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Sun Ra Centennial Dream Arkestra, 2014 07 11, Lugano Switzerland HD Video. AKIMBOresearcher. Sun Ra Arkestra Points On A Space Age. Sun Ra Arkestra Feat. Marshall Allen @ Jazzhouse, Copenhagen (4th of June, 2014) THE SUN RA ARKESTRA: "Rocket #9 Takes " / "The Blue Set", Live @ The Ottobar, Baltimore, 10/9/2015. SUN Ra Arkestra at Wagner Park Summer 2014. Sun Ra Arkestra @ B. Leza (Lisbon) I. The Sun Ra Arkestra - Intergalactic Symphony. The Sun Ra Arkestra - Intergalactic Symphony. The Sun Ra Arkestra - Serenade for the Cosmos. The Sun Ra Arkestra - Serenade for the Cosmos. The Sun Ra Arkestra - Egyptology. The Sun Ra Arkestra - Angels and Demons.

2014. 2014. THE SUN RA CENTENNIAL DREAM ARKESTRA under the direction of MARSHALL ALLEN 1993 – 2013 Sun Ra left planet earth 20 years ago 1914 – 2014 Sun Ra arrived on planet earth 100 years ago 1924 – 2014 Marshall Allen arrived on planet earth 90 years ago In 2014 THE SUN RA CENTENNIAL DREAM ARKESTRA will celebrate 100 years of Sun Ra with performances and master classes under the direction of Marshall Allen.


This fantastic Dream Arkestra consists of 25 instrumentalists including a string section and dancers. In addition to his arsenal of alto saxophone, flute, electronic valve instrument (EVI), Marshall Allen will bring back his kora playing on a specially made 21 string African instrument for the first time in 20 years. See and hear some of the compositions performed at the UNCOOL Festival 2012: André Vida and Max Dax talk to Marshall Allen of The Sun Ra Arkestra. Marshall Allen photographed in the Sun Ra Arkestra commune in Philadelphia.

André Vida and Max Dax talk to Marshall Allen of The Sun Ra Arkestra

All photos by Luci Lux. Meeting the Sun Ra Arkestra’s director Marshall Allen at the group commune in Philadelphia wasn’t quite space travel, but it was a kind of time travel. The eighty-nine year-old alto sax and woodwinds maestro was eager to discuss the teachings and creative punishments of former bandleader Sun Ra, one the most singular figures in modern jazz. Indeed, Ra was amongst the first to experiment extensively with elements of electronic music, anticipating what would become the musical language of the 21st century. Mr. Yeah, this house has seen and heard a lot in the past decades. You went clubbing? No, just some overdubs in the studio.

Are you recording new music for the Sun Ra Arkestra? No, last night I was with a friend of mine, a poet, who needed some background music for his poems. So, that’s what you do at night in Philadelphia? Governor Deval Patrick celebrates Sun Ra anniversary - Names. THE SUN RA ARKESTRA (SUNRAARKESTRA) The Sun Ra Arkestra - Serenade for the Cosmos. Sun Ra Turns 100. Sun Ra: A True Birthday by Seth Colter Walls.

Outside Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Allen Room on Saturday, I overheard a question before the Sun Ra Arkestra’s debut appearance in the hall.

Sun Ra: A True Birthday by Seth Colter Walls

“What era do they play?” A man asked a companion, referring to the many of styles of music that Sun Ra—the bandleader, pianist, composer, and philosopher—covered during his four-decade career. The answer sounded confident: “Oh, they play everything.” That turned out to be correct. Though Ra died in 1993, today his Arkestra—“the way black people say ‘orchestra,’” the composer once explained—is led by his longtime lieutenant, the saxophonist Marshall Allen, under whom it still conjures great mystery and power.

It was a welcome sight, this Arkestra’s appearance at Jazz at Lincoln Center—an institution with a grand tradition of celebrating Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, but which has historically stopped short of offering much attention to the avant-garde. Sun Ra as we know him emerged in Chicago in the 1940s. Sun Ra Arkestra on 6/25/11 Philadelphia. Marshall Allen - Newport Jazz Festival 2010 (Full Album) Sun Ra Arkestra @ Cafe Oto. Marshall Allen / Sun Ra Arkestra. Knoel Scott / Sun Ra Arkestra. Concert Review: Sun Ra Arkestra @ Johnny Brenda’s (May 25, 2013) Courtesy of Ars Nova Workshop // Ryan Collerd By Nick Stropko Last Saturday, I stood on the balcony of Johnny Brenda’s, watching a pretty unusual setup—a couple dozen old men, adorned in sequin-covered outfits and strange hats, setting up chairs, music stands, and sheet music on the cramped stage.

Concert Review: Sun Ra Arkestra @ Johnny Brenda’s (May 25, 2013)

As they continued to stick chairs in an increasingly claustrophobic-looking formation, musicians actually began setting up beside the stage, lining the floor with percussionists, the keyboard player, and a dancer. Yeah, it was pretty bizarre. Sun Ra Arkestra. Sun Ra Arkestra. Sun ra arkestra 5-25-13 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia. 130525sunra - BudFulginiti. Sun Ra Arkestra @ Brooklyn Bowl - 5/24/2011. Review: Sun Ra Arkestra at Johnny Brenda's. Dan DeLuca, Inquirer Music Critic Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2013, 5:19 PM Space was the place to be when the Sun Ra Arkestra played a sold out show at Johnny Brenda's in Fishtown on Saturday night on the occasion of alto sax player and bandleader Marshall Allen's 89th birthday.

