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Bead patterns

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Around the Beading Table. Create your own DIY jewelry with our free beading projects and patterns.

Find over 1,200 step-by-step jewelry-making tutorials from the Beadaholique design team and special guest designers. Make the project as shown with our detailed list of ingredients: get just the components you need or pick up the complete supplies kit (available for most projects). Don't be afraid to mix it up! Follow the techniques and vary the beads to use our projects as inspiration for your own designs—the possibilities are endless! Be sure to check out our instructional videos for even more projects, product demonstrations and professional guidance. Browse by category: Earrings | Bracelets | Necklaces | Rings | Crafts | Brooches | Hair Adornments | Project Sets New Projects Browse Projects By Type Browse necklaces, bracelets, earrings, crafts, jewelry sets and more. Beading Daily. tutorials. Free Bead Patterns.

Guide to Beadwork free patterns websites. Handmade jewelry from A to Z. Interweave Free Beading Project. Jewelry making magazine Free Beading Projects. Hexagonal lace cuff Learn to make this dramatic cuff-style bracelet with Twin beads, seed beads, and fafalle beads to create simple hexagons and connect them using netting stitch.

Jewelry making magazine Free Beading Projects

Pip beads & pearls necklace Use beadweaving to make this quick and easy pip bead and pearl necklace featuring the 2015 Bead&Button Show commemorative bead. Metal & leather bracelet Sew metal tube beads between two leather cords for a quick and easy bracelet. My Amari. Patternlinks. Pea Pod Stitch. I’m always on the lookout for quick ways to string beads simply, while adding the extra security of small stitches.

Pea Pod Stitch

Daisy chain and variations of it are a personal favorite, but doing the same old thing can get a little dull after awhile. This simple looped embellishment, which I like to call pea pod stitch, adds a lot of security to a simple strand of beads, and works up very quickly. The very first project I tested the technique on featured 3-bead clusters and a pretty green palette. The curvy loops of seed beads that surround the bead clusters looked just like protective pea pods. I’m going to demonstrate the stitch with this same pattern, but it’s easy enough to change things up with your own accent patterns and sequences. You can work this stitch with a single thread for short strands, so long as there are places to turn the thread around at each end.

Rainbow Cross Kandi Pattern. Seed bead and jump ring bracelet. Spring is definitely here in the UK and flowers are popping up all over so today I thought I'd share a tutorial for these quick and easy flower tendril earrings.

seed bead and jump ring bracelet

To make these you will need two 8" lengths of 19/20 gauge wire, 2 flower beads or similar flat disc beads with reasonably small holes and 1 pair of ear wires. You'll also need a hand torch, wire cutters, round and needle nose pliers, looping pliers or other round tool and a file. Please excuse the state of my hands in these photos - much neglected at the best of times and not helped by my thumb having a mishap with a door hinge at the weekend! Step 1 Using the hand torch ball up the ends of the wires so that they won't pass through the holes in the beads. You can find a tutorial for doing this here. Step 2 Pass a wire through the a bead from front to back and with your thumb on the ball at the front bend the wire up and press gently against the back of the bead. The loop should be visible above the top of the bead.

Skinny Twin Cube Band. (copyright 2012 Deborah Roberti) Materials (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp): • 3 yards of 6 lb.

Skinny Twin Cube Band

FireLine • About 250 size 11/0 seed beads: Miyuki Nickel 11-0464A. Can be purchased online at Charlene's Beads and • About 28 Color1 Twin beads: Teal Matte. . • About 28 Color2 Twin beads: Purple Matte. . • About 60 size 3mm cube beads: SB0091 Matte Metallic Midnight Blue/Pine Green at • clasp: Item #B0837-sgr-2 at Subscriber Projects - Bead&Button. Triangle Beaded Box Bead jewelry making. STARTUP ROWSRow 1: String 3 beads, and tic in an over-hand knot (as if you are beginning to tie a shoestring), leaving an 8th (20.3 cm) tail.

Triangle Beaded Box Bead jewelry making

Grasp the tail tightly in the hand that is not holding the needle until you have established several rows. Sew through the next bead. Row 2: String 2 new beads, and proceed through the next bead to form a V. Continue adding 2 beads after each bead in the previous row until you reach the end of the row. You will now have 9 beads.

Tutorial Thumbnails. Twin Beads. Vertical Herringbone Stitch. Ah, Herringbone… That classic vintage fabric that just oozes style.

Vertical Herringbone Stitch

There’s something magnetic about watching a sharply dressed person walk by in a tailored jacket made of a herringbone fabric. And not in a stalkery kind of way. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to emulate woven fabrics when knitting. The challenge of creating such a classy pattern with knits and purls makes me want to fall to my knees and cry out to the world “WHY!?” But since its very expensive to keep a camera crew on call for such moments, we made this video tutorial to show you how. This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the vertical herringbone stitch. Skill: Easy Cast On: Multiples of 7 + 1.