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Craft Candy. Tutorials. DIY sisal coasters Instructions on how to use sisal rope and hot glue to make rustic and nautical coasters. A great gift idea. Tags:- (....more) Make ribbon wrapped snap clips, as well as, cute display cards for them. Tags:- snap clips, ribbon, bows, hair, baby, girl, display cards, buttons Save money by making your own sterling silver or copper head pins. Tags:- jewerly headpins, DIY, tutorial, jewelry making, headpins, balled headpins, sterling silver, headpins, head pins, how to How to make a knitted chevron stripe scarf. Tags:- scarf, scarves, how to knit a scarf, chevron, zig zag, chevron scarf, tutorial, diy, free knitting pattern, scarf pattern See how to make these adorable handcarved stamps using upcyled wine corks.

Tags:- eco-friendly, upcycle, tutorial, how to, diy handcarved stamps, corks, wine cork crafts, how to make stamps with wine corks DIY back to school card with simple video tutorial and free file for silhouette cameo back to school card Fabric Bin Tutorial Spring Mug Rug. ThriftyFun | Great Ideas and Solutions to Everyday Problems | Crafty Nest. 52 Weeks Project.

Ucreate. Amazing DIY & Crafts Ideas. Spider Ornament Handmade Melting Snowmen Painted Leaves DIY Sock Animals Old boat into sitting area Christmas cranberry mason jar decoration. Bird Feeder From Vintage Teacups Replace the faux drawer with a paper towel holder Take photos, cut them out and glue onto white paper. Amazing DIY & Crafts Ideas #2. Cupcake pin cushion via (dollarstorecrafts) Magazine rolled up bowl Mosaic Ornaments from CDs Pallet – just stain and take out some slats. Write out your favorite song lyrics or favorite chapter of a book. Dipped pinecone placecard holder Painted vases Puzzle shelf Spoon ornaments could ad a unique twist to a Christmas tree.

Turn a Bookshelf into a Shoe Rack! 39 DIY Gifts You'd Actually Want To Receive. Crafty Creatives | a box of craft goodies delivered every month! 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects. Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff Are you bored and have a bunch of extra little items hanging around here and there? Well we were in the same boat so we decided to round up 20 different awesome at home projects you can do.

Anything from soda pop cap lids to spoons and more. You honestly don’t know some of the creative things you can do with what could possible be junk. If you know of any great at home Do It Yourself Projects please leave a comment to include your own and maybe we will add it to our list. And for the upcoming holiday season we want to give all you do-it-yourselfers a head start with these incredible Christmas DIY for 2012 1. More info: here | Buy: here 2. More info: here 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Incoming search terms: OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES.


Random Tutorial Generator. Fabricatedends: Guest Post: Weaving on a Cardboard loom. Art education for children is an important part of any school curriculum. It allows them to explore their creativity and develop the right side of their brains. However, while these programs include a variety of activities from drawing and painting to sculpture and collages, weaving is often left out of the equation. In fact, weaving is quite easy to teach to children – all that’s needed are homemade cardboard looms and colorful yarn.

For children who aren’t as confident with their skills at drawing or working with clay, weaving provides a wonderful alternative for them to create a work of art that they can be proud of. There are many proven benefits to weaving for children’s development. If you have children, weaving is also a great weekend craft to do together. Jan Pierce is a 4th grade teacher who has over 20 years of experience in the classroom.

Most favorited all-time - page 18. 101 Crafty Gifts. 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects.


The Handmade Gift Guide. Jewellery. DiY crafts, free sewing patterns & sewing tutorials – Paper. Home. Accessories. Not martha. Tinker Finca. Tutorials - Craftaholics Anonymous® Craftaholics Anonymous® - Inspiring Creative Bliss One Step At A Time. Little lovelies: tutorials. Tutorials pinwheel wall art felt bow bookmarks rhinestone feather headband felt monogram pillow book print necklace stand fabric button bookmarks craft room re-do wood monogram keychains wood bookmarks doily wall art fall monogram wreath spring wreath glass tile necklace magnetic board yarn embroidered knitting bag mini flower pot gifts mini grad cards paint chip bookmarks pearl hoop earrings Email ThisBlogThis! 4 comments: Load more... I appreciate each and every lovely comment you leave! Home. Flamingo Toes » Jewelry, Sewing, Crafts, Tutorials, and Fun!

