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Build/Make/Craft/Bake: How-to: Hammered flower and leaf prints

Build/Make/Craft/Bake: How-to: Hammered flower and leaf prints
Get out the hammer, it's how-to Tuesday and we have some botanical prints to make! I learned this technique, which makes an image using the natural dyes in plants, from my college roommate Sarah. It's great for making cards or simple botanical prints. Actually, you'll need a little more than just a hammer. Here's a supply list: flowers or leaves to printwatercolor or other rough, acid-free paperselection of hammers (including ball-peen or cross-peen, if possible)hard work surface (cutting board, slab of wood, etc.)paper towelsscissorspentweezers or toothpicksacrylic finishing spray (optional) Start by going on a walk or visiting your garden to find leaves and flowers to work with. Then set up your work surface. Next, trim any chunky or squishy bits off of the plants and arrange them on your watercolor paper. Cover the plant with 2-3 layers of paper towels. On the paper towels, sketch the borders of the area you'll need to hammer. Peel back the paper towel to check your progress.

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Sharpie Tie-Dye You have to do this project. I saw this on Happy Things. She saw it on Steve Spangler Science. You draw on fabric with Sharpies (I suppose you can also use other types of permanent markers. I happen to have a lot of Sharpies.) Draw a design that is at least an inch in diameter. Orange rolls cooked in oranges over a fire First, a big giant welcome to all the new users from Pinterest and Pillsbury. I hope you enjoy TrulySimple and let me know what you think. We Went camping with our friends to Pismo Beach state park over the weekend and had a great time. We love Pismo Beach and especially love eating at Splash’s Cafe. They have the best clam chowder in the world.

HOW TO: Grow an Edible, Vertical Garden in 5 Steps - Walking Dis It’s hard to believe but, yes, spring is on its way. And with it all kinds of wonderful green things like arugula, celery, and cherry tomatoes. If you’re a gardener, you’ve probably already started your seedlings (or at least have an order in for black seeded Simpson lettuce, Astro Arugula or sugar snap peas). If you’re a first time gardener, now is the time to decide if you really want to dig in. Don’t know what to grow? How to Make Wood Dough If your kids like playing with dough like Play-Doh or molding clay, they will love making sculptures with homemade wood dough. Homemade wood dough dries to a wood finish and can be sanded down smooth with sandpaper. You can also paint or stain wood dough sculptures. To paint them, you can use any of the homemade paint recipes I have at the bottom of this article. To stain them, you can make a stain by adding 6 drops of food coloring to 1 tablespoon of water.

Toddler crayons... What does one do with a whole bag of old, unwanted, crayons... some that are perfectly good - just extremely illogical for small hands... and others that are broken and of no use to anyone?? Why, recycle them into toddler crayons, of course!!! Like most families with toddlers... no matter what the child's temperament. you always end up with a bunch broken crayons.... Interesting DIY Perpetual Calendars DIY Calendar Take a look at those interesting DIY calendars-choose one and start creating it. Erase board is a simple base for such a calendar or a planner; a vintage postcard calendar journal is a charming piece for those who love style.

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread I’m sorry. I know it’s Monday morning and you probably came here for some pretty pictures of food that you could glance at, and then move on with your day… and here I go thrusting warm, soft cinnamon sugar bread in your face. It’s not fair. I know it’s not fair. I know that now you’re craving cinnamon rolls, and cream cheese frosting and chili fries and hot dogs. I am too… and I already ate half of this warm bread. Carving Knife (17x60mm), Woodcarving Tools Out of Stock This item is currently sold out. To be notified by e-mail as soon as it becomes available, please click on the Notify Me button below. Stock Notification Please enter your name and email address below and we will notify you when this item is back in stock.

The Secret Law of Page Harmony “A method to produce the perfect book.” The perfect book. This is how designer-genius Jan Tschichold described this system. The Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial The Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial Supplies:Coffee Filters, preferable cone shaped filters. I couldn't find any so I used regular ones.Floral Wire, I used 22 gauge.Floral TapeScissorsAwl or NeedlePaintbrushesWater Color PaintWater for paintDowel or something to curl petals

Super Simple Recipe Binder **Update on how the binder has worked for me can be seen here.** I have seen recipe binders all over Pinterest. They range from complete menu planning systems that need a masters in engineering to figure out to the simple. Teardrop Christmas Ornaments [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of March 4, 2013 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically. In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document. This Privacy Policy will tell you, among other things: Your California privacy rights.

Chip Carving The art of carving using only a knife is something that deserves admiration. There are two main styles of carving using knives, as described, below. If you harbour concerns over safety issues when using a carving knife, you may wish to review our 'cut-proof' gloves in the Protective Clothing section. Always remember: "a dull knife is a dangerous knife". Checkered Alphabet Index of Free Charts To Individual Letters For Cross-Stitch or Filet Crochet Adaptable for Other Needlework Checkered Alphabet Index of Free Letter ChartsFor cross-stitch or filet crochet, adaptable for other needlework. These charts are free for personal, noncommercial use only. Examples of Checkered Alphabet: Click on letters below to go to chart pages: Using the charts for cross-stitch on crocheted background: On each chart page, I give the number of stitches wide and rows tall for that chart.

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