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Matt Temple - 2012 Rewound - The World is Moving
絶えずBEATしろ『次元?』 / taezbeatsiro『dimensions?』 PV
Society for Ethnomusicology Society for Ethnomusicology The SEM website offers a wide range of information pertaining to our organization, its members, and the field of ethnomusicology. Sign In to the WebsiteIf you are an SEM member, sign in (with your current username and password) to access the members' area of the site. If you would like to join SEM, select "Membership” or "Join SEM." To renew a membership, sign in first to retrieve your current membership information.
03 - Melvin Gibbs' Elevated Entity - Weeksville Heritage Center 04-17-2010.mp4 (06:22)

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Esteban Jordan Polkaplex
Isidro Lopez with Esteban Jordan - Domingo Show
Indonesia – Gamelan: From Palace To Paddy Field – World Music Network – Guide To World Music Indonesia – Gamelan: From Palace To Paddy Field – World Music Network – Guide To World Music The shimmering sounds of the gamelan have fascinated and delighted Western visitors to Indonesia for half a millennium. The structural complexity of the music and its sonorous and ethereal sound have inspired twentieth-century composers such as Debussy, Britten and John Cage, and in recent years there’s been an enthusiastic growth in playing in gamelan ensembles in the West. A gamelan has been described as “one instrument played by many people”. It is essentially an ensemble of tuned percussion, consisting mainly of gongs, metallophones (similar to xylophones, but with metal instead of wooden bars) and drums; it may also include singers, bamboo flutes and spike-fiddle.
Masada String Trio - Book Of Angels live 2 / 4

