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Sew Rodents: Free Patterns

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Hamster Plush Toy. Stuffed hamster standing on hind legs. 8.5 centimetre tall.Whiskers are transparent threads.

Hamster Plush Toy

The following is a process of making. I used white cloth and red thread to show its seams.Even if you use the same pattern, different materials make different ones. Seriously Cute Mouse Tutorial. Mice - by Rose Fyleman I think mice are rather nice.

Seriously Cute Mouse Tutorial

Their tails are long, Sew A Poseable Felt Miniature Mouse. This adorable miniature mouse is a fairly easy hand sewing project.

Sew A Poseable Felt Miniature Mouse

Make your first mouse from felt, then experiment with a mischief of mice made from fine velvet, teddy bear fabric or ultrasuede. The mice can be given different personalities by adjusting the printable pattern slightly to give them shorter faces, round stuffed cheeks, ears in different positions, and chubbier, well stuffed bellies. You can make them with or without a wire armature. The armature allows you to pose your mice in various positions. Handkerchief Mouse. Recycled Glove Chipmunk.