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Note3 custom rom

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[ROM][N9005] Galaxy S5 Stock ROM - Final v40… [ONLINE][07.07.2014] X-NOTE build 18.0 (N9005 NF4) : GALAXY NOTE3 - MODDING. Si prega di chiedere il permesso prima di includere una delle nostre mode dare crediti al team X-Note!

[ONLINE][07.07.2014] X-NOTE build 18.0 (N9005 NF4) : GALAXY NOTE3 - MODDING

If you include some of our mods in your rom please ASK PERMISSION BEFORE, and GIVE PROPER CREDITSto X-Note Team! I am not responsible for any damage to your device. The installation of the ROM is at your own risk.However, the flash procedure is always performedat least three times with a day of testing.FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BELOW. - Learn How to Root Galaxy Note 3! [Update][16.03.2014] X-NOTE build 13.0 (N9005 NC2) Kernel isn't build from source, zimage is intact only ramdisk modifications made by Angelom...

[Update][16.03.2014] X-NOTE build 13.0 (N9005 NC2)

(so wifi is ok) In few time Angelom will release his Abyss kernel for N9005. I've never compiled a kernel so I can't help you. Send me a pm I will point you to Angelom for asking Sorry for my bad English Inviato dal mio SM-N9005 con Tapatalk 2 If you like my work and wants to keep the project alive please consider to buy me a glass of red wine or a toy for my dog. [MOD][JB] SecPhone.apk with automatic call recording (fully customizable) [מדריך][עברית] - הפעלת העברית בN900/N9005 - Galaxy Note 3.

רקע בקצרה:מאז גרסאות ICS וJB השפה העברית (ממשק) ברוב מכשירי סמסונג קיימת built-in בתוך המערכת אך מוסתרת ברשימת השפות מסיבות שונות.

[מדריך][עברית] - הפעלת העברית בN900/N9005 - Galaxy Note 3

(הסכמים עם היבואנית בארץ וכו')תמיכה בעברית (ישור לימין בכתיבה וקריאה) לעומת זאת קיימת בכל גרסה. הדרך המומלצת ביותר להפעלת העברית המוסתרת היא על ידי האפליקציה moreloacale2, בדרך הזאת תוכלו להפעיל את העברית ללא רוט או ביטול האחריות ועדין תמשיכו לקבל עדכונים בצורה שוטפת. [UPDATE 03March][N9005][4.4.2 NB5] Echoe Rom v.11 [OTA CUSTOMIZATION] [FULL AROMA] [UPDATE 22/04/14][N9005][4.4.2 ND3] Echoe Rom v.13 [ECHOE AROMA] [OTA CUSTOMIZATION] A Supersonic Rom for the Galaxy NOTE 3 N9005 *** With the most Beautiful Aroma Installer for an Amazing Installation Experience*** FEATURES: *Based on the latest Official Android 4.4.2 Samsung Firmware N9005XXUEND3 *With Stock Kernel *Prerooted *Zipaligned *Deodexed *With latest Busy Box Installed *Build.prop tweaks for Speed and Battery efficiency (seriously, TOO MANY to list...)

[UPDATE 03March][N9005][4.4.2 NB5] Echoe Rom v.11 [OTA CUSTOMIZATION] [FULL AROMA]

Omega Rom for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 v10 Kit Kat. Omega rom for Galaxy Note 3 v10 Changelog: Based on firmware XXUENB4 Android 4.4.2 (Date: 12/02/2014) Omega Kernel – SourcesUpdated: Omegas multi csc Samsung Apps Samsung IAP Google Services Accounts Sync Profiler ChatON Chrome Dolphin Browser Dolphin Jetpack Flipboard Google Drive Play Books Play Music Google+ HP Print Service Plugin Maps Notification Manager Recycle Bin TripAdvisor Wanam xposedFixed: Rotation when SamsungHub.apk is removed All mods from previous Omega Kit Kat 4.4.2 versions added Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned Installation Instructions for Omega v10: 1.

Omega Rom for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 v10 Kit Kat

Backup your device (nadroid backup, titanium backup, efs backup … etc) and save the backup to a safe place. 2. Flash Stock XXUENA6 firmware with odin -> This step is not needed if you already have XXUENA6 or newer firmware on your device DO NOT FLASH THIS STOCK FIRMWARE to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 16GB VARIANT! X-Note ROM v5.1 for Galaxy Note 3! תוכנות מומלצות למכשרים שיש ROOT. ללא ביטול הרוט - כך תחזירו את העדכונים! S4, Note 3, S3, Note 2!