The Social Home. VIEW ALL FINDINGS & BEADS. Design*Sponge | Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more. Button Statment Rings | It’s September and that means it’s time to add another statement piece to your collection…. obviously! I heart almost every piece Nicole Richie designs for House Of Harlow 1960, especially her oversized rings. As amazing as these rings are they’re also an easy DIY. My friend Jenni, from I Spy DIY, did a project a few months back where she transformed buttons into earrings. #SuperFab This got me thing…let’s transform buttons into statement rings! Buttons, buttons everywhere!! Materials: Buttons, Clippers, Glue, Rings With Flat Tops (available at the jewelry supply store) Use your clippers to remove the shank from the back of the button.

Once you’ve made the back of the button flat, use an ample amount of glue to secure the ring to the back of the button. Here’s another hint: If you can’t find a flat ring base, Ring Pops are a fun alternative. Once the base has dried, glue on the button. I now thing I have enough new statement rings to get me through the month. 10 Affordable DIY Modern Wall Art Projects! & Curbly | DIY Design Community & Keywords: DIY, Craft, art, wall art. Bare walls are the pits. Liven those bad boys up with some affordable modern art -- that you made yourself! Here are ten of our favorite DIY wall art projects to make this week. 1. Bubbles of magnificent splendor! This project is high-impact and low, low cost. See more here. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Happy art-making! Tagged : Craft, art, wall art, decor, decorating, Inspiration, Roundup, curbly original, DIY.

New Ring Designs. November 24th, 2010 A while ago I bought lots of antique silver spoon sets when we visited Colin’s sister Morag and her family over the summer as they live near Spoon Central – a little village called Horncastle that is full to the brim with small antique shops. As I’ve been without my camera for what seems like months, I’ve not been able to photograph any of my ‘work in progress’ for a while. I have been busy, just not really been able to blog about it. Well my camera arrived back from the lab all shiny and new the other day and so today I spent some time taking images of the new rings I’ve made from the spoons I bought over the summer. So here are a few shots of my new rings – in spoon format and then transformed into things of beauty for someone special… This is a shot of all the spoons prior to sanding, filing and polishing.

Before and after shots of set 1 This set of spoons has a lovely pattern on the upper side and on the under side so I made two different rings. What do you think? Zipper Bracelet | Version | Cut Out. Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!: Giant Picture - tutorial! I posted awhile an image that showed off the giant picture I made for my girls’ room – finally, the tutorial is here! It was so cheap – around $13 (that’s $8 for the print, and another $5 worth of an $11 foam board because you won’t need to use the whole board….) UPDATE Sept 2012: – – I LOVE this project so much that I made another one for my Dining Room – and this time I mounted it on plywood. Get details and a tutorial for mounting on plywood at this link: Giant Picture for Cheap, take 2 First, I saw on IAmMommaHearMeRoar that you could make big prints at office stores (Office Max, Office Depot) for cheap – just ask for the “Engineer’s Print”.

Awesome. So here we go, on to the tutorial- – Giant Picture Supplies –Print in desired size ( I talk about that on down) –Foam Board in desired size (I used a 4×8 sheet, but these 20×30 ones look great too) —Spray Glue (that’s the link to the one I used) Giant Picture Tutorial Step 1: The Picture Recap: Step 1: The Picture Step 2: The Foam Board. Bottle Cap Table with Poured Resin Surface. How to Make Chalkboard Paint In Any Color {A Beautiful Mess} Drawing Paper Roll — Infarrantly Creative. Build/Make/Craft/Bake: How-to: Hammered flower and leaf prints. Get out the hammer, it's how-to Tuesday and we have some botanical prints to make! I learned this technique, which makes an image using the natural dyes in plants, from my college roommate Sarah. It's great for making cards or simple botanical prints.

Actually, you'll need a little more than just a hammer. Here's a supply list: flowers or leaves to printwatercolor or other rough, acid-free paperselection of hammers (including ball-peen or cross-peen, if possible)hard work surface (cutting board, slab of wood, etc.)paper towelsscissorspentweezers or toothpicksacrylic finishing spray (optional) Start by going on a walk or visiting your garden to find leaves and flowers to work with. Then set up your work surface. Next, trim any chunky or squishy bits off of the plants and arrange them on your watercolor paper. Cover the plant with 2-3 layers of paper towels. On the paper towels, sketch the borders of the area you'll need to hammer. Peel back the paper towel to check your progress. Mega•Crafty: Woven Flower Pot- Part 2.

Today I finished my woven pot project. I haven't done much weaving but it was kind of relaxing once I got into a groove. (It was the perfect TV watching project). To recap, I started with a pot that I painted a creamy yellow. Then I used an all purpose craft glue to attach some of my favorite ribbons onto the bottom of the pot. My first idea was to weave wide ribbon around the pot too- but soon realized I couldn't get the ribbon to lay flat on the tapered shape of the pot. After experimenting with a few different ribbons and strings I settled on using jute. Which turns out made this look so much more like a basket (which is what I wanted) than my original idea. I continued weaving the jute over and under the ribbon, pulling it tight and adding a tiny dot of hot glue every so often. Marking my starting point ribbon by putting a small arrow on the bottom of the pot helped me keep track of each round.

I also kept turing the glue gun on and off so the glue was warm instead of hot. 1. And 2. Under The Table and Dreaming: Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub {for Mom} How to, Creative DIY, Crafts, Patterns & Tips - How to make a Day bed out of Doors {diy} via

Mini Hot Air Balloon Tutorial. As I mentioned in my steampunk tree post, these hot air balloon ornaments have been our most time-consuming Christmas project. Lots of trial and error, figuring things out as we went along, and, in the case of getting the baskets to hang straight, plenty of "colorful metaphors. " The good news is this isn't a holiday-specific craft: wouldn't they make an awesome mobile? Or hang one in the corner of your office for a little whimsy. To start, you'll need a plastic ornament. The most realistic shape is a tear drop, but since I couldn't find one in plastic we went with round ones and this funky dealio: At first I didn't think this shape would work, but after sticking a flag on top (which is actually the bottom) it's now my favorite. After your ornament, your next essential element is the basket. Plus, I found them on ebay for only $7.50 for 10 baskets, with free shipping from Thailand.

Next, a little aging with watered down brown craft paint: Don't have a Dremel? See that cord John's holding? Shadow Box Photo Display for Photographers. Need help turning your post-vacation keepsake clutter into a divine display? Our resident do-it-yourself expert, Ashley Campbell, has just what you’ve been looking for: As spring break and summer approach many families begin planning vacations and time to just enjoy being together. In my family unpacking from a trip often includes trying to find places to store or display random keepsakes we’ve picked up along the way. A shadow box is a great way to show off those little items in an clean and classy way. Filling your shadow box with too many pictures or items and result in framed collection of clutter.

Supplies: 12×12 Shadow Box 12×12 print a select few of your keepsakes double sided tape craft supplies (clothespins, masking tape, decorative labels, hot glue gun, etc.) Step 1: Create your background using the Alphabet Frames templates. Step 2: Remove the label inside the shadow box and attach your 12×12 print using the double sided tape. Guest post {Marie Darby…diy photo lampshades} & PINTEREST UPDATE: This is a post from 2010. I do not take custom orders, only the tutorial is available.

The lamps have held up wonderfully. As many of you requested, Marie is sharing a little tutorial here on how she made her lampshades. When she made them she was not planning on doing a tutorial for this blog, so be sure to thank her for taking the time to write all this out. Also, for those wondering…Kara will be sharing some tutorials for her book art on her blog soon. Marie is happy to do custom orders for those that prefer buying over making! * LAMPSHADE – Hobby Lobby carries self-adhesive shades & nightlights, Target has some smaller lamps for $19 that would be perfect for this project, I’ve found some lamps & shades on Craigslist.

. * GLUE – I used a hot glue gun for the first lamp. . * VELLUM – I buy this in packs of 20 (I think) in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby. . * PRINTER – I have a color inkjet printer. If you are using photos – there are several options. That’s it! Glass Marble Magnet Tutorial | Creations by Kara. The Gunny Sack: {Everything} In A Jar - Handmade Gifts. Tutorial - How to Make Clothing Buttons from Shrink Plastic…. DIY: Banana Republic Braided Neck Tee Shirt | her new leaf. All Things Thrifty Posts. How to transfer a photo to fabric. How To Make A Stylish Photo Frame For Several Photos. Not martha - to make: papier-mache easter eggs.

New Years Craft: How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies for a Black and White Theme - iVillage. Shes Crafty: DIY Multi-Chain &Ribbon Necklace | M.I.S.S. DIY Braided Bead Bracelet - Honestly WTF. DIY Bracelets - Honestly WTF. D.I.Y Inspiration from The 36th AVENUE | Making the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!


Craftgawker | look to inspire. Guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee: DIY Party Animal Candles | The Sweetest Occasion. A bit of green :: Crafts :: Plastic Cup Lamp. Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts. You knew i was going to make one. Top Bloggers Favorite DIY Projects. Print Hula Hoop Rug Page | Crafts | FamilyFun. More Design Please - MoreDesignPlease - DIY Doily&Lamp. Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More.

Turn Photo Negatives Into Artsy, Personalized Lamps. Mason Jars crafts.