Review: Sun Ra Arkestra at Johnny Brenda's

He's the one in the psychedelic Shriner's wizard outfit in red on the left. For this gig, the Philadelphia band founded by Ra, who died (or 'ascended' in Ra speak) in 1993, and directed by Allen since 1995, contained over 20 musicians. You can see only 15 or so on stage, but that's only because that's all the tiny bandstand at JB's could hold. With Allen attacking his instruments (in addition to sax, he also made a wonderful high pitched improvisational racket with his Electronic Valve Instrument) with the fervor of an avant gardist half his age, the band played for well over two hours, with never a dull moment in sight or sound. Arkestra tour dates are here. Sonic Scenery: Music for Collections - Various Artists.

Video: The Sun Ra Arkestra Sonic Scenery - Myspace Video. Sun Ra Arkestra México D.F. Aural "2013" Sun Ra Arkestra Toronto 2012. Sun Ra Arkestra - Points On A Space Age. NRBQ Rocket #9. Sun Ra Arkestra. Sun Ra Archestra: Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC. Michael Ray plays and sings "They'll Come Back" by Sun Ra at Uncool Festival 2012. Sun Ra Arkestra - Nancy Jazz Pulsations Live (2009) Kora 1411, Marshall Allen. Picture Infinity. Marshall Allen & The Sun Ra Arkestra 152 Seiten, 86 Fotos Format 15,2 x 21,5 cm Festeinband, 470 Gramm Sprache: Englisch English information on facebook Zerr, Sibylle: 20.

Picture Infinity

Leseprobe/ Reading Sample 25 Euro [D] - Versand inklusive: 35 USD - Global priority shipping incl.: Pressemeldung / Press Release / download cover Pressestimmen / In The Press "The real strength of the book lies in Zerr's vivid descriptions of the Arkestra on stage and her astute comparisons between Ra's dictatorial running of the band and Allen's more accommodating—though no less focused—approach. Ian Patterson, All About Jazz [July 6, 2012] "It is the story of his [Marshall Allen’s] leadership that is told so well, and so movingly, in this ex-tended photo essay. "In ihren so poetischen wie präzisen Texten verknüpft Sibylle Zerr aufmerksame Beobachtungen vor und hinter der Bühne mit Gesprächsprotokollen und Szenen von unterwegs. (...)

Reiner Kobe, Neuen Musikzeitung [31. Über das Buch. Uncool 2012: Akhenaten. Akhenaten. Uncool 2012 presso la Casa Anziani di Poschiavo. Oedipus. Sun Ra Arkestra Live at Nublu. Sun Ra Arkestra - Zurich 2009. This was one hell of a great experience!

Sun Ra Arkestra - Zurich 2009

Not sure yet how well it translates to a recording, but you can check that out yourself! My antique MD-recorder stopped its duties halway through the second set (which means we won't hear the awesome alto feature - for he who likely is Knoel Scott - on "Body and Soul", a pity, but I can't help it). See my notes below for more info... Please help with the identification of the musicians and with the setlist! First up, my notes: Notes: I recorded from the first row, left of the center (in front of Marshall Allen, to his left was the piano, to the right the other reeds (l.t.r.: ts/as/bari). Bassist Juni Booth got lost in space, bass duties were assumed by the pianist.

I took two photos, not good ones, but they as well as my photos (no scanner at home) of the flyer are included. The musicians left the stage playing at the end of the first set (with Yah Yah staying behind and leaving last), and entered playing at the beginning of the first set. Sun Ra Arkestra. Music for the 21st Century - Sun Ra Arkestra. 20031013. Birdland, North Madison, October 13 2003 Setlist: 1. unidentified improvisation 2.


"Happy Birthday Mrs. B" Poem by Art Jenkins / unidentified improvisation 3. Stargazers Open Your Eyes 4. Total time: ?? Marshall Allen - Director, Alto Saxophone, EVI; Fred Adams - Trumpet; Luqman Ali - Drums; Cecil Brooks - Trumpet; Bill Davis - Bass; Charles Davis - Tenor Saxophone; Dave Davis - Trombone; Art Jenkins - Vocals, Conga; Dave Hotep - Electric Guitar; Elson Nascimento - Surdo, Percussion; Knoel Scott - Alto sax, Conga; Rey Scott - Baritone Saxophone, Flute; Ted (Thaddeus) Thomas - Percussion Используются технологии uCoz. Big_note_files200811. -- from The Los Angeles Times 2008 09 21 -- Frank Zappa's widow protects his legacy For Gail Zappa, that means making sure that her late husband 'has the last word in terms of anybody's idea of who he is.


And his actual last word is his music.' By Lynell George, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer. Official Torrent Thread (Lossless Media) - The Comatorium. Sun Ra Arkestra. Yahya Abdul Majid with the Sun Ra Arkestra at Vision Festival 2009. Vision 14 The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen. Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen live at Foo Fest with interviews August 2009. MUSIC THEATRE PROJECT-E.pdf. Sun Ra Arkestra - "Carefree Number 2" Sun Ra Arkestra - Jam Jazz session @ Levontin 7 (Tel Aviv, 4.12.11) - Part 2. Sun Ra @ Barbi Tel-Aviv 3/12/2011 .MOV. Marshall Allen's 87th bday at @SullivanHallNYC. 18 peopl. Sun Ra Arkestra in Brooklyn. Marshall Allen , I'll Wait For You. SUN RA & Оркестр правительства РТ. Official website of the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Official website of the Sun Ra Arkestra.