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Learner Express. Results: 86 Videos A Student Tries to Explain Why There Are Seashells on...

Learner Express

A student's reasonable misconception is compared to the current scientific consensus in interpreting the evidence for the formation of the Himalayas. View Video A Volcanologist Dances on Lava On the Big Island of Hawaii, Volcanologist Dave Sherrod treads on the newest rock on the planet to show how quickly lava hardens when it emerges at the surface. An Analogy for the Effects of Temperature and Pressure... Students in a playground act out an analogy for how temperature and pressure control the behavior of rocks in the Earth. Attend to Precision: Circumference and... Students select objects in the classroom and measure their circumference and diameter. Attend to Precision: Fraction Strips Students explore fractions through a story, "fraction strips", and a game with a number cube.

Attend to Precision: Fractions and Geoboards Joseph Bruchac Octavia E. Octavia E. Cape Cod's Aquifers Classroom Exploration of Flowing Solids. Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students. Teach 21 - Professional Development. Effective professional development is considered the center of educational reform (Dilworth & Imig, 1995).

Teach 21 - Professional Development

It is critical for teacher growth and student achievement. When teachers are given the opportunity, via high-quality professional development, to learn new strategies for teaching to rigorous standards, they report changing their teaching in the classroom (Alexander, Heaviside, & Farris, 1998). To be effective, professional development should be based on curricular and instructional strategies that have a high probability of affecting student learning—and, just as important, students’ ability to learn (Joyce and Showers, 2002).

Model Classroom Videos Elementary Mathematics Videos Achieve 21 Presentations Back to Teach 21 Homepage. Katie McKnight - Episode 1: Common Core State Standards. Shift Happens: New IEP Language for a Common Core World - PresenceLearning. Special education leaders know that the shift to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will be reflected in new IEP language, especially with respect to speech and language goals.

Shift Happens: New IEP Language for a Common Core World - PresenceLearning

SLPs and other special education staff will also need to change how they work with students. They will need to have a guiding framework to write CCSS-aligned IEPs and to ensure that IEP goals, objectives and the related intervention strategies will be specific and measurable against CCSS standards. A panel of special education experts will provide you with specific advice and give examples to help guide your district’s CCSS-IEP strategy. Presenters Judy Rudebusch, EdD, CCC-SLP, is assistant superintendent for special services, Irving Independent School District, TX. Perry Flynn, M.Ed. Moderator Judy Montgomery, PhD, CCC-SLP is professor and chair of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at Chapman University and is the former president of ASHA.

Common Core in Practice: Great Teachers Demonstrate Moving to Deeper Learning. In states across the country, teachers and school leaders are working to implement the new Common Core State Standards in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.

Common Core in Practice: Great Teachers Demonstrate Moving to Deeper Learning

When implemented well, the standards can empower and guide educators to work much more deeply with students and help improve their critical-thinking and real-world problem-solving skills while mastering core content. We set out to look for examples of teachers who have made the transition and can help show the way. The following videos show how five teachers with a proven track record, several of whom are America Achieves fellows, are putting the new standards into practice in their classrooms and how enthusiastically their students are responding. Monica Sims: Reading to inform Chicago teacher Monica Sims uses written material to help her 5th graders use their critical-thinking and communications skills.

Dwight Davis: Words with friends Across the country, Dwight Davis teaches 5th graders in Washington, DC. Southeast Comprehensive Centers at SEDL - Home Page. The Hunt Institute and CCSSO Release Common Core Implementation Video Series. Common Core Implementation Video Series To further aid states as they continue to implement the Common Core State Standards (Standards), the Hunt Institute and the Council of Chief State School Officers have commissioned a series of video vignettes that explain the Standards in far greater depth.

The Hunt Institute and CCSSO Release Common Core Implementation Video Series

Several of the key Standards writers were asked, in their own words, to talk about how the Standards were developedand the goals they set for all students. These videos were developed to help diverse groups – educators, policymakers, parents – better understand the breadth and depth of the Standards and how they will improve teaching, make classrooms better, create shared expectations, and cultivate lifelong learning for all students. The segments are organized into separate Mathematics and ELA sections, and demonstrate critical concepts related to each. Introductory Videos on the Common Core State Standards. Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel. Webinar: Common Core and Special Ed. Common Core and Special Education, Part 3. Common Core and Special Education, Part 2. Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core and Special Education, Part 1.