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The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-Kit. The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-Kit Add value to your decks! This package is for 2 turntables! Sorry, We don't give quotes via email. You need to register an account with our website to view prices. Prices vary greatly depending on which options you select for each product. That is why we don't give price quotes. <div style="background-color:red;color:white;width:160px"><strong>JavaScript is disabled!

The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-kit Now has sound activated LED control! The beat of the Music! The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-kit Is one complete PCB which is 90% more power efficient and delivers 25ma to your LEDs. The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-kit will illuminate under your platter on your Technics 12XX series turntables. The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-kit illuminates your platter with 80 ultrabright LED's color of your choice!

The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-kit will be powered straight from the turntable's Transformer via your turntable's On/Off switch.. Patterns: 1: Constant on. Specs: Faceplates - Technics Parts. Style Flip: DJ Skins, Pro Audio Skins, iPod Skins, Laptop Skins, Keyboard Skins. 12inchSkinz - Image Is Everything.