חלק 3) ביצוע התהליך: א) היכנסו ל Wanam Xposed ב) יקפוץ חלון במרכז המסך הבודק אם יש הרשאות Root, חכו ג) לאחר קצת זמן, יקפוץ חלון, לחצו "אישור" כדי לתת את הרשאות הרוט, אם פספסתם אותו חכו רבע שעה/ הזמן שהגדרתם עד שהחלון יחזור ולחצו "אישור" ד) הכנסו ל Security hacks (לחצו להגדלה) ה) סמנו וי (V) ב Fake system status ו) גללו את בר ההתראות למטה, תופיע הודעה שכותרתה "Reboot requested", לחצו עליו, המסך הראשי של Wanam Xposed יפתח שוב חלק 4) בדיקה וסיום: א) שאתם במסך הראשי של Wanam Xposed , לחצו למעלה בצד ימין על העיגול עם החיצים (לחצו להגדלה) ב) לחצו על Reboot, ההתקן יופעל מחדש ג) לאחר שהמכשיר הופעל, כבו אותו בצורה רגילה - לחיצה ארוכה על כפתור כיבוי>בתפריט שנפתח לחצו כבה>אישור, חכו עד שיהיה רטט שהוא כובה ד) לחצו בו זמנית (באותו זמן) על הכפתורים האלו- כפתור בית, כפתור כיבוי וכפתור ווליום (קול) למטה, כעט תופיע לכם הודעה, לחצו על ווליום (קול) למעלה ה) נכנסתם למצב הורדה, כעט הסתכלו למעלה בצד שמאל על הכתוב - שורה רביעית "SYSTEM STATUS:Official" אם רשום לכם Official, ברכות!

ללא ביטול הרוט - כך תחזירו את העדכונים! S4, Note 3, S3, Note 2!

Cyanogenmod 10.2 הרום הכי טוב לגלקסי Note 3 (נייטלי) *מתעדכן באופן רציף*! Cyanogenmod הוא אחד הרומים הטובים ביותר בעולם הרום הוא רק לגלקסי Note 3 !!!

Cyanogenmod 10.2 הרום הכי טוב לגלקסי Note 3 (נייטלי) *מתעדכן באופן רציף*!

אני לא לוקח שום אחריות על מה שאתם עושיםמידע על הרום עצמו • מבוסס על הסטוק האחרון ומתעדכן כל יום! • עברית מלאה • חיי סוללה מעולים ! • בלי הזבל של סמסונג! How To Root And Install CWM On Most Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Variants. Root Published on October 2nd, 2013 | by afinest How To Root And Install CWM On ANY Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Variant The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is definitely one of the most anticipated devices of the 2013 year.

How To Root And Install CWM On Most Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Variants

With its large display, powerful processor, as well as S-Pen functionality and massive battery, this is one of the most balanced packages you can buy as a smartphone today. If you want to get the most of it however, its definitely a wise decision to root it and install CWM. Requirements. Galaxy Note 3 Original Android Development. [ROM][N9005][XXUENB3][16Feb] Omega v9.0●►Android 4.4.2◄●Omega Files●►Fully modded◄● [ROM][N9005][XXUENA6] FoxHound Gound Zeroes 2.0 [OTA][Themed] [ROM][N9005][XXUENB7] FoxHound Gound Zeroes 3.0 [OTA][Themed] Based on last firmware Deodexed & Rooted Unlimited SMS recipient list Disabled scrolling cache Large APN list Insert Xposed Framework Battery 1% mod Insert module for Xposed DPI Changer Market multi DPI inverted Rom are Themed and costumizable with Xposed Insert Rom Control in Settings Enabled Call recording 4 Way reboot Hacked Stock Email App Latest SuperSu update Ota Update Enabled all supported languages Enabled call button on Contacts list Insert back button in Browser MultiCSC Busybox Flash Player More...

[ROM][N9005][XXUENA6] FoxHound Gound Zeroes 2.0 [OTA][Themed]

Installation Full wipe or without wipe Essential Rom or Normal Theme Foxhound Black theme Samsung Keyboard* Google Samsung Camera* Samsung Google Kernel Stock faux Launchers Nova launcher Apex Touch Wiz Performance Mod SQlite EXT4 GPU Boot Animation FoxHound Diamond Dogs Google edition. [ROM & KERNEL][4.3][SM-N9005] CivZ-FLEXDREAM-Rev2.2_MultiRegion + Engine Rev3.2B - AROMA [12/jan/2014] רום מקוסטם בעברית מלאה ל 9005? [ROM][N9005] Sweet ROM V11 NB3 ONLINE 4.4.2 KIT KAT [Feb 23][Super Quick, Snappy & Smooth] [ROM][N9005] Sweet ROM V15 NC2 KIT KAT 4.4.2 [April 19th][Super Quick, Snappy & Smooth] Introducing Sweet ROM, a little side project of mine.

