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Ethiopia opens Africa's largest industrial park. Ethiopia’s youth benefit from agriculture jobs says Mo Ibrahim Foundation's "Tipping Point" report — Quartz. In January, Ethiopia became the latest African nation to look skyward and declare its ambitions in space.

Ethiopia’s youth benefit from agriculture jobs says Mo Ibrahim Foundation's "Tipping Point" report — Quartz

The country’s ministry of science and technology announced that it will launch a satellite into orbit in three to five years to better develop its weather-monitoring capabilities. This follows the 2015 launch of a privately-funded, multi-million dollar astronomical observatory in the Entoto hills overlooking Addis Ababa—the only one of its kind in the region. News of the satellite and the observatory drew criticism in a nation that is still developing and currently struggling with a drought.

But that’s unlikely to curb the country’s space ambitions. “They call us crazy because they think we’re [only] exploring outer space and gazing at the stars,” Abinet Ezra of the Ethiopian Space Science Society told the Guardian. That bigger picture is a realization among African countries of the value space technology holds for economic development, job creation—and military aspirations. Ethiopia and Gulf Countries Trade Relations Flourishing. By Bilal Derso Realizing the objective reality of Gulf countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), it is important to utilize the region's huge trade opportunities and obtain market for our exports.

Ethiopia and Gulf Countries Trade Relations Flourishing

Most of the Gulf countries are reliant on food imports due to unfavorable climatic conditions, poor soil and low water supply. Ethiopia's largest economic partner in the region and the third biggest export destination, Saudi Arabia, for instance, imports around 80 percent of its food requirements from foreign countries and has set plan to stop producing wheat and other agricultural items in the near future. On average, the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries are importing 90 percent of food products. Qatar topped the GCC independence on foreign imports at 97 percent, followed by Bahrain at 92 percent, Kuwait 91 percent and the UAE and Oman at 89 percent each, World Bank's report indicated. Diversification of hydrocarbon economies. Ethiopia is on a path to become Africa’s China in more ways than one -

(OPride) — Ethiopia’s dream to be the next China is becoming true.

Ethiopia is on a path to become Africa’s China in more ways than one -

As Beijing rapidly expands its global footprints, its overseas national interests have to be protected. This is why China is already moving away from its traditional hands-off approach — a policy of non-interference in state’s domestic affairs — to become one of the global influencers of our time. China’s paradigm shift is more evident in Africa than anywhere else as Beijing continues to deepen its presence on the continent. A closer examination of China’s bilateral relations with Ethiopia makes this point clear. Prior to 1991, when the incumbent regime in Ethiopia came to power, the two countries did not have much contact but their mutual respect and interaction have grown over the past two decades. Ethiopia: Why Foreign Investment Is Still Flowing to Ethiopia.

Photo: Filippo Jean | Wikipedia Designed by Arturo Mezzedimi and inaugurated in 1961 by H.I.M.

Ethiopia: Why Foreign Investment Is Still Flowing to Ethiopia

Emperor Haile Selassie, the historic Africa Hall is one of Addis Ababa's landmarks. opinionBy Henok Assefa By all accounts, Ethiopia has had a tough year. The effects of El Nino were deeply felt across the country. Nevertheless, the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) announced that more than half a billion dollars in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) entered the country in the last three months.

Ethiopia Joins Megadiverse Countries. By Desta Gebrehiot The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change announced that Ethiopia has joined megadiverse countries' list after unanimously approved by the high level megadiverse countries meeting held on the sidelines of UN Biodiversity Conference held December 2-17, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.

Ethiopia Joins Megadiverse Countries

The decision to recognize Ethiopia as megadiverse country came following its official request in 2014. Minister Dr. Gemedo Dale told a press conference yesterday that it is no surprise for Ethiopia to be considered as megadiverse country given its huge and endemic plant, mammal, bird, reptiles and amphibian species.

Dr. Despite the recognition, Dr. Ethiopia: Nation Advancing Dairy Farm to Increase Foreign Currency. By Yohanes Jemaneh Ethiopia is encouraging investment in meat and meat product export as part of effort to increase hard currency earning.

Ethiopia: Nation Advancing Dairy Farm to Increase Foreign Currency

Last week, a two-day tour to major abattoir investment at Dukem, Modjo, Zeway and Adami Tulu of Oromia State has taken place organized for media partners by Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute that flickers a gleaming hope that the nation is on the right track to utilize its livestock potential. As a country which has a huge potential in animal resource, Ethiopia is home of Africa's largest livestock population. A 2013 Survey by the Central Statistical Agency on country's rural sedentary areas revealed the existence of over 53.99 million heads of cattle and 25.5 million sheep.

Interview: Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn on economy and power production. Ethiopia’s Boom Times. Our new issue, “Between the Risings,” is out now.

Ethiopia’s Boom Times

To celebrate its release, international subscriptions are $25 off, and limited prints of our Easter 1916 cover are available. Ethiopia has a new nickname: “The African Lion.” Ethiopia: Egyptians to Invest in Pharmaceutical Sectors. By Abebe Woldegiorgis What makes the seminar special is professionals and pertinent stake holders come together for discussion with common objectives focusing on pharmaceutical and medicinal business Relations between Ethiopia and Egypt dates back to many centuries.

