, and eye droppers. Place a small amount of plain water in the bottom of a shallow, rectangular baking dish. Use an eye dropper to maker droplets of oil in the water. I did this step myself, instead of asking one of my kids, because I found that William and Corinne were too heavy handed with the eye dropper and thus we ended up with a thick layer of oil on the water.

Really, you only want a little because the more oil on the water the less color will show up. Enjoy! Like this: Like Loading... Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids - Craftulate. 50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids. I have been meaning to write this post for some time and once I got started gathering ideas I couldn't stop. I am a huge fan of process art and wanted one spot where all of my favorite ideas were compiled. This post has 52 of the most beautiful, simple, and engaging process art ideas that I know of. This summer we plan on doing every one of these! For those of you who aren't familiar with the term process art, I like to think of it as open-ended art - where children aren't trying to make something exactly like an example product and there aren't any real directions.

Process art allows kids to explore and create freely and it is such a great way to encourage creative artists. To get the full details and directions, please click on the links below. Recette de peinture 3D! De la peinture gonflée! Monoprinting for Kids in 3 Easy Steps - Hand Made Kids Art. Recettes de peinture 3D sans cuisson! 4 recettes au total! Imaginez le plaisir des enfants de peindre avec de la peinture gonflée! Les couleurs sont incroyablement belles et la peinture sèche à l'air! Une belle façon de réinventer la peinture pour enfant. Plusieurs petites recettes existes pour faire les couleurs et des textures différentes, mais je vous partage la recette préférée de la dame qui a fait ce billet. Elle nous donne son avis, vous pourrez donc choisir laquelle vous voulez faire selon les ingrédients que vous avez à la maison. 4 recettes testées, sa préférée est celle-ci: -3/4 de tasse de crème à raser blanche (elle a utilisé une crème à raser, épaisse et riche en consistance) -1/4 de tasse de colle blanche, comme la colle Elmer's par exemple -1/4 de tasse de farine tout usage -Et du colorant alimentaire!

Si l'une de ces recettes devient trop épaisse avec le temps, ajoutez 1 c. à soupe d'eau à la fois pour la rendre plus lisse. Versez la peinture dans des bouteilles rechargeables! AUSSI! Source: Madame Marie:BarbouillageAutomne. Mot-clé - arts plastiques - blog des écoles de Saint Pierre Lafeuille - Gigouzac. Jusqu'aux vacances de Toussaint, nous travaillons sur le thème des sorcières.

Et pour commencer en douceur (il n'est pas question ici de se faire des frayeurs...) nous avons découvert une sorcière que tous les enfants adorent : Pélagie. Cette sorcière est un peu loufoque : toute sa maison est noire, à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur. Et comme son chat Rodolphe est noir également, les ennuis arrivent fréquemment : Pélagie s'assoit régulièrement sur Rodolphe ou trébuche sur celui-ci car elle ne le voit pas. Alors, d'un coup de baguette magique, elle le transforme en chat d'un vert éclatant. Nous, nous avons profité de cet album pour nous intéresser aux couleurs justement.

Et là, nous nous rendons compte qu'il y a du jaune et du bleu qui se cachaient dans le feutre vert, du jaune et du rouge dans le feutre orange... Et d'un coup de baguette magique, il ne reste plus qu'à transformer nos camemberts colorés en magnifiques parapluies. 25 Easy Art Techniques for Preschoolers. It’s no secret – my daycare hooligans love creating art! For me, the funnest thing about art for kids, is finding unique and interesting ways for my toddlers and preschoolers to get creative. The kids and I have tried a lot of creative processes over the years, and today, I’m sharing with you, 25 easy art techniques for kids! They’re easy, inexpensive, super-cool, and each of these projects can be done using things you have in your kitchen cupboards and around your home!

Put away those paints and paintbrushes! This round-up of creative art processes will have your kids exploring and experimenting with all kinds of different materials, substances and tools! From resist art to sensory art, from smooshing and scraping to dripping and ripping. Each of the activities described here contains a click-able link which will take you to the step-by-step instructions. 25 Unique and Easy Art Techniques for Kids Make a gorgeous “tie-dyed” bookmark with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol! 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers.

Ping Pong Ball Painting.

