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Wifi Icons - 613 free vector icons. Are you sure you want to delete this collection?

Wifi Icons - 613 free vector icons

Don't want to credit the author? Premium download +210,000 icons from $20 $9.99 Avoid atribbution on Flaticon Selection icons Adobe Extension + Mac OS X App Money back guaranteed Learn more How to credit the author? Please, indicate what problem has been found. Wifi icons As a Premium user you may want to search only Flaticon Selection icons. Page of 7 What is this? No data found Maybe your search was too specific, please try searching with another term. Next page Introducing collections Collections are the core of our web app, do you want to know how to use them? Fix Your Grumpy sELF: How to Change Your Bitmoji Expressions. Have you noticed the Bitmoji elves displayed in the phone app or the Chrome Bitmoji extension?

Fix Your Grumpy sELF: How to Change Your Bitmoji Expressions

They are a bunch of grumpy elves. Perhaps they’re unhappy and want to strike, but can’t? Maybe there are strict labor laws at the North Pole, who knows? That’s only one possible reason that they are so grumpy looking in the Bitmoji app. The question is, how do you fix those grumpy faces? Note: This image was edited with, a free, easy image tool that works great on Chromebooks. Note: This blog entry is written with tongue firmly in cheek. Wait, Bitmoji Avatars Are Grumps? You may not have noticed it, but Bitmoji toxic positivity runs rampant in the app. Is this a case of toxic negativity in holiday settings? The excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state. across all situations.

The DSM definition (which I’ve fabricated) for Bitmoji toxic negativity might read like this: Let’s explore some examples of this in the wonderful Bitmoji app. Simple emoji copy and paste by JoyPixels® Free Icons for Everything - Noun Project. Get Smart About Memes. Have Students Create Meme's in Google Drawing. How does your current lesson/assignment reflect the students you currently have?

Have Students Create Meme's in Google Drawing

Does it reflect the interest of the students on this years roster? What is hot in popular culture that you can capture for learning? If your students are into sharing meme’s, let them share meme’s about your math class! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. people love to share meme’s. Meme’s can be a fun way for students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept. This chemistry cat meme was created on Creating a meme on Google Draw is easy! You can distribute the above template out to students through Google Classroom or your website. Google Drawing A Google Drawing can be created by going to Google Drive, clicking on “New” and choosing “Drawing” from the “More” menu. Resize Canvas In the template I have defaulted the canvas size to 400 pixels by 400 pixels. Use the File menu to choose “Page setup.” Change from “Standard 4:3” to “Custom.” Collaborative Meme Template. Who doesn’t love a meme? Memes can be creative critical thinking (of course, it depends on the effort the student puts into it); 2 of the 4 C’s.

To write a really clever meme the student would have to understand the concept. Previously I blogged on how to create an educational meme in a Google Drawing. The 4 C’s When creating an assignment for students consider “Does this have at least one C?” Template. Google Slides icon boards for low-prep, visual thinking - Ditch That Textbook. I’m a huge fan of infographics.

Google Slides icon boards for low-prep, visual thinking - Ditch That Textbook

They let students create a great verbal/visual mix with the content they’ve learned. Plus, they’re lots of fun to look at and share, too. I’ve written about creating infographics in the classroom with Google Drawings. I’ve made my own infographics, ranging in topics from teaching frameworks to the ripple effect of a teacher. I’ve even created a time lapse video of the creation of an infographic from start to finish. There’s a hang-up, though. You start with a blank page and have to hunt for icons yourself.

If you can’t envision your work before you start (or adjust it on the fly), it can be tough. 10 ways icons from The Noun Project can impact learning - Ditch That Textbook. Icons can help students construct understanding and remember new ideas.

10 ways icons from The Noun Project can impact learning - Ditch That Textbook

The Noun Project has the hook-up. Here's how! (Icons via Images are powerful and very brain friendly. The majority of people think in pictures -- and some think exclusively in pictures. At times, including photos, illustrations and other images can be considered silly and unnecessary in education -- almost as if adding them is like putting up decorations in learning. Adding visuals to instruction and to products of learning can help learning stick long-term. There are TONS of places to get great images to incorporate into learning. Photos can convey an idea, emotion, concept, etc. well. □ Emojipedia — □ Home of Emoji Meanings □□□□ Simple emoji copy and paste by EmojiOne™