Ethiopia: Egyptians to Invest in Pharmaceutical Sectors

Though the two countries relation was overshadowed by divergent interests, the on-going business and trade relations is defusing the past mistrust and glimpse of hope is in insight which benefit the two countries. In a press conference held yesterday, the Egyptian Embassy announced that a seminar organized by Embassy Commercial Office and the Egyptian Export Council for Medical Industries will be held February 26, 2016 here in Addis. Kenya: Ethiopia is Welcoming the Investors Kenya Has Frustrated. OpinionBy Bitange Ndemo Ethiopia is the world's fastest growing economy.

Kenya: Ethiopia is Welcoming the Investors Kenya Has Frustrated

If you doubt that, watch CNN's recent One Square Meter Report which highlighted this second-most populous nation in Africa whose economy has consistently grown by double digits over the past 10 years. Several industrial parks have been built and more are coming up. There are four operational industrial parks, three of which are privately owned. They include the Eastern Industrial Zone at Dukem, the Lebu Industrial Zone which is owned by Huajian Group, and Modjo Industrial Zone owned by George Shoe.

Ethiopians are taking advantage of Africa's population dividend to target investors moving out of China, and providing a soft landing for them in Ethiopia. Their flagship Ethiopia Industrial Park, which would put our Konza to shame, is coming up, connected to Addis with the ultra-modern Modjo-Hawassa Expressway. Construction of the 700-acre Hawassa Industrial Park started last year. African Leadership Academy to Be Opened Here. By Daniel Beyene The new African Leadership Academy under the auspices the African Union (AU) would be opened next April here in Addis.

African Leadership Academy to Be Opened Here

AUC Administration and Human Resource Management Director Amine Idriss told journalists yesterday that the academy is set to bring about the desired quality in decision making process of the Union as well as to upgrade project and program management skills of AU staff and African civil servants as a whole. According to the Director, the next leaders of Africa need to be equipped with the best knowledge of leadership at early stage with a view to transforming the continent and successfully realize AU agenda 2063 as well. Regarding the newly introduced restructuring reform of the AU, he said that the Union has managed to conduct conferences and meetings using the latest touchable technology.

Ethiopia: Unrest continues in Oromia, largest coffee producing region; rising instability could impact markets. Posted: Amajjii/January 20, 2016 · Finfinne Tribune | | Comments Oromia is the largest coffee producing region in Ethiopia The Oromia National Regional State in Ethiopia is a federal region providing the country with its largest flow of export commodities, such as coffee, khat, gold and cattle. Why Ethiopia is making a historic ‘master plan’ U-turn. Image copyright AFP A controversial plan by the Ethiopian government to expand the capital, Addis Ababa, is set to be scrapped after a key member of the ruling coalition withdrew its support. The expansion plan sparked deadly violence in the central-southern state of Oromia, which surrounds Addis Ababa.

Rights groups say that at least 150 protesters have died and another 5,000 have been arrested by security forces. Similar protests in May 2014 left dozens of protesters dead. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn had vowed on 16 December that his government would be "merciless" towards the protesters, who he described as "anti-peace forces". However in a surprising move, the Oromo People's Democratic Organisation (OPDO) said on 12 January that it had resolved to "fully terminate" the plan after a three-day meeting. Ethiopia to become Africa's major economic power by 2050-UN.

Copyright : APA The top spot for Africa’s biggest economy by 2050 will go to Ethiopia, according to Dr. Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).In a statement issued by the UNECA on Thursday in Addis Ababa, Dr. Carlos weighed prospects and challenges for Nigeria, South Africa-current economic giants in Africa, with resource rich DR Congo and fast growing Ethiopia to reach to the conclusion that Ethiopia will come out as top performer in Africa by 2050. Mail and Guardian Africa’s Editor Charles Onyango-Obbo “sat†digitally with Lopes to send out feelers about Africa’s future – where the continent is likely to go in the next 85 years. PM - Fifteen million people facing food shortages in Ethiopia 25/01/2016. TIM PALMER: It's being called a "code red emergency" by aid groups, yet the international response to the drought in Ethiopia has been criticised as ponderous Fifteen million people in the east African country are believed likely to face food shortages this year.

The UN says the strongest El Niño climate system in decades has decimated livestock herds and caused crops to fail. Imogen Brennan reports. (Children crying) Harrowing pictures from Ethiopia as 10 million people face hunger following worst drought in 50 years. Ethiopia's new proposal sets to transform economy. Ethiopia growth at 10% during past decade. Ethiopia heading for middle-income status by 2025. The World Bank has said that Ethiopia has overtaken other low income and Sub-Saharan African countries thanks to a unique focus on promoting agriculture and industrial development with a strong public infrastructure drive.

