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Digital Storytelling

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Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber - Teacher Tech. Matthew Farber (author of “Gamify Your Classroom“) shared with me a project his student did using Bitmoji’s to represent the story of Jamestown.

Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber - Teacher Tech

This project hits many of the things I value: Integrates technology, not just uses tech.Uses real things that students can relate to.Provides choice.Allows students to be creative.Asks students to communicate their ideas.Lowered fear of risk taking by not having all the elements graded.All students are doing different things.Allow students to figure things out.Values what kids value. The design of the lesson incorporates student interests such as Bitmoji. The Assignment This is the assignment Matthew posted in his Google Classroom: Storyboarding Jamestown: Storyboards are how movie directors plan before filming scenes. YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Pixar is updating Disney’s Pocahontas to be more accurate and you are one of the storyboard artists (artwork is not graded). Additional Information Matthew shared the background of Pixar’s creative approach.

Classroom Election Videos. Adobe Voice – Show your story on the App Store. Adobe Slate – Make your words and images move on the App Store. YouTube vs. Vimeo, What's the Difference? At TechSmith, our goal is to help our users take advantage of the power of video in their daily jobs.

YouTube vs. Vimeo, What's the Difference?

But, making the video is just half of the equation. Choosing where you host your video is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the planning process. Today, we’ll pit YouTube vs Vimeo! YouTube vs Vimeo Two of the most popular hosting platforms today are YouTube and Vimeo. I work with video everyday in my current role and have faced this decision many times. The Communities The first question I always ask myself before I ever push record on my camera: who is my audience? YouTube’s community is large, with over 1 billion users that watch hundreds of million hours of content each day. On the other hand, Vimeo, to which TechSmith is a preferred partner, has a much smaller community. Membership. Digital Storytelling: What it is… And… What it is NOT. I was lucky to have shared my childhood bedroom for a few years with my grandmother, when she had come to live with us after an illness.

Digital Storytelling: What it is… And… What it is NOT

At bedtime, she would tell me stories of her parents and three brothers and growing up in East Prussia, fleeing to the West after WW2 and the things that occupied her mind. I was hooked on storytelling. The fascination grew when technology became available and opened up possibilities that were just not possible before. I would give anything to have been able to record my grandmother’s stories and have shared them with my own children years later. Humans are natural storytellers. Maybe as part of a natural process, we tend to stick first to the familiar and “substitute” our task (see Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model).

Over the years, I have seen in classrooms and created myself many stories, that are: It is NOT about the tools… it is about the skills. Digital Storytelling Apps & Sites on Pinterest. Web Tools for Teachers: Digital Storytelling. There are a lot of great digital storytelling tools on the web.

Web Tools for Teachers: Digital Storytelling

The tools below are free, easy to use, and they do what they say they will do: Animoto– Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. Its powerful features can be used to create stunning presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text. Book Creator Reviews. The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.

Book Creator Reviews

Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore. Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on. Features Choose from portrait, landscape or square book sizes.Quickly add pictures from the Photos app, or grab them from the web, then move and resize them with your fingers.Edit text using the onscreen keyboard, and apply rich formatting to make it look great.Choose from all of the iPad’s fonts – over 50 to use.Record and import speech and music.Layout your book exactly as you want it with guidelines and snap positioning.A quick tap and you’re reading your book in iBooks! Includes a Getting Started tutorial plus online support articles at A Note For Educators.

Story Creator Reviews. With Story Creator you can easily create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio all in one gorgeous collection.

Story Creator Reviews

Story Creator truly brings your best stories to life and easily allows you to retell and share your most memorable moments. Story Creator offers a magical way to enjoy your personal pictures, videos, and experiences with family and friends. Even kids will love this app because it is so easy to use. Added over 16 unique layouts to add photosAdded ability to add stickersAdded unique colors for better drawingsAdded ability to customize thickness of line drawings Creating stories is fun, simple, and easy… even a child can do itSupports gorgeous photos and videosAdd Photos from device, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, or FacebookCan add text and audio recordings with every pageSupports text highlights – which makes is it easy for kids to learn how to readIt’s super easy to share stories with others and copy stories across devicesShare stories via email with one click.


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