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Chloe Giordano – The space between embroidery & painting. Oxford based artist Chloe Giordano’s elegantly detailed work combines illustration and freehand embroidery.

Chloe Giordano – The space between embroidery & painting

Using a simple repetitive stitch, embroidery thread and calico Chloe developed her technique at the end of her degree at the University of the West of England. Alongside her brightly coloured miniature animals she also creates larger 3D soft sculptures. In our interview with Chloe we talk about her love of drawing animals and nature, her progression from simple soft sculptures to detailed embroidery undefined out why she is torn between referring to her work as ‘illustration’ or ‘embroidery’. Dormouse – Chloe Giordano An unrestrained ability to create What initially captured your imagination about textile art? Chloe Giordano: My turning point for textile art was when I watched Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep.

Les personnes forcées de porter une cagoule durant leur enfance seront indemnisées par l’Etat. These 28 Cats Make Surprisingly Great Babysitters For Your Children. Finding a reliable babysitter is one of the many hassles parents face when attempting to take a break from their bundles of joy.

These 28 Cats Make Surprisingly Great Babysitters For Your Children

But maybe they should be looking into the option right in front of their face: the family cat. Okay, so obviously you're not really going to leave your small child alone with your cat, no matter how mature and awesome your cat is, but there is no denying that these guys have an adorable bond with their small humans. 1. 25 personnes qui ont complètement échoué. People In Australia Have Started Taking Selfies With Quokkas, And The Results Are Brilliant. There’s a new trend invading social media, and it may be the cutest one yet.

People In Australia Have Started Taking Selfies With Quokkas, And The Results Are Brilliant.

Tourists in Rottnest Island, Australia, have been posting one #quokkaselfie after another with the ball of fluff that is the quokka. Although capable of violence when provoked, these marsupials are #blessed with smiling faces, earning them the title of “the happiest animals in the world.” Considered to be vulnerable — one step below extinct — authorities will slap a $300 fine on anybody caught handling them. This hasn’t stopped people from filling our Instagram and Twitter feeds with much needed doses of quokka. You Can Now Buy 'The Dress' In Either Blue And Black Or White And Gold. I bet you thought all that annoying talk about #TheF*ckingDress was over.

You Can Now Buy 'The Dress' In Either Blue And Black Or White And Gold

I know. I did too. And yet, here we are. Roman Originals, the company behind the now-infamous dress that incited a Twitter meltdown, has gone ahead and created a white-and-gold version — you know, just to screw with us. ‘The Dress': Gold And White Version By Roman Originals Now For Sale. Courtesy of Cosmopolitan There’s a new dress in town and this time there’s zero doubt about its true colors!

‘The Dress': Gold And White Version By Roman Originals Now For Sale

That’s right, you can now purchase THE dress (which was actually blue and black) in white and gold! The dress that drove the Internet mad is back and this time it is 100 percent, without a doubt white and gold. Salvation Army puts #thedress in a new light with powerful domestic violence ad. Whether you loved or hated #thedress debate that consumed the Internet last week (is it black and blue or white and gold??)

Salvation Army puts #thedress in a new light with powerful domestic violence ad

, you might want to pay attention to this. The Southern African branch of the Salvation Army has tweeted an image of a potent new ad that repurposed the mind-boggling viral content to make something that is likely to seem a little more meaningful. The image shows a woman covered in bruises wearing a white and gold dress. It is accompanied by a powerful message about domestic violence: “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice,” the ad notes.

Putting Time In Perspective - UPDATED. Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them.

Putting Time In Perspective - UPDATED

It’s not our fault—the spans of time in human history, and even more so in natural history, are so vast compared to the span of our life and recent history that it’s almost impossible to get a handle on it. If the Earth formed at midnight and the present moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have been around since 11:59:59pm—1 second. And if human history itself spans 24 hours from one midnight to the next, 14 minutes represents the time since Christ. To try to grasp some perspective, I mapped out the history of time as a series of growing timelines—each timeline contains all the previous timelines (colors will help you see which timelines are which).

Tournure. Paniers. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Pour les articles homonymes, voir panier. Crinoline. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Lolita fashion. Lolita fashion (ロリータ・ファッション, Rorīta fasshon?)

Lolita fashion

Is a fashion subculture originating in Japan that is based on Victorian-era clothing, but the style has expanded greatly beyond Japan.[1] The Lolita look began primarily as one of modesty with a focus on quality in both material and manufacture of garments. The original silhouette is of a knee length skirt or dress with a "cupcake" shape assisted by petticoats, but has expanded into various types of garments including corsets and floor length skirts. Blouses, knee high socks or stockings and headdresses are also worn.[2] Lolita fashion has evolved into several different sub-styles and has a subculture that is present in many parts of the world. 346278842_88e7d0bb9c_o.jpg. Here Come The Vintage Brides. 21 chats qui prennent les chiens pour des coussins. Qui n’aimerait pas faire une sieste sur un coussin moelleux et confortable ? Les chats, eux, adorent, surtout si le coussin en question est un gros chien bien chaud et doux.

Chiens et chats ne s’entendent peut-être pas très bien au quotidien, mais à l’heure de la sieste, ça ne semble pas déranger les chiens, qui paraissent même apprécier la situation. Et c’est tant mieux, car ce spectacle est vraiment la chose la plus adorable au monde ! (source: thedodo) 9 Funny Someecards To End Your Week On A High Note. What do you mean February is over already? We blinked and POOF it was gone. We braved frigid temps and -- shudder -- Valentine's Day. Up next? We have "House of Cards" binge-watching sessions and (fingers crossed) warmer temperatures.