[ROM][N9005] Sweet ROM V11 NB3 ONLINE 4.4.2 KIT KAT [Feb 23][Super Quick, Snappy & Smooth]

I have cooked a few ROMS for the Galaxy Note 1 & 2 and the Sweet ROM series is my first on XDA. I liked it and just wanted to share. [ROM][N9005][KITKAT NB3][AROMA] JACKYAWAY ROM [15.02.2014] 20.04.2014 JACKYAWAY ND3.1 KITKAT - ReBased on N9005XXUEND3 - More debloat in aroma - Apps updated - Stock Theme on post #2 12.04.2014 JACKYAWAY NC2.1 KITKAT - ReBased on N9005XXUENC2 - Call recording - More options in aroma - Apps updated - Performance tweaks - White toggles 11.03.2014 JACKYAWAY NB7.1 KITKAT - ReBased on N9005XXUENB7 - Stock kernel - No increasing ringtone - Black system holo background - New CSC in aroma (SIO, SER, TPH, PHN, EUR) - All apps updated (AdAway, Samsung Hub, Samsung Apps, Evernote, Play Music, Tripadvisor, etc etc) - All previous features (crt/fade effects, init.d support, scrolling/fixed wallpaper, no scrolling cache, transparent accuweather, multi CSC, hidden toggle, no SysScope, SMS/MMS mods, Camera mods, no low battery alert, QuadView, etc etc etc)

[ROM][KERNELl][4.4.2-NB3][SM-N9005]CivZ_FlexKat_Rev1.5 + SnapKat_Rev2.0 -Aroma Installer [23/Feb/2014] [ROM][KERNELl][4.4.2-ND3][SM-N9005]CivZ_FlexKat_Rev2.3.2 + SneakyKat_Rev1.3 -Aroma Installer [25/Apr/2014][CallRecord, BatteryMod, 4-way-Reboot, InkEffect,......] Note: This rom is based on the Samsung 4.4.2 and won't contain heavy mods or themes, install what you want. I'm not a developer and not pretending to be one, I'm a android enthusiast.Take it as it is and don't complain as this is free. No requests. Thanks to xperiacle for the MW mananger & PW manager.Chainfire for the SUperSU approvo89 for the xposed frameworkXblast for the modulejovy23 for sms/mms modswootever, faux123, yank555, myfluxi for kernel workAndreilux for the Synapse app.mythtrandyr for the InktEffect.........Sorry if I forget someone please contact me and I will add you with pleasure.........

Terminal command to switch bootanimation Custom/samsung bootanimation"su(enter)customboot(enter)=customboot animation and support = DEFAULT"su(enter)samsungboot(enter)=enable samsung boot animation" Don't know what this is? Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005. Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 is a very popular device, and because of that there is a good amount of custom ROMs available for users of the device to try out. Because of this, it might be sometimes hard to find what custom ROM works for you out of all of the ones that have been created for the Note 3 N9005.

This will be a countdown of our top 5 favorite custom ROMs for the Note 3 N9005, making it easier for you to choose which one you would like to try out. Please make sure this is your device by going into Settings -> About Phone -> Model Number. These are just our opinions, but if you have any recommendations for other custom ROMs you like to use be sure to comment down below. Temasek brings near perfect AOSP KitKat to the Galaxy Note 3 (N9005/T) There has been a lot of news about official KitKat leaking for the Galaxy Note 3, but if you are in the know, and are a rooted Note 3 owner you may have had your dose of KitKat for quite some time now. Temasek has one of the best examples of stock KitKat done correctly on the Note 3.

The ROM is derived from CM sources and is modified with tweaks and a custom kernel based on Faux123′s work. The ROM is very similar to the nightly of CM maintained by Team Douche with some extra goodness mixed by developer Willl03. Over on XDA Wild03 has been whipping up builds for the N900T (the ROM is also out there for the N9005 (Qualcomm) and U.S. variants as well.

In my experience running Willl03′s builds I have come away extremely impressed. Top 5 Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (GT-N9005) The Galaxy Note 3 is a pretty popular device. After all it has sold over 10 million units in just 2 months. Not bad Samsung. Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 - EditAndroid.Com. Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005. Three years ago in 2011 when Samsung announced their new line of smartphones, the Note line, they sure caused a lot of fuss in media and general public and many eyebrows were lifted. Skeptics weren’t hard to be found. But there were also people who liked the idea of a big smartphone, later to be called “phablet” - smartphone+tablet. Samsung, as a pioneer in this area of smartphone industry is 3 years later, still undeniably the leader of the concept they created. Off course there are others trying to penetrate this fast growing phablet trend, but no way near the success rate Samsung was and is enjoying.

We must not forget Note’s probably most notorious feature: the ‘Stylus’ or as Samsung’s brands it, the SPen. The best available hardware for flawless multitasking and UI (user interface) modified so SPen really comes handy. Now after all the hard work is done, the flashing takes place. Disclaimer: