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Download free Photos. Isadora - Backstage Verano 2012. Pacific Standard Time - Home. Galerie de koolgreen. EAMES: The Architect and The Painter - Trailer. The Old, Awesome Space Drawings of E.L. Trouvelot - Rebecca J. Rosen - Technology. The Sandpit. NoTimeForWork™ YUGODROM. Retro Revival: Vintage Posters for Modern Movies. By Maria Popova Helvetica, Hitchcock and what Saul Bass can teach J.J.

Retro Revival: Vintage Posters for Modern Movies

Abrams about mystery. The retro revival design trend has been around for a while, but over the past few months we’ve seen one particularly interesting and wonderful niche manifestation — vintage-inspired, retrostalgic posters for modern television and film. Here are seven of our favorites, plus some extras. A few days ago, we tweeted a delightful what-if: Spanish digital creative Hexagonall‘s vision for what Tron and Lost opening sequences would’ve looked like if the iconic Saul Bass had designed them. It gets better: Hexagonall has an entire poster series under the Tron vs. And despite curmudgeonly remarks disputing whether Saul Bass would approve of these, we think what’s important here, and what Bass would certainly approve of, is the fact that almost half a century after his heyday, his visual heritage is still being celebrated and is still a force of inspiration.

Our favorite: This distinctly Saul Bassean hand. Time Lapse View from Space. Exactitudes® Gastrotypographicalassemblage. CONCEPTS/ PRESENTATION. Share photos and videos on Twitter. Flo-Master. Flo-master ink can rendering by Mike McGetrick.


History[edit] Cushman & Denison first introduced Flo-Master "refillable markers" in 1951, which targeted store owners and advertisers with limited success. In 1953, Esterbrook America took over the company in the United States, and Esterbrook Pens and Cushman & Denison merged in 1960 in the United Kingdom. To counter a precipitous fall-off in its business following World War II, Esterbrook worked to develop new and innovative products, and the years 1960 to 1967 saw steady progress.

Under the Gem brand name, the company launched its highly successful Mark I line of products, featuring the "Valve Marker" and the "Permanent Pen. " Impact[edit] In the Russian language фломастер (flomaster) has become a common name for any marker pen (regardless of actual brand). These unique properties allowed subway writers to "toy out" rivals, obliterating old "tags" with new ones. Decline[edit] References[edit]

Cope2 - Kings Destroy. Agent Lynch » Film. SnorriCuts: Einar Snorri - Berlin-based Editor. 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle… la typographie » A propos… 77 "Chief Brody" Jimmy. For some reason I have always liked the look of the 73-79 Chevy and GMC Blazer/Jimmys. A classic 70’s off road icon in my opinion. What is the significance of the truck? Well, I grew up watching Jaws and Jaws 2 (two great movies). Jaws used a 1973 Blazer and Jaws 2 used a 1977 GMC Jimmy. I set out to find car from Jaws 2 because I liked the look a little better than the original blazer in Jaws . I stumbled upon this 1977 GMC Jimmy in Georgia, in relatively good condition. This one has the original rebuilt 350 motor with edelbrocK carb and headers with the original rebuilt turbo 350 transmission. I will also redo the interior in blue and put the original white "wagon wheel" 4 x 4 mags back on it with new tires. Production shots from the movie, Jaws 2 .

Back to the Main Page. Life and Fate trailer by Devilfish. Devilfish has created this Saul Bass-inspired film to promote the new BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Vasily Grossman's novel Life and Fate, which stars David Tennant and Kenneth Branagh. The trailer is currently airing on UK TV. Credits:Agency: Devilfish CreativeSenior partner: Richard HolmanCreative director: Lee EdwardsDesigner: Ben Newman @ PockoProduction company: Wonky Films CR in Print Thanks for reading the CR website, but if you are not also getting the printed magazine, we think you're missing out. Split Screen. CLIPTIP. Un film 50% Paris, 50% New York. I can love you until the end. Video Journal. Urban Sketchers. David Burnett.

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook. Galerie de Fabrice Drevon. Cool Hunting. Télévision. 7 Brilliant Book Trailers. By Kirstin Butler How to connect haberdashery to Zach Galifianakis in under three minutes.

7 Brilliant Book Trailers

With a killer combination of animation, motion graphics and music, what’s not to love about book trailers? We couldn’t think of a thing, which is why we’ve rounded up seven of our favorites. As provocative, funny, and poignant as the books they represent, these videos prove that ideas are the ultimate teasers. And despite the publishing industry’s alarmist prophecies, these trailers bespeak the power of books to appeal to readers with their core, age-old value proposition: Compelling storytelling, creatively delivered. Gorgeous production values and jaw-dropping papercraft animation earned the trailer for Going West by the New Zealand Book Council our top spot. The pages of Going West literally rise up to depict the world of mid-20th-century Auckland. We’re longtime admirers of Andrew Zuckerman’s ambitious projects, like the beautiful Bird series.