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Hydrogen OS. Xiaomi MIUI Official Global Site. Download Android 5.0.x Lollipop PA Gapps! [Stock/Full/Mini/Micro/Nano/Pico] ~ This is your central place to get the perfect build of Gapps for your Android 5.0.x Lollipop device.

Download Android 5.0.x Lollipop PA Gapps! [Stock/Full/Mini/Micro/Nano/Pico] ~

If you just got the latest flagship phone or still hanging onto the an older legacy device you can find the perfect Gapps package to fit your needs! These Gapps packages are compatible with virtually all ROMS including Paranoid Android (PA), CyanogenMod, AOKP, etc. Download Android 5.1.x Lollipop PA Gapps! [Stock/Full/Mini/Micro/Nano/Pico] ~ Welcome to the central place to download the perfect build of Gapps for Android 5.1.x Lollipop based on your needs and preference.

Download Android 5.1.x Lollipop PA Gapps! [Stock/Full/Mini/Micro/Nano/Pico] ~

If you just got the latest phone or still rockin an old legacy device you will find the perfect Gapps build for your phone. Just about every custom ROM requires you to flash Gapps right after the ROM. If you don't you're phone will become virtually useless. You won't have access to the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, and all the other Google services. Simply download you choice of Android 5.1.x Gapps (linked below), enter into custom Recovery (TWRP/CWM), flash it like any other zip file, reboot, and enjoy! - If you are running on a legacy/older device I recommend using Pico or Nano Gapps packages.Click below to show PA Gapps Chart! [GAPPS][5.1.x] Up-to-Date GOOGLE APPS (TK GA… WHAT WE OFFERThis is the official continuation of the original PA GApps project from the original PA GApps DevelopersAll packages should work fine on any 32-bit custom Android 5.1.x ROMFrequently updated Google Apps: Packages are updated regularly - generally on weekendsAll apps are untouched, we do not change or modify Googles' applications but deliver them as-isAutomatic Backup: It is not necessary to re-flash GApps or modules when you flash a ROM update.

[GAPPS][5.1.x] Up-to-Date GOOGLE APPS (TK GA…

Most ROM's support this functionAll installers measure your device's system partition size and will notify you, BEFORE making any changes, if it finds any problemsWe offer several variations from a Google Stock Package (based on what Google ships on Nexus devices) to smaller, minimalist packagesAll packages can be customized to your individual preferences using our exclusive Advanced Features and Options. [MOD] MultiROM v32k. OxygenOS is Here. Gestures Several original OnePlus features have been built right into OxygenOS, including screen-off gestures like double-tap to wake, music controls, and shortcuts for the camera and flashlight.

OxygenOS is Here

Customization With customizable lockscreen wallpapers and the ability to switch between hardware and software navigation keys, OxygenOS allows you to make your phone distinctly yours. Quick Settings With our new quick settings feature, tiles can be added, removed, and re-organized with the click of a button, and it blends beautifully right into the notification tray’s UI. Elenco Custom Rom [List] Lollipop 5.X.X Based ROMs. Get Paranoid. OnePlus One Toolbox - inthiaano. [OFFICIAL] Multirom. WARNING!

[OFFICIAL] Multirom

Currently boot menu isn't visible because of framebuffer issues BUT it's usable. I decided to publish it anyway because I'm leaving for holiday on Monday so I won't be able to work on it for two weeks. The easiest way to select the ROM to boot is to reboot into recovery > Advanced > Multirom > Settings > Configure autoboot and select the ROM to boot. [MOD] MultiROM v30. >> [GUIDA] Root, Installazione Custom ROM e sblocco bootloader OnePlus One. >> [17.04][ROM][5.1] CyanogenMOD 12.1 [UNOFFICI… Quick build instruction: Code:

>> [17.04][ROM][5.1] CyanogenMOD 12.1 [UNOFFICI…

Update OnePlus One to Android 5.1 Lollipop with Unofficial CM12.1 ROM. Even though OnePlus One users are still waiting for their Android 5.0 Lollipop official update, there is already an Android 5.1 unofficial firmware available for the same smartphone.

