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Ladder Lattice Quilt. Kristin Schwarze of And Chips is a Minnesota stitcher and designer with a passion for modern quilting and art of all kinds.

Ladder Lattice Quilt

Kristin designed this pretty Ladder Lattice Quilt so you can use fat quarters efficiently to make quick and easy blocks. Kristin learned to sew in 2012 and jumped right in, sharing her creative adventures with piecework, embroidery, stuffed toys and more at And Chips. Kristin joined us with her very first tutorial in 2012, and we’ve had such fun watching her learn and grow as a sewist and designer. A log cabin pattern can be so versatile and easy to use.

In this quilt, I am using soft pastel colors, as it is going to be a baby quilt. I also incorporated a lot of white- by alternating each colored stripe with a white strip. The first step is to select your fabrics. There is such a wide variety of fabric choices these days, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the selection. After I posted my Verdant quilt a few weeks ago I had a few requests for a tutorial.

Since this is not all that difficult to put together I thought I would put together a quick tutorial. I thought I'd change the name of the quilt for the tutorial since Verdant referred to all of the green in my quilt and you can use whichever fabrics you would like. My daughter is in kindergarten and her teacher is always reminding them not to have "kissing words" when they write, which means that there words touch. Since the edges of each color of diamond touch I thought that would be a fun name :) This triangle quilt is a very quick to sew and a great project for a beginning quilter.

If you like this quilt project you may also enjoy this Hexagon Quilt Tutorial. We just returned from getting my daughter set up for her 2nd year of college. I spent some time this weekend finishing up the second quilt for my new twin nieces (see the first one here).

If you didn't guess from the first quilt, the second quilt is the second half of the rainbow. These quilts were super fun and quick to make, so I thought I'd share quick (very rough) instructions in case you want to make your own. Cut (42) 6.75" squares for each quilt. Have you seen Jeni Baker's new collection, Curiosities?

It is adorable and so when Art Gallery asked me to make a little something with it, I was pretty excited. I knew that I wanted to make a quilt that would really show off the fabrics so I thought it was a great opportunity to put together a tutorial for a beginner quilt. And of course this quilt isn't just for beginners, it is also a great quick project.

Jedi Craft Girl Saving the universe one project at a time!

Gracie Girl Quilt Tutorial. This quilt was my Grandparents Christmas gift.

It almost didn't even get made. I had decided that I wanted to make a quilt for my grandparents way back in September. But, I didn't get around to starting even starting it until a week before Christmas, and it had to go all the way across the country. Today I started working on a very special quilt, a quilt for my baby girl.I love this fabric, it is the "Just Wing it" line designed by Momo for Moda Fabrics.

I have been hanging on to it for over a year, I loved it so much I just couldn't bring myself to cut into it. I always get nervous when I cut into fabrics I really love.Half square triangle quilts may be my new favorite to make. They are so easy to do and there are tons of ways to arrange them. You can make quilts with a traditional look or a modern look both with these easy little squares. The Drunkard's path is a quilt square with a ton of history.

Some people say that it was used as a form of communication between slaves on the underground railroad. Can you imagine having to sew a whole quilt just to send a message to your friends? The Drunkard's path square is simple, just a quarter circle in a square. I think people tend to shy away from it because it involves quilting a curve, scary right? I LOVE how this quilt turned out! It may be my favorite of all the quilts I have made! The rainbow colors on the front are so cheerful and could work for either a boy or a girl. I chose a grey chevron for the back which is a bit unexpected with all the color on the front, and used some leftover squares from the front to make a rainbow chevron for the back. For the front of the quilt and the chevron on the back you will need some 5” x 5” squares. For years, I simply stuffed my recycled plastic bags in an old, cracked plastic bucket under my sink. Very stylish! It was a mess, and nearly always overflowing.

Are you new to quilting or curious about this type of crafting project? Quilting is a needlecraft and a way to make beautiful, soft bed linens. You will especially enjoy quilting if you are good with details and have a passion for matching patterns and colors together. One of the best things about quilting is that while there are many “classic” quilting patterns – no quilt is every like any other because of the individual quilter who makes it. You are always going to make color and pattern choices that are unique and unlike anyone else, this is just one of the things that makes homemade quilts so special. Quilting used to be something that every woman did, to help keep her family warm in the cooler months. I love “no rules” quilting – or just making it up as I go, with a basic idea (or sketch!)

In mind. I wanted this quilt to work as a “stroller quilt” for my baby-on-the-way. It needed to be gender neutral in color (and to match my orange stroller!) Hi All! This is Jera from Quilting In The Rain and I am thrilled to be posting on Ucreate for the first time! A little bit about myself… I started quilting 5 years ago and immediately got the quilting-bug.I work full time (in the biotech industry), and started my blog one year ago as an outlet to my creative side.I quickly learned that I love teaching others to quilt, hence all of my tutorials. Stop by my blog for simple, unique and clear tutorials!