Asmahan - Les Archives De La Musique Arabe أسمهان Amal al-Atrash (Arabic: آمال الأطرش‎)...better known by her stage name Asmahan (أسمهان Asmahān), was a Syrian singer and actress. Having immigrated to Egypt in childhood, her family knew the composer Dawood Hosni, and she sang the compositions of Mohamed El Qasabgi and Zakariyya Ahmad. She also sang the compositions of Mohammed Abdel Wahab and her brother Farid al-Atrash, a then rising star musician in his own right. Hers was the only voice in Arab music to ever pose a serious competition to that of Umm Kulthum,who is considered to be the Arab world's most distinguished singer of the 20th century. Her mysterious death in an automobile accident shocked the public. Journalists spread gossip about her turbulent personal life and an alleged espionage role in World War II. Asmahan - Les Archives De La Musique Arabe أسمهان
Welcome to the Frontpage Welcome to the Frontpage Welcome to Slippry Sirkus ‘Engaging in creative projects, allows young people to build a sense of belief in their own potential, and to experience what it is to produce something that is of value to others’ Heath & Smyth 1999 ‘They did not care that I’d been in trouble, I was treated good,.. the same as the others. They knew I‘d been in trouble for stealing,.. but they still let me use the camera and the computer and helped me write a song.
Creator Q&A: Silk Road in Stereo » The Kickstarter Blog Play We've been ogling over Kara Van Malssen's Silk Road audio project for a while now, so it's about time we interrogated this internationally recognized sound archivist once and for all. If you haven't heard, Kara and her team of adventurers will be driving from the UK to Mongolia this summer as part of the Mongol Rally, and she'll be collecting sounds from every country in their path that she'll then curate into a series of audio pieces. Creator Q&A: Silk Road in Stereo » The Kickstarter Blog
SoundRoots World Music & Global Culture
Spin The Globe world music radio Spin The Globe world music radio April 11: KAOS Spring Drive Edition The Sidi Toure show in Oly was cancelled, and I’m out of town. How plans change… But this is the KAOS spring drive edition of the show, so a secret guest-host will be bringing you some great global music along with a boatload of fantastic reasons for you to be a member of your listener-supported, volunteer-operated, commercial-free community radio station, KAOS 89.3 FM. You can pledge online at, or call 360-867-5267. Thanks for your support! April 18: Global Goulash In which we mix up new sounds and old from all over the planet. Requests welcome.
Ravid Kahalani - Yemen Blues / a RootsWorld review of World Music Ravid Kahalani - Yemen Blues / a RootsWorld review of World Music Ravid Kahalani Yemen Blues LGM/Global Lev In an interview for PRI’s The World, Yemen Blues spearhead Ravid Kahalani, an Israeli whose parents migrated from Yemen, explains the influence of Skip James, Blind Lemon Jefferson and others on his music, though you certainly wouldn’t necessarily know it from this disc. And that’s really a good thing, as the once avant-garde, highly individual, acoustic, early twentieth century song form has been rendered horribly clichéd by overuse. Instead, the term “blues” on this disc, which contains 10 tracks of seemingly baffling origin, refers to another folk form, Yemeni Jewish traditional music, which Kahalani draws from directly. Oh, but then there is that rising and falling element to the 7/8 “Um Min Al Yaman,” slightly suggesting the 12 bar blues format, but only if you’re really looking for such a thing. One could also certainly be forgiven for thinking it all sounds simply “Arabic,” whatever that means.
MENA Music
Nubian Lady Blog Nubian Lady Blog hi there 今年も夏らしい夏ですね。 暑いの好きなんで、とことん暑くなってほしい日々です。 太陽がちゃんと公転してくれること自体に感謝してるので。 猛暑っていい響き。 さて、そんな猛暑の中、響きの酔い猛烈な遊び、今週末土日にあります!
Broadcast Yourself. ~~~weeweeweeweeweeweeweeweewee~~~ calling ancient future eternal feedback Yenbanwa is a Japanese free funk rock band formed in Yokohama in 2005. Comprising composer and multi-instrumentalist Hiroxi "Woojii" Morita (ex-Taiheitengoku, Hootenik Psyche, Super Woo from Gerotopia, Tabikurage, Honekurage, Maphora), bassist Shunmey Weno (ex-Lumaminami, Maphora), multi-instrumentalist K "Heartcobarn" Ichikawa (ex-Maphora) and drummer Masaaki "Ngaboo" Okada (ex-Honekurage, Lumaminami). They explored primordial grooves, experimenting with polyrhythm, cross-rhythm, overtones and space key. Their music sounds like a missing link between Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, John Coltrane, Sun Ra... and numerous ancient trance music earth-wide. Broadcast Yourself.
Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe The Eagles Lupopo March 26, 2013, 10:34 am Filed under: Kenya ♬ Common Man ? The Eagles Lupopo (A.K.A. The Eagles Band, Eagles Lupopo 77, King Eagles Lupopo, Daudi Kabaka & His T.B.
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The Maeandros Ensemble The group Maeandros was created by oud player, singer and songwriter Mavrothi Kontanis, and performs traditional folk, urban and classical music of Greece and the Near East, as well as original compositions in both Greek and English. The members of Maeandros share a deep love and respect for the traditional music of the Aegean Sea region, and move audiences of all backgrounds with their emotional and virtuosic performances. a winding river of sound
A few years ago while eating a taco I first heard the magnificent sound of brass band music from the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Immediately I bought a bunch of CDs and videos. Living on the edge of the Mexican part of sunset park, I was sure that I could find some of this music performed live, just like it is in Chicago and LA. I searched the colorful night club posters up and down fifth avenue. Although I understood no Spanish one thing was clear: none of the bands pictured had enough players to form a genuine acoustic Banda: 14! There is no banda in NYC! Banda Sinaloense de los Muertos
“It doesn’t matter where you come from, your language is my language. It doesn’t matter to which God you are praying, because the melody always comes from the heart.” Speaking via phone from Israel, Ravid Kahalani is describing with a quiet intensity what he seeks to share with Yemen Blues, a super group of nine musicians – many of them stars in their own right -, which he co-founded with acclaimed bassist/oud player Omer Avital. The artful and organically blended mélange of traditional Yemeni Jewish songs, Saharan blues, avant-garde chamber music and various percussion genres (even Latin) that characterizes Yemen Blues also reflects Kahalani’s own musical journey, which began with childhood experiences within traditional Yemenite and Jewish liturgical music. Ravid Kahalani and Yemen Blues: A soulful song for the human tribe
Charlie Gillett - The Sound of the World
女性用の育毛シャンプーを知っているでしょうか あなたは育毛シャンプーと聞くと、どんなイメージをするでしょうか。 育毛シャンプーといえば男性の使うもの、そんなイメージを持っている人は多いのではないでしょうか。 しかし実際には男性だけでなく女性でも、薄毛など髪のトラブルの事で悩んでいる人は多く。 7/8 Music Productions / /index

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