Lars Christian Moller, the World Bank’s lead economist for Ethiopia and author of the report Ethiopia’s Great Run: The Growth Acceleration and How to Pace It, said: “Ethiopia began to see accelerated economic progress in 1992 and it shifted to an even higher gear in 2004, pulling millions of people out of poverty.” Ethiopia’s economic boom pulled 14% of its massive population out of poverty. By 2011, 30% of the population were living below the national poverty line, compared with 44% in 2000. The report found that the agriculture and service sectors were the main contributors to this accelerated growth, which was driven by high government investment in energy, transport, communications, agriculture and social sectors.

Ethiopia: More Than 10 Million Jobs Provided During the First Growth and Transformation Plan - Rising from the ashes: 10 astonishing facts on Ethiopia's turnaround, how it did it, and the unseen forces driving growth. TWENTY years ago, Ethiopia had just adopted a new constitution, billed as a fresh start for a country that desperately needed one. Ethiopia-africa-s-giant-on-the-rise-1.1890830# Bloomberg Pedestrians cross a road near a billboard advertising Johnnie Walker whiskey in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s development is mostly people-driven - Special Reports. In February 2012 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced the appointment of Haddis Tadesse, a US national of Ethiopian descent, as its representative to Ethiopia and to the African Union. Ethiopia's Geographic Challenge. Ethiopia's Economy To Grow 10.5 Percent In 2015/16. Ethiopia predicts record $1.5bn overseas direct investment in 2015. Ethiopia Invest $240 Million On Road Construction.

Addis Ababa — The project is expected to pass through mountainous range, take 42 months to finish, be 19 meters wide in rural areas and 10 meters wide in urban areas. The second one located in Northern Ethiopia is the Bilbela-Sekota road project signed with China first Highway Engineering Company, expected to cost USD 102 million, be 98.7 kms long and take 39 months to complete.

It's also expected to be 14 meters long in urban areas and seven meters long in rural areas. Ethiopia hopes to export gas by 2017 Anadolu Agency. Untitled. Ethiopia: Ambitions to become a global force in leather production. A rare access to Ethiopian Military Industry. Ethiopia Ponders U.S$5 Billion Gold. Addis Ababa — Ethiopia could earn up to $5 billion a year from the mining sector and by tapping into geothermal energy sources, according to a new report published recently. According to the Ethiopian News Agency, Ethiopia's mines minister Tolosa Shagi announced that the country had already secured "more than $2.3 billion from exports of gold, tantalum, opal, marble and other minerals" over the past four years. The returns are expected to double with more investment in the sector. Last year, with the assistance of the World Bank, the government commissioned a report titled, 'Strategic assessment of the Ethiopian mineral sector'. Turkey outdoes China in terms of Ethiopia investment.

World Bulletin / News Desk. Ethiopia's Tech Industry Emerges. By Hiruy Fekre As people go online to meet and interact with friends and relatives or put up their latest photos, young homegrown entrepreneurs are creating money making opportunities and getting their share of the booming internet marketplace. Three companies are reaching Ethiopian customers in the millions according to, and other leading web audience research organizations. In addition, one of them,, has been showcased as one of the two largest internet companies in Ethiopia, valued at 500,000 dollars in a June 2014 article by the Economist magazine; DireTube, a media and entertainment website, came in first at two million dollars.

When Araya Lakew, 32, founded in 2010, there were only 200,000 facebook users in Ethiopia; in the four years since then that number has grown more than nine fold to 1.9 million, with nearly 50,000 of them liking its facebook page. Ethiopian wine raises cheer for economy. More videos can be found on our video page. Ethiopia – a Destination Crying Out for New Hotels. Ethiopia: Over 18bil Birr Investment Projects Go Operational. Ethiopia seeks bidders for construction of Hawassa Airport. Ethiopia: Microsoft and UNDP to Train 200,000 Ethiopian Etnerpreneurs. Episode 16: Addis Ababa: City of Transformation. Addis Ababa's Changing Skyline. GEESKA AFRIKA ONLINE The Horn of Africa Intelligence News Group » Ethiopia: Embrace a new wave of Chinese Industrial Transfers. Ethiopia expects 11 percent economic growth this year, EPRDF DireTube Video by Ethiopian News.

Ethiopia Creating Millionaires Faster Than Any other African Country. Ethiopia’s grand plans for regional power distribution. Addis Ababa 2013 New Booming City ! 70 of Construction of Addis Ababa Adama high way complete. Addis Ababa is the Showcase for Ethiopia's Economic Great Leap Forward. Ethiopia Can Achieve Middle Income Status By 2020 - World Bank. Ethiopia increases use of Blue Nile CCTV News. Ethiopia Struggle Over the Nile - Al Jazeera English part_1. Ethiopia Struggle Over the Nile - Al Jazeera English Part_2. Ethiopia Struggle Over the Nile - Al Jazeera English part_3. The westerns eye on Ethiopia.Invest in Ethiopia (before its to late) Investing in Ethiopia. Invest Africa Episode 2: Ethiopia. Ethiopia Records Double-Digit Economic Growth Under GTP.

Ethiopia offers ample investment opportunities in agriculture, infrastructure. Ethiopia: Investment Opportunities and Challenges - Part 1.