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Projets divers (domo, bidouilles, arduino, Rapsberry, ...)

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Un recueil de site où sont présentés des projets.

Projets DIY : Domotique, Objets Connectés, Arduino, Mini PC, Impression 3D - Domotique - Arduino - PI - IoT - Impression 3D. Contrôler un mini servo avec Arduino. Contrôler un mini servo avec Arduino Avec mon pote Idleman, on a pour projet de réaliser un robot (mais chut j’en dis pas plus pour le moment), et qui dit robot dit moteur, articulation, etc… N’ayant jamais piloter de servo moteurs, j’ai décidé d’acheter sur la baie des mini servo de 9g.

Contrôler un mini servo avec Arduino

Fonctionnement d’un servo moteur Tout d’abord, il faut s’avoir qu’un servo permet d’effecter des déplacements en translation ou en rotation. De nombreux objets du quotidien utilisent des servo moteurs: voitures télécommandées, drône, électroménager, … Les différents types de servos se distingue par 3 caractéristiques: leur vitesse de rotation par secondeleur course en degréleur couple exprimé en Le fonctionnement d’un servo est relativement simple. Ces impulsion doivent être envoyée de manière périodique, généralement toutes les 50ms. Il n’y a rien de compliquer pour brancher un servo. C’est donc via le fil orange que les commandes seront passées à votre servo.

Arduino (@arduino) JeeLabs. Google Traduction. Sans titre. I’ve been working some more on my 8×8 LED matrix clock.

sans titre

I’ve added a DS1307 RTC chip, which has to run from the 5v pin on the NodeMCU and use 10k pullup resistors between 3.3v and the SCL/SDA pins on the NodeMCU and DS1307. I’m using the Adafruit fork of RTCLib as it has better ESP8266 support and uses unixtime. I’m using this chip as I’ve got a load of them and already have a veroboard setup with the coincell and crystal. I’ve also added a button, which when pressed reads the time from the RTC and displays it, then it fetches the NTP time over the internet and updates the display (and RTC). Also a single pixel is lit when the display is showing NTP time, so I can differentiate between RTC and NTP. Rants, raves, rhymes, reviews. All lists. Xavier Carl's Blog - Informatique et Domotique. SmartCampus2014/Tutoriels. Mosquitto est une implémentation de MQTT, un protocole de M2M de type publish-subscribe.


Fabriquer son propre panneau solaire - La taverne d'Idle. Aujourd'hui je me suis amusé avec des cellules solaires que j'ai commander sur ebay (du chinois toujours du chinois).

Fabriquer son propre panneau solaire - La taverne d'Idle

Learn on the fly. ESP8266 Quick Start Guide. This page is meant to be a quick introduction to the ESP8266 for those who are confused by all of the information available on the various blogs and forums who just want to try out this exciting board in the shortest possible time.

ESP8266 Quick Start Guide

This guide is for Windows users who want to use the NodeMCU environment. Getting Started With the ESP8266 Chip - Open Home Automation. The ESP866 is a tiny WiFi chip that has the huge advantage to come at a ridiculous price point: $5.

Getting Started With the ESP8266 Chip - Open Home Automation

And the best is that this chip also has a small processor onboard, so it can actually function in complete autonomy, without an additional Arduino board for example. Compare that to the cost of a traditional Arduino + WiFi module solution (around $40), and you will immediately see why this chip is receiving so much interest these days. All of this makes it the perfect piece of hardware for connected home automation projects.

In this article, which is the first one in a series of articles dedicated to the ESP8266, we’ll stick to the basics. We will see how to choose an ESP8266 module, what other components you need, how to configure the chip, and finally how to connect it to your WiFi network. How to Choose Your ESP8266 Module. WiFi MQTT Display with the ESP8266. Like many people I have been playing with the Espressif ESP8266 WiFi modules over the last few months.

WiFi MQTT Display with the ESP8266

I’ve had a couple of modules running for a while now, one connected to an Arduino pro mini clone with a 2×16 OLED display and one running directly on the ESP8266 using the NodeMcu Lua interpreter controlling a relay over an HTTP REST-like API. One thing I was really hoping for was a native MQTT implementation as it is the protocol I use for my home automation and sensor network. Luckily tuanpm on the forums gave us a boxing day present in the form of a native MQTT client. MQTT on the ESP8266 means it will be easy to integrate input and output nodes in to my existing home automation and sensor network.

Digitalhack's blog: Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV - Hardware Setup. Over the past couple of days I have taken a break from my home server upgrade and have been working with the Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV board.

digitalhack's blog: Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV - Hardware Setup

Inductive Charging Set - 5V @ 500mA max ID: 1407 - $9.95. The squarish board with two chips on it is the transmitter (power with 9V).

Inductive Charging Set - 5V @ 500mA max ID: 1407 - $9.95

The longer board is the output and you can connect that to the part of your project that needs powering. My name is David Littell.

I'm an embedded systems engineer with about 35 years experience with microprocessors, computer hardware, software, and systems of all sizes. I was one of "those" kids that was constantly taking apart (and sometimes even fixing!) All things electronic. I grew up spending my allowance at Radio Shack for kits, books, and parts and my nights with fingers glued to shortwave radios. Compte membre. Cube 3D led 8x8x8 avec Arduino - Collaud brothersCollaud brothers. Imprimer du chocolat. ATtiny programmer using Arduino ISP -Use Arduino for Projects. Thanks to: For relatively small (less number of pins than ATmega328) projects, ATtiny series, ATtiny45 or Attiny85 are good choice in terms of its physical size (8-DIP or 8-SOIC) and low power consumption.

There are many ways to program it. One of the popular device is USBtinyISP and DASA. Piccolo, the tiny CNC-bot. Coding Fun. TV Volume Loudness Guard using Arduino. UPDATES Mar 05, 2013 Featured on WonderHowTo Feb 14, 2013 Featured on LifeHacker Feb 13, 2013 I have updated the Arduino program in step 4 to support additional remote controls. Feb 13, 2013 Featured on Dangerous Prototypes Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Semageek Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Embedds Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Hackaday. TeenLogger, a Teensy GPS Logger.

The goal In the past two years, i have released two version of GPS logger, with a lot of default like, poor autonomy, need to take off the sdcard to get the log, no function to upgrade the code easily, by the way, i have redesigned a new version with a lot of news feature, see bellow. – Better autonomy. – Be lightweight and portable. – Be rechargeable easily. – Got log directly from USB. – Upgrade code via IDE Arduino through USB. – Future options implemented for improvement. – Many more …

RPP - Raspberry Pi Programmeur PIC utilisant GPIO. Posts. In the past I’ve written several blog posts about how to use Arduino to interface with remote power sockets. For home automation involving powerline devices (e.g. lights, heaters, pumps, fans), this is my favorite solution, because it’s low-cost (remote power sockets are widely available at cheap price) and convenient (no messing around with relays and powerline wires). Also, one Arduino plus transmitter can simultaneously talk to many power sockets, making this a scalable solution too.

With the just released OpenSprinkler firmware 2.1.1, support for interfacing with remote power sockets has finally arrived. So you can now use OpenSprinkler not only to control sprinkler valves, but also powerline devices. Trying to find a programmable way to control your Christmas lights? Arduino. Open Source Projects. Projets. OpenElectronics - Projets open source. Travaux Pratiques Arduino. Introduction. Projects. What is a good way to break this long page into shorter pieces? Discuss: Talk:Projects#too_big_to_edit. Open Circuits These should be projects or links to projects that are open, at a minimum in the sense that there is enough information so that others can reproduce the project. Lets stay away from sites that are just show cases without the details.