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Chevron felt friendship bracelet. This week, in honor of friendship, and inspired by the friendship of the characters in the Wind in the Willows, everything is related to Friends.

chevron felt friendship bracelet

Friendship Bracelets. Macraméd friendship bracelets were all the rage when I was growing up in the eighties.

Friendship Bracelets

All the girls at my school would obsessively make them for one another in a dizzying variety of colors, widths, and patterns. It’s amazing, thinking back, that such young girls could make such beautifully intricate accessories. How-To: Make Your Own Notebook - AppleGreen Cottage. Read more, know more. If you’re like me, every once in a while you need some inspiration for your next makerspace or program idea.

Read more, know more.

In the year 2018 it seems like our first impulse is to go to Pinterest, which is a great resource that can in fact be inspiring. It is not, however, the only and it is not always the best resource. I know, it feels like heresy to say it out loud. Today I’m going to share with you some other resources I have found that I use regularly.

I invite you to share some of your favorite non-Pinterest resources with me in the comments below as a little inspiration never hurts. The Pinback Button Making Community on Facebook If you look, there are a lot of special interest community groups on Facebook that can inspire you.


Makey Makey. Shirts. Button Making. Book Art (discards) Maker Challenges. Coloring. MakerSpace: DIY Iron On Patches. Our newest MakerSpace station at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County was inspired by a teen I know in Texas, and it has proven to be very popular.

MakerSpace: DIY Iron On Patches

Technique Used: Cross Stitch Supplies Needed: Cross stitch fabricCraft flossCross stitch needlesSmall cross stitch hoopSmall scissorsSmall cross stitch patterns (perler bead patterns work best for this)Permanent peel and stick fabric adhesiveIron Step 1: Patterns. Three Super-Simple Fidget Spinners You Can Make. When we posted our first piece about fidget spinners in November of last year, we had no idea that they were going to become such a massive cultural phenomenon.

Three Super-Simple Fidget Spinners You Can Make

MakerSpace: DIY Fidget Spinners Three MORE Ways. Seven days of making, day 2 - a Friend to knit with. Day 2 :: Homemade Lip/Hand Balm Not sure if I have ever mentioned what a fan I am of Young Living Essential Oils before... but I am!

seven days of making, day 2 - a Friend to knit with

Grow Crystals That Glow with Magnetic Induction. It’s relatively cheap, quick, and easy to make LEDs glow wirelessly.

Grow Crystals That Glow with Magnetic Induction

The problem is usually making the machine look nice and durable for usable applications. Big Scrabble board Tutorial. Miss Chicago teen had a pre-graduation bonfire party this past weekend and she always likes to have something unexpected at her parties.

Big Scrabble board Tutorial

This time it was a huge DIY Scrabble board. This was a project she started last year and it has sat, half completed, in the garage gathering cobwebs …until last week when, with a flurry of activity, it got finished. It takes a bit of patience but is easy to make. You will need. Mend It May… How to Run a Repair Event – My Make Do and Mend Life. I wrote earlier on in the week about the wondrous things that are Community Repair Events.

Mend It May… How to Run a Repair Event – My Make Do and Mend Life

There are now over 1,000 Repair Cafes all over the world, as well as Restart Parties, and other independently organised repair events, and more and more are popping up all the time.


Paper Crafts. Arduino. Paper Circuits. Peel and Paint a CD to Put New Spin on Sun Catchers. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. Years ago, Becky Stern did a post about the wonders of “super paramagnetic silicone putty.”

Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers

It was a commercial product and I assumed it was beyond the ability of the average nerd to make at home. Wrong. It couldn’t be easier. This Instructable shows how magnetic putty is nothing more than regular Silly Putty/Thinking Putty mixed with black iron oxide powder. To create the magnetic putty, you mix the iron oxide with the putty at about one teaspoon per 0.8 oz size “egg” of putty. Black iron oxide, like all kinds of fine metal powders, is nasty business, so you’ll want to wear gloves and a dust mask when handling it. How to build a People Counter with Raspberry Pi and Ubidots. August 21, 2015 AT 3:00 am People counter project from UbiMaker on Instructables. In this simple project we’ll use a motion sensor to detect if an object is passing in front of our Raspberry Pi.

Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. When I saw one of these “thumb ring book holders” (aka a “book ring”) in my online travels, I knew this was something I wanted to make and try out. I have arthritis in my hands and arms so holding books and tablets in bed is always a struggle. For a while, I had one of those clips that goes across the tops of the pages and includes a book light. The Marshmallow Challenge. Marble_machines.pdf. DENSI 2015 Day 4. MickeyMousePencilCasewithDuctTape.pdf. Puzzle Pieces Crafts. DENovatorDIYPaperPlateBasket.mp4. Wire Maze! Learn.adafruit. 20 Super Cool Summer STEM Activities. School may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean learning has to!

In fact, it is vital that it doesn’t. When students let their brains take a break over the summer, they can lose the equivalent of two months of their grade-level math and reading skills. To combat summer learning loss and keep those STEM skills fresh over the summer, Project Lead The Way put together a list of super simple (and FUN!) STEM activities you can do with your children over summer break. DIY TV Remote Controlled Paper Planes. June 1, 2015 AT 5:00 am Make a remote controlled paper plane using your TV remote. via instructables.

Reading Directions. Homemade Nail Polish, Homemade Cosme… Tiny 3D Printed LED Watch #WearableWednesday. April 15, 2015 AT 1:00 am I discovered this slick watch on Twitter and tracked down its maker, Alessandro Matera, to learn more. Alessandro was actually inspired by the Solder Time II watch. Technology D.I.Y. with Mom and Kids. Keyboard Keys on Pinterest. Photobricks - Home. Tech-IT - Binary Beads.

Notebook Projects

Yarn Crafts. Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions.