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10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web No, it’s not Spiderman’s latest web slinging tool but something that’s more real world. Like the World Wide Web. The Invisible Web refers to the part of the WWW that’s not indexed by the search engines. Most of us think that that search powerhouses like Google and Bing are like the Great Oracle”¦they see everything.

The Six Contract Provisions Freelancers Should Include When you’re a freelancer, it’s easy to just take a job and start working without thinking much about it. However, if you don’t want to accidentally get caught up in work you don’t want, 99U suggests including a set of provisions in your contract. Photo by Dan Moyle Contracts are a necessary evil, but they don’t have to be that difficult. 99U breaks down the provisions that really matter and that can protect you from misunderstandings: Clearly define the scope of your work Nail down everything related to money Make sure you’re clear on who will own your work Address how changes to the project will affect your fees Be clear that written agreement is the whole agreement Specify the process for changing the agreement It’s basic stuff, but just including the above details can make your work a lot easier if you run into any weirdness.

The Faraway Tree 2 Yup. Not much else there. Those two gashes are where the floors will be slotted in. They're pretty windows, though, and recessed (necessary only because of how thick the brown cardboard is). I hoard my white cardboard for things just like this. Mesopotamian Astronomy - Babylonian and Persian History Ever since man first looked up at the stars and asked the question, “Are we Alone?” the history of astronomy has shaped the course of human society, connecting science with the inbuilt human spirituality and sense of wonder at the unimaginable vastness of the cosmos. Now seen as the domain of loveable eccentrics, such as Patrick Moore, the late, great Carl Sagan, and Brian May, it is easy to forget how the science of astronomy has pervaded nearly every aspect of human history, and oversaw the rise and fall of great civilizations. The History of Astronomy - Shaping Human History Many notable events in history were shaped by conjunctions of stars and astronomic events, such as the star (supernova) that guided the Magi to Bethlehem.

8 Easy Steps to Build and Launch a Small Business Website - and Get Them Done Today! With all the hype surrounding social media, we often forget that a small business website is still important in your branding, trust and customer list building. When you are looking for options on how to build a small business website, you are offered with 2 typical options: Hire someone or Do-It-Yourself. Unfortunately, this is usually not a simple decision to make. Many business owners – especially those who are not tech enthusiasts – don’t really want the nitty-gritty that comes with building and running a website for their companies. So DIY might not be a part of the plan.

Cardboard Barbie Dream House Welcome to our home! Step up to the gate, unlock it and come on in. PolarClock « pixelbreaker PolarClock 3.0 is now available as a screen saver for Mac and Windows, and also as a dashboard widget for OSX Tiger. This release is a total rebuild from scratch using Flash CS3, Flex Builder and ActionScript 3.0. There has been a staggering amount of feedback over the past few months, all of which was very useful. There are more things to add, but there are only so many hours in the day! New Features Language Selection (28 languages so far)Text alignment (outside, centre or inside of arc)Font size 12 – 30pt24/12 hour clock modesFlipping of text when it’s in the lower half of the arc (to stop it being upside down)Guidelines behind arcsArc properties (thickness, padding, radius )A spacer Arc for padding between Date and Time ( movable to be between any arc)Continuous/Stepped motion (continuous was requested a lot, so that you can see a minute slowly stretching each second to become the next minute etc).Ordering of the arcs.

12 Most Efficient Ways To Use Evernote Beyond "Everything" Evernote is a robust platform designed to “Remember Everything.” While “everything” is Evernote’s greatest strength, it’s also its greatest weakness. When given the option of everything, people can become overwhelmed. Like a diner that serves everything on its 18-page menu, it is hard to decide what to eat. Evernote is like the diner, it can be overwhelming with so many features and with little direction, one could mistaken it for another note editor. Deep down, Evernote is subtly whispering “productivity and efficiency” — if only everyone could hear it. Mushroom Fairy Houses and we still haven't done a single turkey, tree or pie craft.Or packed for our trip to the inlaws' either.But Kate wanted to paint today.And I'd just seen a whole Christmas village of similar miniature houses on someone's blog which I can't remember, but that I'd wanted to make. So we made some action-figure-sized cylindrical houses on circular bases: White corrugated cardboard is hard to come by,so we save ours for painting projects.

slouch - Parchment Office *clunk* The rotating tin cylinder within the phonograph vibrates slightly as a brass needle scrapes against it. The sound of a throat being cleared emerges from the machine's hornshell speaker, followed by a thin, haunting voice. "March the 16th." A deep, shaky breath. A Guide to Quality Social Media Sharing: What, When and How to Share 6.7K Flares 6.7K Flares × The currency of social media is the share. We all want to be the go-to person with the latest news, the most intriguing viral content, or the best hidden gems followers wouldn’t have found otherwise. Some people just have a knack for finding and crafting the perfect share. The rest of us have to work a little harder.

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