Update OnePlus One to Android 5.1 Lollipop with Unofficial CM12.1 ROM

Thus, if you are ready to test a new custom ROM platform, then you can also test the latest Lollipop release on your own phone. In that matter, during the following lines I will show you how to install the Unofficial CM12.1 ROM on your own OnePlus One, so stay close and see if you are ready to embrace this new Android system. Since I am talking about an unofficial CyanogenMod release, it means that the CM team is not behind this new Android 5.1 Lollipop built.

Thus, we have to thanks those of xda-developers for this new update, as senior member CraZY_BoY^ developed and also provided the new CM 12.1 firmware. The ROM is based on stock Lollipop 5.1 system and comes with the latest Android features, apps and capabilities along with other dedicated tools that can be found only on the CyanogenMod platform. Come installare CM 12 (Android 5.1) sul OnePlus One - GuideSmartPhone. OnePlus One Guide to Install Custom Recovery and Root. Here is the Complete Guide to Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery and Root OnePlus One Android smartphone.

OnePlus One Guide to Install Custom Recovery and Root

This guide is thorough and explains each and every step in a noob-proof manner. In this Guide we’ll show you how to do all these thing step by step on your new OnePlus One phone. First you have to unlock the bootloader, then install TWRP recovery and after that Flash the SuperSu zip file to get the root access on your phone. The guide is little bit lengthy, but not so difficult all you have to follow each and every step one by one to complete the process.

Once the device is rooted, you can enjoy lots of benefits of rooting like instal custom rom, tweaks, modes etc. [GUIDA] Come flashare un factory image e/o ripristinare l'oneplus one. [MOD] OnePlus One Unlocker: Reset Unlock &am… Reset Unlock & Tamper Bit for OnePlus One My Friend @Polarfuchs has confirmed that our unlocker zips are working fine, after new CM11S 30O OTA update.see post -- IGONE THIS WARNING ==========================!!!

[MOD] OnePlus One Unlocker: Reset Unlock &am…

Warning !!! In the NEW OTA CM11S XNPH30O, the bootloader (aboot) img size changed.... We request all not to apply the unlocker scripts on the new bootloader , until we confirm/find the new bit position. It might brick your phone and corrupt bootloader... Xda-developers - Search Results. [Full Guide] How to Flash Custom ROMs on OnePlus One. Home » Android » [Full Guide] How to Flash Custom ROMs on OnePlus One Few days one of our readers contacts us ask a question “How to Flash ROMs on OnePlus One“.

[Full Guide] How to Flash Custom ROMs on OnePlus One

So today here in this guide I will show you how to flash any custom ROMs, Oxygen OS, CM12 or any other ROM on your oneplus one. The goal of this guide is to cover everything from start to finish. There are plenty of Custom ROMS are available for the phone, but most of the new users don’t know how to install them and what steps to follow for the successful installation. To get started all, you need a rooted phone with Custom recovery like TWRP recovery. Note: I am not responsible if you fail to follow instructions and brick your device. (For this guide I’ll be using Exodus Vanir ROM as an example but this will work for almost every ROM out there unless specified otherwise in the ROM’s installing instructions.)

Install Cyanogen OS 12 (CM12S) On OnePlus One - Easiest Guide With Pics. Home » Android » Install Cyanogen OS 12 (CM12S) On OnePlus One – Easiest Guide With Pics CM12s Android 5.0 Lollipop update (YNG1TAS17L) is already out now for the OnePlus one users. Here in this guide we’ll show you the proper way to install the Lollipop update on OnePlus one. This guide is for those whom currently run stock CM11S, CM12 Nightly, Oxygen OS or any other Custom ROM. The guide is pretty simple and takes a few minutes to update you oneplus with (YNG1TAS17L) CM12S update. This guide is for all rooted users, with custom recovery or Non-rooted user with Stock Recovery.This process involves nearly zero technical knowledge, it is safe, simple and only manually activates the OTA update file! Tutorial: sblocco bootloader, root e recovery CWM per OnePlus One - - Recensioni e notizie per gli appassionati di cinafonini.

