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Student and Adult Book Reviews By LitPick. Breakout by Kate Messner - Blazer Tales. Interest Level: 5-8 What if your quiet, uneventful, dull town was one day turned upside down and what once felts safe, not so much anymore?

Breakout by Kate Messner - Blazer Tales

What if that same town that you grew up in all of your life was known for being a welcoming, friendly town, but not so much anymore? This is what is happening in Wolf Creek, a town that lives in the shadows of the Wolf Creek Correctional Facility. Young Adult Books-What We're Reading Now: Dystopian Pick: Plague Land. Suz Reviews: Summer Reading 2018 Foundryside. This book starts off a new series with some very interesting characters and a lot of room to add others.

Suz Reviews: Summer Reading 2018 Foundryside

The world is built on the ruins of a former civilization and the founders are using the scraps of what they have learned to create some amazing and some awful things. The protagonist, Sancia, is a thief - but readers will be very sympathetic to her as they learn more of her backstory and come to see why she is isolated, loath to touch anyone, and desperate to escape from her current location.

She is not one of the fortunate who work directly for the Founders, and definitely not a member of one of the Founder families. So she has little hope of survival in their world of mechanical marvels that seem to run on magical inscriptions built into the mechanisms. The Fairview Review: Summer Reading 2018 Illegal. This is fictional story made from pieces of what refugees truly experience as they make their way from Africa to Europe.

The Fairview Review: Summer Reading 2018 Illegal

People who attempt the journey make their way across Africa, through the Sahara until they reach Tripoli. They save their money and pay for a ride across the desert. Once they reach the port city, they must find passage on a boat or ship to cross over to Europe. Your 2018 summer reading guide for kids and teens - Blog. It can be tricky to keep young children and teens entertained for the summer, and it can be even trickier to entice them to crack open a book.

Your 2018 summer reading guide for kids and teens - Blog

But luckily, we’ve rounded up our picks for the most enticing reads that are sure to keep the boredom at bay, from adventures in the sun, fantastic journeys across the seas, page-turning mysteries, blockbuster fantasies and more. For celebrating being comfortable in your own skinJulián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love (Ages 4 to 8) “A boy named Julián and his abuela hop on the subway, where he sees three glamorous women dressed as mermaids. . . .

Once home, the inspired Julián makes his own mermaid costume. BookPage. The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily A tender, unique story of connection > Teen / Teen Fiction / Romance Mix medieval romance with present-day Texas teens, and you have a recipe for a romance that sparkles with acceptance and a keen insight into what defines a person in a relationship.


Thunderhead The complexities of dealing death > Teen / Teen Fiction. Book Recommendations - Reading List From Refinery29. Amazon. SLJ TV. The Nonfiction Detectives. Dr. Bickmore's YA Wednesday - Blog. Blog — Kid Lit Frenzy. Bound by Ice: A True North Pole Survival Storyby Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich WallaceCalkins Creek/Boyds Mills Press (September 19, 2017) Description from GoodReads: In the years following the Civil War, -Arctic fever- gripped the American public, fueled by myths of a fertile, tropical sea at the top of the world.

Blog — Kid Lit Frenzy

Several explorers attempted to find a route to the North Pole, but none succeeded. Bound by Ice follows the journey of George Washington De Long and the crew of the USS Jeannette, who departed San Francisco in the summer of 1879 hoping to find a route to the North Pole. However, in mid-September the ship became locked in ice north of Siberia and drifted for nearly two years before it was crushed by ice and sank. De Long and his men escaped the ship and began a treacherous journey in extreme polar conditions in an attempt to reach civilization. Ms. Yingling Reads. YALSA's Teen Book Finder App & Database.

YALSA's Teen Book Finder is a free online database and app to help teens, parents, librarians and library staff, educators, and anyone who loves YA literature access nearly 4,000 titles recognized YALSA's awards and lists on their smartphone.

YALSA's Teen Book Finder App & Database

Have an Android phone? Download the Android version now! Have an iPod Touch or an iPhone? Download the iOS app now! App features include: #ewgcya hashtag. #ewgc hashtag. Richiespicks / FrontPage. Bookmarks category: Hottest Books of the Season. Featured Vlogger - Book Marks: The book review aggregator. Great places to keep up with YA and Children's Books! So, what are the newest books out there?

Great places to keep up with YA and Children's Books!

How can I find book-alikes? What about series books? As Mighty Mouse said, "Here I come to save the day! "Here are a few sites I'd like to share with you that were previously shared with me. I absolutely LOVE networking!! Riveted. Teenreads. Reviews & Age Ratings - Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids.

YABookNerd. A Book and a Hug - Home. Mrs. ReaderPants. Whatever Mrs. Ripp Reads She Has to Share.