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Jessica-tromp stitch. Stitch-Finder: Lion Brand Yarn. Crochet & Knitting. Crochet Pattern Central. Entrelac Satchel Photos. Knitting Pattern Central. Stitchionary. Crocodile Stitch The Easy Way. I was very frustrated when searching the internet for a free pattern to learn the Crocodile Stitch.

Crocodile Stitch The Easy Way

All I could find were youtube video's that are very confusing in demonstrating how they crochet this stitch. I had to stop and start the videos over and over again to get the basic idea of the stitch. It was most confusing the way they were flipping the crochet around it was so hard to fallow along. It was even more frustrating when it came to watching them start the second row of the Crocodile stitch.

However after a lot a trial and error and even more hair pulling I finally figured out how to crochet the Crocodile stitch on my own. If you would like a copy of the common crochet abbreviations I have created a "Crochet Abbreviations" reference sheet. Thank you so much for all your support and all your lovely comments. Keep smiling and Keep Crocheting! Love and Hugs to all! Crochet Stitches. The beauty of the crochet-work depends upon the regularity of the stitches, as is the case with every other style of needlework.

Crochet Stitches

The stitches must be elastic, but if too loose they look as bad as if too tight. The size of the needle and that of the cotton or wool must correspond; work only with the point of the needle, and never move the stitch up and down the needle. Crochet Stitchionary. How to Crochet Hairpin Lace. Tressa Hairpin Lace ScarfKristin Omdahl Finished size: 6" wide x 90" long (15 cm x 2.3 m) without fringe.

How to Crochet Hairpin Lace

Yarn: Worsted weight (#4 Medium), 328 yd (300 m). Shown: Rowan Bamboo Tape (100% bamboo; 82 yd [74.9 m]/1.7 oz [50 g]): #704 lolly, 4 balls. Tools & notions: Hairpin lace frame, set to 4" (10 cm) wide; tapestry needle; split-ring stitch marker Hook: H/8 (5mm) or size needed to obtain gauge. Fancy Knit Stitches. Lessons in Knitting from the year 1870 1.

Fancy Knit Stitches

A Knitted Border for a Bedquilt Cast on a sufficient number of stitches for the length of the border, which must be able to be divided by 31; knit 4 plain rows: 5th row: Alternately make 1, knit 2 together. Then 5 more plain rows. Learn to Knit Brioche Stitch this Weekend! The world of knitting never ceases to amaze me with its wealth of options—the yarn choices, needle choices, stitch pattern choices, and design choices are endless!

Learn to Knit Brioche Stitch this Weekend!

One of those options is the brioche stitch. This versatile stitch is both beautiful and useful. You can see a stunning example of a brioche project in the 2010 issue of Interweave Knits Weekend: the Brioche Rib Cardigan by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. Not sure how to do the brioche stitch? Here's a tutorial by one of the knitting world's brioche experts, Nancy Marchant. Sidesaddle Cluster Stitch. This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the Sidesaddle Cluster Stitch.

Sidesaddle Cluster Stitch

This interesting shell pattern creates a lacey fabric that’s perfect for openwork shawls and afghans. Skill: EasyFoundation Chain: Multiples of 5 + 1 (add 1 for base chain) TECHNIQUES USED IN THIS STITCH:Chain Stitch – chDouble Crochet – dc. Crochenit stitches. Vertical Herringbone Stitch. Ah, Herringbone… That classic vintage fabric that just oozes style.

Vertical Herringbone Stitch

There’s something magnetic about watching a sharply dressed person walk by in a tailored jacket made of a herringbone fabric. Knitting chart symbols from the fitter knitter. Entrelac! - Knitting Daily. Entrelac is a knitting technique that produces a fabric with a woven appearance—tiers of tilting blocks appear to run over and under each other.

Entrelac! - Knitting Daily

But the fabric is actually worked all in one piece as a series of interconnecting rectangles. Also called patchwork knitting, basketweave knitting, or birch-bark patterning, entrelac can stand on its own in garter or stockinette stitch, or it can provide an interesting framework for other texture or color-work techniques. I've had this technique on my knitting bucket list for several years now, but I haven't tackled it. I recently got my Knitting Daily TV Series 500 DVDs, though, and host Eunny Jang did a "Getting Started" segment on entrelac. So I've put together a sort of technique knit-along because I'm following these exact instructions to knit The Basic Entrelac Scarf by Lisa Shroyer.

To begin the journey, take a look at Eunny's entrelac video tutorial at left. Lots of Crochet Stitches by M. J. Joachim. Library of Knitting Stitches. Knitting Stitch Patterns. Horizontal Herringbone Stitch. This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the horizontal herringbone stitch.

Horizontal Herringbone Stitch

This is a complicated, but beautiful stitch that creates a woven looking fabric similar to the herringbone material used to make men’s suits. It’s gorgeous lines add class and sophistication to patterns like scarfs, cowls, and bags. Skill: AdvancedCast On: Multiples of 2 For this pattern you will need to know the following techniques:Slip Slip Knit – sskPurl Two Together – p2tog Row 1: *Ssk, dropping only the first stitch off your needle,* rep from * to last st, k.