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My Top “Shea Moisture” Products. Hello Everyone!

My Top “Shea Moisture” Products

As you may already know from my “Natural Products Video” and “Wash & Go Video” I Love Shea Moisture Products! From their Hair Products to their Skin Care Products & Baby Products! So I decided to post this List of my TOP used “Shea Moisture” products. Shea Moisture Products are pure, Natural, Chemical Free & Affordable so its perfect if you do the “Curly Girl Method” because the ingredients are clean and do not contain sulfate, silicone or chemicals that can weigh down & cause build up.

Hope this helps… Enjoy! #1. Fran’s Holy Grail Products for Moisture, Conditioning and Shine. Fran checking out the situation at Duane Reed By Fran of

Fran’s Holy Grail Products for Moisture, Conditioning and Shine

How to Create Two Beautiful Hairstyles in Just Five Minutes. I am sure that, just like us, you have had a good look through Pinterest and other social media sites and seen gorgeous hairstyles that look far too complicated to replicate.

How to Create Two Beautiful Hairstyles in Just Five Minutes

Today Mindy, from Cute Girls Hairstyles, is going to show you how to become a pro at creating two seriously stylish hairstyles in just five minutes. At the end of the video you have the added benefit of deciding which style you would like to see reproduced, this time in a one-on-one video. We have only recently discovered Cute Girls Hairstyles, but the way they present their ideas with such clarity means this will not be the last you hear of them from us. Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care. Shop. Essence Magazine, #1 "Beauty Best Sellers List" 2008 CURLING CUSTARD TM gives moisture and curl definition, hold and brilliant shiny hair all in one product!


It reduces bulk, defines & elongates your curls helping them to 'hang' better. What Will I Draw?! "Sunday in the Park" WTF is Oil Pulling + Why I'm Hooked. Everyone has a morning routine… mine has recently changed.

WTF is Oil Pulling + Why I'm Hooked

Let me share:: 1. First things first, I battle with my alarm (i.e. hit snooze thirty times). 2. Bitzy then wakes me up, I stumble to the kitchen to feed her and let her out. 3. We both get back into bed & snuggle for a bit. 4. So, you may be wondering about #5. Two words. Oil pulling has been around for years, which makes me upset I’ve only just found out about it via the interweb. It’s easy to do. 101 Uses for Coconut Oil. Sole Socks (WOMEN 5-5.5) - Sole Socks. TouchOfModern is about extraordinary design, the things you don't find everyday.

Sole Socks (WOMEN 5-5.5) - Sole Socks

Daily sales of modern designsup to 70% off Why do I need to become a member? We connect directly with designers to bring you products that are timeless and truly unique. By limiting our sales to members, we are able to offer unbeatable pricing. Top 20 Carrier Oils for Hair. Apricot Kernel Oil Apricot kernel oil comes from the kernels of apricot.

Top 20 Carrier Oils for Hair

Apricot oil is a great source for vitamin A and E. This oil can be used to help seal ends and to help prevent split ends. It’s also great to treat dandruff and other issues pertaining a dry scalp. 24 Hair Products That Actually Work. Shop Strength of Nature: African Pride, Profectiv, ElastaQP & More » ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter. 28 Magical Beauty Products That Are Pure Genius. Karyn Washington Dead: #DarkSkinRedLip Project Founder Dies from Apparent Suicide. Many were shocked to hear the news this week that well known dark skinned beauty crusader and creative mind behind the #DarkSkinRedLip Project Karyn Washington is dead.

Karyn Washington Dead: #DarkSkinRedLip Project Founder Dies from Apparent Suicide

She apparently committed suicide. Washington’s website For Brown Girls, created to “celebrate the beauty of dark skin while combating colorism and promoting self love,” became an inspirational destination for women of all skin tones and backgrounds. Her efforts impacted not just brown girls, but pushed the idea of beauty equality forward for all. Washington was best known for establishing the #DarkSkinRedLip Project in response to the persistent idea that black women look clownish in red lipstick, a notion highlighted by rapper ASAP Rocky — known beauty expert (side eye). The makeup aficionado shared this gem in an interview with The Coveteur, “But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. Pin it I’m deeply saddened by this loss. 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know.

12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape. 27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure. Heatless Curls Using… Bubble Wrap? Diy Scalp Treatment. One of the first things we learned in cosmetology school was how to do a scalp treatment, and for good reason.

Diy Scalp Treatment

For all the benefits they provide, I think it’s crazy they aren’t a regular part of our “beauty” routines. We’ll scrub, rub, and moisturize every square inch of our body, but the scalp tends to be neglected. Of all the at home diy treatments you can do, a scalp treatment is of the easiest – and seriously one of the best. They feel amazing, get rid of flakes, and promote fast and healthy hair growth. Ducklings In A Row - Hair + DIY Tutorials: Hair Tutorial: Get Curly Hair Using an Old Pillowcase.

If there's one thing I've gathered from my girlfriends when it comes to hair, it's that you always want what you don't have.

Ducklings In A Row - Hair + DIY Tutorials: Hair Tutorial: Get Curly Hair Using an Old Pillowcase

This rule of thumb also generally applies to boob size too, but that's a post for another day. Being one who falls squarely in the category of naturally wavy hair (in the ugly, frizzy way), I've always lusted after big, bouncy, bodacious curls. Funnily enough, my husband also lusts after big, bouncy and bodacious, but we're not talking about curls (wokka wokka). The TUTORIAL: BRILLIANT BRAID. So we saw this tutorial the other day and thought it was brilliant. Hence, the name. 25 Beauty Products You Can Make in Your Kitchen.

By Jaime Morrison Curtis | . 18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes. 50 Insane Facts About Hair. Homemade Beauty Recipes. Looking to add a new addition to your beauty and skincare arsenal? Instead of heading out to the store or ordering a new product online, try whipping up one of these luxurious beauty treats. Body scrubs, face masks, bath salts, oils—these easy, surprisingly inexpensive, DIY beauty treatments are filled with nutrient-packed ingredients and are great alternatives to splurging on the expensive stuff. Popular Beauty Products. Certain beauty products haven’t only stood the test of time, they actually seem to get more popular with age. These 10 consistently found in hairstylists’ and makeup artists’ collections—and for good reason.

QUIZ: Find Your Best Eye Makeup. Beauty Tools.