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Inspired by the Wonderful World of Eric Carle Books - Celebrating the wonderful world of Eric Carle, beloved author and illustrator by highlighting some amazing art work inspired by his books. Best known for The Hungry Caterpillar and his Brown Bear series, his tissue collage technique is easily recognizable and adored by young fans all over the world. We didn’t have to search far to find these incredible art projects inspired by Eric Carle books, for more information about each project see the links below. The dialogue that accompanies this mixed media piece based off of Eric Carle’s, The Tiny Seed, is in French but I have seen several school projects done in a similar manner using black and white photos of the child’s hand. Bead & Button Seahorse Kindergarten Draw Me a Star project Merri Cherry’s mixed up chameleon Individual Lonely Firefly Craft And a collaborative lonely firefly bulletin board Personalized art to go with Papa, please get the moon for me Tin foil stars to go with Draw me a Star Colorful Collection of Eric Carle Books Stacy.

9+ Watercolor Techniques. Painting Ideas for Kids with 50 Tools, Methods & Recipes. Art ProjectsAll AgesCraft Recipe Painting Resources18 Comments There are so many painting ideas for kids! Painting is such a staple for art activities with most kids. Painting is often the first exposure children have to art. Which isn’t surprising. There’s a million different ways to do it! Its time to be creative with the kids in a way you’ve never been before! Even though kids love painting, it can become mundane for the child (not to mention yourself) if all that’s ever used is a paintbrush and paper. Pablo Picasso said it best: “All children are artists.

How shall we keep our children as artists as they grow? A few new ways to paint couldn’t hurt, could it? Here’s 50 creative painting ideas for kids, with tools, methods and recipes to get your mind rolling with ideas! 28 Different Ideas for Painting Tools Introduce new tools to use with paint and your child will jump at the opportunity to get creative! Paint with a sponge!

8 Different Ideas for Painting Methods Salad spinner painting. Épinglé par Susie Lépine sur bricolage. Techique de peinture empreinte. Technique de peinture avec élastiques. We’re back with the fourth installment of the easy art projects for kids series. This week my fellow bloggers and I are exploring string art! Because I’m sort of rubber band nut I decided to interpret the theme as rubber band art. And because I got a little carried away with this we have three, count ’em three, project variations for you to choose from. Or set-up a rubber band art station and go to town trying all of them! These are really easy art projects for kids that all can be thrown together using materials that should already by in you stash. This post contains affiliate links to products I love and recommend to my readers, plus it keeps this little blog o’mine afloat! Thank you! Materials All Projects Project #1: Rubber Band Resist SpongesLiquid Watercolors + WaterChipboard or cardboard, cut into a piece half the size of the paper you will be usingContainers for mixing Project #2: Rubber Band Prints Project #3: Rubber Band Stamps Wood blocksStamp pads Instructions Tips: You’re done!

Technique peinture au sel. If you live or work with young children who love art, and you haven’t already pre-ordered the book The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art and Creativity by Jean Van’t Hul, then you should definitely consider ordering it to add to your home or classroom library. Here is our version of just one of the amazing projects you’ll find inside, and the book features over 60 different art projects! The Artful Parent is an inspiring book filled with open-ended or process-based art projects that are easy to do, and Jean explains each one with clear step-by-step instructions. I especially loved how she gives specific examples of a family routine and then gives tips on how to introduce artful moments throughout a typical day. My kids loved browsing through this almost as much as I did, and they already have plans to try several more of the projects outlined in Jean’s book!!

Of particular interest to Clara was a project involving glue, salt, and watercolor paints! Have fun!! Technique peinture gonflante. 3-Ingredient, homemade Puffy Paint an easy art technique for kids using microwave and a few basic kitchen ingredients. If you know me, you know we LOVE homemade paint recipes and easy science activities. This homemade puffy paint fits the bill perfectly! This paint is super-easy and inexpensive to make. It’s fun to create with, but the best part is watching your artwork puff right up when you place it in the microwave!

I love that Homemade puffy paint is a great art activity for children and has the added bonus of being a bit of a science experiment as well. To make your own homemade puffy paint, you’ll need: 1 tbsp self-rising flourfood colouring in the colours of your choice (I used Wilton icing gels) see below1 tbsp saltlittle bit of water (start with 1/4 tsp) For your convenience, I’ve included affiliate links for some of the products in this post: Making your puffy paints: Combine your flour and salt in a small bowl. Magically transform it in your microwave: Now for the science! Ta daaa…