Dopo la recente recensione del Oneplus One vediamo come, in maniera molto semplice, è possibile ottenere i diritti di root ed installare una recovery modificata. Operazioni quasi obbligatorie visto che stiamo parlando dello smartphone cinese più orientato al modding mai uscito sul mercato! Per rendere il tutto più semplice possibile abbiamo reso disponibile un file rar contenente tutto il necessario.

Il primo passo da fare quindi è scaricare questo file: Una volta scaricato e scompattato il file rar, possiamo iniziare la procedura. >> Come flashare su OnePlus One OxygenOS, Cyanogen OS 12S e CyanogenMod 12.1. Come sbloccare su OnePlus One il bootloader, installare TWRP Recovery e ottenere i permessi di root. [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 - Modding OnePlus One - Androidiani. Guida. Come installare CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly (Android 5.1) sul OnePlus one - GuideSmartPhone.

Root. CyanogenMod Downloads. [GUIDA] Installare adb e fastboot su PC Windows. [TOOL] [WINDOWS] ADB, Fastboot and Drivers - 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.3. 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3ADB, Fastboot and Drivers What is this? This is All-in-One installer for 3 most needed PC tools for Android. No need to download big SDK for 3 small things. I originaly made it for my Kurdish friend AnGrY DuDe in early 2013. I saw another ADB installer on XDA, but it wasn't good enough for me so i'm finaly posting it here.

Features:Small - 9.18 MBFast - 15 seconds install (many times its even less)AIO - ADB, Fastboot and also DriversEasy to install - just run it and program will guide youClean - ADB and Google Drivers from latest SDK. [GUIDA] TWRP - guida al root e custom recovery in Italiano. [GUIDA] Ripristinare OnePlus One alle condizioni di fabbrica & blocco del bootloader. You searched for oneplus one - Come scaricare e installare le Google Apps o Gapps - GuideSmartPhone. Come sbloccare il Bootloader in qualsiasi dispositivo Android - AndroidPIT. Introduzione Ogni dispositivo ha un hardware caratteristico, con una scheda madre che richiede il suo Bootloader.

Per questo è necessaria una procedura differente per ogni dispositivo a seconda del produttore. In questo articolo elencherò i metodi più facili per sbloccare il Bootloader per le principali marche di smartphone, usando applicativi che non necessitano particolari conoscenze e che vi faciliteranno la vita. Bootloader: cos'è e a cosa serve Attenzione: ogni metodo elencato (tranne che per i dispositivi HTC e Sony) richiede i permessi di root abilitati sul vostro dispositivo.

Samsung La maggior parte dei dispositivi Samsung hanno già un Bootloader sbloccato, tuttavia esistono delle eccezioni come per il Samsung Galaxy S3 di Verizon. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: il meglio del meglio Se invece possedete un qualsiasi altro dispositivo Samsung potete tranquillamente continuare a stare comodamente spaparanzati sul divano a guardare la tv! Nexus Nexus 6: la recensione completa. I migliori metodi di root universali - AndroidPIT.

Attenzione: nonostante le procedure che vi indichiamo vengano sempre controllate per garantirvi la massima sicurezza, qualsiasi operazione che abbia a che fare con il root può potenzialmente causare problemi. Se sfortunatamente doveste riscontrare un malfunzionamento, faremo di tutto per cercare di risolvere nel migliore dei modi, tuttavia non ci riterremo responsabili. Prima di procedere vi consiglio la lettura di questi due articoli contenenti tutte le informazioni necessarie a comprendere meglio il root, i vantaggi ed i possibili rischi: Come flashare una ROM da ZERO - AndroidPIT. Attenzione: nonostante le procedure che vi indichiamo vengano sempre controllate per garantirvi la massima sicurezza, qualsiasi operazione che abbia a che fare con il root può potenzialmente causare problemi. Se sfortunatamente doveste riscontrare un malfunzionamento, faremo di tutto per cercare di risolvere nel migliore dei modi, tuttavia non ci riterremo responsabili.