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ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt!

ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt!
I am so in love with this restyled sweatshirt. When Amanda sent it my way I think I gasped aload! It's so beautiful, simple and cozy. Supplies needed: sweatshirt, crochet doilies, scissors, pins, thread, bias tape, crochet or embroidery thread, sewing machine, crochet/lace trim (optional). Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Your sweater can be washed on gentle cycle and either hung to dry or dried with low heat. Thanks so much, Amanda, for sharing this beautiful idea! Related:  Upclycling et custom

Cute as a Button - Amazing Button Crafts from Around the Web Lately I keep coming across the most adorable button crafts. I seriously want to do them all. The Freckled Nest has two fantastic button crafts that are so cute I had to share them both. First, Spring Button Flowers - This is adorable and I love the simplicity of it. Second, a Framed Cork Display Case for a Button Collection - This reminds me of butterfly specimens and would be perfect to hang in a craft room. The Factory Direct Craft Blog has a wonderful tutorial on how to make fun button stamps using wine corks and interesting buttons. Ellen's Creative Passage shows how to make a few different beautiful button bracelets. I saw this button color palette at Creating While Waiting. I love this button explosion t-shirt from iCandy Handmade. At there is a great simple tutorial on how to turn your favorite buttons into cute little fridge magnets. I love love love scanner art and I think it can be such a fun activity to do with kids (or all on your own).

Make Your Own Lace Scarf! This next D.I.Y. is incredibly cute and easy too! Kinsey made this ruched scarf with a pretty polka dotted lace. You don't need to own a sewing machine for this project and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete! Great gift idea? I think so. 1. Here are three cute ways to style this scarf! I hope you have fun creating your ruched lace scarf! Tutorial ~ Sweater Refashion I shared this sweater refashion at Me Sew Crazy last week. I am posting this here today just in case you missed it! {You will need} SweaterFabric Laces, Ribbons and buttonsMatching thread {How to} 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. I made some yo-yo's, leaves, and flowers out of lace. * Sizing for the embellishments * Yo-yo's: (S) cut 1 1/2"circles, (L) 2 1/2" circles (here is the link to how to make yo-yo's) * Leaves: use 3/8" wide velvet ribbon. * Lace flowers: (I used 5/8" wide lace.) 15. It is all done. LOOVE it! See you at next post!

Field Dressing by Sruli Recht The latest menswear collection by fashion designer Sruli Recht of Iceland features leather made from dolphin skin, fabric woven from horse hair and silk extracted from a spider's gland implanted in a goat. Most of the garments are made from one pattern piece and cut from a single piece of fabric. Accessories include glass slippers, a tinted plastic visor and a white saddle, plus a sniper rifle and knife carved in maple, sun-bleached and rubbed with horse hide. Boots are made of the calloused skin over the spines of horses. Called Field Dressing, the collection was unveiled in Paris last week. Previous collections by Recht include coats made of blackbirds and stillborn lambs, concrete accessories and parchment gas masks. Here's some information and a poem by Sruli Recht: FIELD DRESSING SRULI RECHT A/W 2012 Where the darkness divides STORY - This is the third complete menswear line from Sruli Recht. Feature materials designed or made by the studio this season: Horsetail-hair Satin Cetacea Leather

Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt: DIY. Inspiration Tutorial Things you need Sweatshirt ~mine is a mens medium~ScissorsPaint PensPencilPaint brush I cut around the collar about an inch down from the seam. cut the collar out Sketch a pattern in pencil Go over your pencil with your paint pen I smoothed it out with my paint brush, then I sprinkled the wet paint with glitter. let that dry, then shake off the glitter. cut out leaf shapes in the middle of your pattern, I cut one leaf shape, on the bottom side of the shirt. My Hannah has stolen my sweatshirt:) I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. I have a super busy week, so I am doing projects on the fly.:) Lots of <3, Anne

How to make a Peruvian Wave Friendship Bracelet Having written an article recently about making the most simple Friendship Bracelet, I wanted to quickly follow it up with my favorite Friendship Bracelet design. It is a design that I was not aware of way-back-when in school, when making these bracelets was so popular. The design is also surprisingly simple. I have taught the technique to a group of 8-10 year olds and they picked it up easily. I'll have you knotting in no time! Materials Needed 4 or more different colors of embroidery flossTape or a clipboardScissorsDepending on your taste, a thicker piece of cord, string, or even a shoe lace. The great thing about this project is that is inexpensive. Step 1: Cut your thread Cut approximately 30 inches of each color of embroidery floss. You will be tying these thread to one central cord. Step 2: Tie a knot & lay out your colors Hold all your embroidery floss as well as the central cord of your choice and tie a knot leaving a 2 inch tail. Step 3: Forward knots Step 4: Tie a double knot

Arrow Belt D.I.Y. I love accessories, especially when it's a special piece that no one else has! Today I'm going to teach you to make a super unique belt! This adorable arrow belt is the perfect accent for a simple dress or top. Here's how I made my belt... 1.) Supplies Needed: Leather in a couple different shades, lace ribbon, yarn in tones you love, scissors and a Crop-A-Dile . 2.) Have fun creating! DIY: V-neck into Gathered Cowl Collar Supplies: 1/2 yard of fabric or scarf. This is an easy DIY to turn a plain v-neck into an interesting cowl collar. You can use a scarf, fabric, anything that will fit around the neckline. Before: Mine was a crew neck so I made it a vneck by cutting a v... I made a tube by folding a rectangle of fabric that measured 36 by 30 inches. Gather folds with one end of the neck panel starting at the point of the vneck. Pin the rest of the neck piece along the vneck and back...Top stitch around or sew right sides together. Gather the rest on the collar overlapping with the front gathers. Add buttons...or not.

Dragonnette. Journée friperie dans le 18ème avec Chloé et François. Je suis repartie avec un tas de trucs comme d'habitude ! Ma trouvaille du siècle étant une salopette longue et bien large, fleurie, qui ressemble à une barboteuse. Je me vois déjà cette été la porter pour trainer dans le jardin (que je n'ai pas) avec mes petons nus qui glissent sur le gazon....aaaaah. Y a du nouveau sur Seven Hands avec la chouette Céleste en modèle aux airs 80's et que vous aviez déjà vu par ici ! Nouvelle petite jupe Romwe, bien gnangnan avec ses petites roses colorés, contrebalancée par les collants "porte-jarretelles" que j'ai déjà peur de filer et un gros pull de mère-grand tout confort :D Le reste, vous connaissez ! Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet Manteau, pull et sac achetés en friperies. Collant New Look.

Hand Stitching, part 1 - LA One of my favorite crafts is hand stitching-- it's fun, addictive, expressive and relaxing :) Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share easy ways to make your own patterns for hand stitching along with some tips and ideas :) These are some samples of my past projects-- I like to draw patterns freehand and use my handwriting. However, sometimes I adapt clipart type images to make a more complicated pattern, like the sewing machine or I just stitch the outline of an image I love, like the Goonies "Hey You Guys" silhouette :) I use a Back Stitch for all my hand stitching because it's very versatile and I like the look but you can use any combination of stitches for your projects... there's lots of fun ones! Today, we're going to start with handwriting & transferring your pattern :) You will Need: - Card-stock or Thick Paper (I cut a piece of 6x8" card-stock & folded it in half to create a greeting card) - Needle & Scissors - Embroidery Thread - Scrap Paper & Pen - Thumbtack or Piercing Tool