L'INSULTRON VALABLE. The True Color of The Dress Proof... Blue & Black or White & Gold. The True Color of The Dress Proof : Blue And Black !! Backstreet Boys - Photos du journal. Cute toddler arguing about "the dress" Dress Color. Both sides of the argument. Pourquoi la perception des couleurs diffère-t-elle selon les personnes ? La couleur d'une robe postée sur Internet déchaîne les passions et rappelle que tout le monde ne perçoit pas le même spectre des lumières visibles.

Il en faut parfois peu pour enflammer Internet. Vendredi 27 février, c'est une simple robe qui a déchaîné les passions : il y a ceux qui la voient bleu et noir, et ceux, plus nombreux encore, qui la voient blanc et or. Et puis ceux qui changent d'avis au cours de la journée. En réalité, la robe est bleue – mais n'apparaît pas forcément comme telle sur la photo, selon les individus.

Here’s why no one can agree on the colour of the dress. WATCH ABOVE: How one black and blue (or is it white and gold) dress ignited the social media universe. Nicole Bogart reports. TORONTO – It may very well be one of the most heated debates to hit the Internet in years. Is the dress blue and black, or is it white and gold? It all started Thursday evening, after an image was uploaded to Tumblr with the caption “guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?

What colour is the dress? Debate turns Twitter into a frenzy. WATCH ABOVE: A picture of a dress appeared on Tumblr and a hot debate spread like wildfire across the Internet about dress’ colours. As Aarti Pole reports, this is a phenomenon advertisers and PR companies can only dream of. Is the dress black and blue or is it gold and white?

Serious debate across social media was raging Thursday night as people vigorously argued the colour of a dress a woman posted to her Tumblr account. The viral tale of what color this stupid dress is. The Internet lost its collective mind Thursday over the color of a dress originally posted by a Tumblr user. Swiked/Tumblr swiked:guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out. 7 Images Almost As Freaky As #TheDress. This photo of a dress has now divided all of humanity into dueling factions, with sane individuals who see this image as white and gold pitted against the dangerous loons who perceive it as blue and black.

(OK, so the dress is blue and black in real life, but the argument is about how it appears in this particular photo.) Why people see the dress differently hasn’t been conclusively figured out. The more prominent theories have to do with color constancy, or the way that an object appears to stay the same color under different lighting. This process can get dicey when colored light comes into play, as Dr. Jay Neitz told Vice. Anyway, whether you’re distraught because the debate has torn apart your relationship or you’re just sick of your whole office talking about nothing else, we’ve compiled some other totally confusing images to take your mind off #TheDress. Checkerboard Illusion Edward Adelson The squares marked A and B on this board are the exact same color. Sais-tu que ? Even Famous Celebrities Are Melting Down Over The Dress.

The Dress Is Blue And Black, Says The Girl Who Saw It In Person - BuzzFeed News. Xojane "I'd apologize for it, but I can't. I'm Alison Freer, and I'm a sparkly things addict." Who doesn't love a gift guide, amirite? The time between Christmas and Valentine's Day is always my personal gold mine, as I bookmark every single cool thing some clever writer has mentioned — then refer to it whenever I need to buy a quick birthday, housewarming, or congratulatory gift.

But if we're being totally honest, I mostly just buy those cute things I've bookmarked for myself. Uk.businessinsider. Uk.businessinsider. De quelle couleur est cette robe. Why Are People Seeing Different Colors In That Damn Dress - BuzzFeed News. The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress. Not since Monica Lewinsky was a White House intern has one blue dress been the source of so much consternation. (And yes, it’s blue.) The fact that a single image could polarize the entire Internet into two aggressive camps is, let’s face it, just another Thursday.

But for the past half-day, people across social media have been arguing about whether a picture depicts a perfectly nice bodycon dress as blue with black lace fringe or white with gold lace fringe. And neither side will budge. This fight is about more than just social media—it’s about primal biology and the way human eyes and brains have evolved to see color in a sunlit world. Light enters the eye through the lens—different wavelengths corresponding to different colors.

Usually that system works just fine. We asked our ace photo and design team to do a little work with the image in Photoshop, to uncover the actual red-green-blue composition of a few pixels. This Might Explain Why That Dress Looks Blue And Black, And White And Gold - BuzzFeed News. What Colour Is This Dress? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)

10 Québecois idioms the French don't understand. 1. The 20 funniest French expressions (and how to use them) Photo: Ben Raynal 1. Ponik. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Ponik serait une créature lacustre vivant dans le lac Pohénégamook. Une représentation visuelle de la relation entre la science et la musique. Nigel John Stanford est un musicien néo-zélandais connu pour ses morceaux de musique d'ambiance et New Age. Dans la vidéo qui suit, vous pourrez voir un échantillon de ses prouesses.

17 Couples You'd Rather Not Be On Valentine's Day (Or Any Other Day) 50 Amazing Photos From Cat Heaven Island In Japan. Fox Village In Japan Is Probably The Cutest Place On Earth. « La SNCB vous emmerde » au haut du wagon : une enquête... Asemic writing. Know or Go Under Where? The Underwear Model Finale Catwalk! Ellen's Live Underwear Commercial. Clint Eastwood's Son... and Ellen's! Calvin Klein Model Matt Terry Strips Down. Lady Mechanika. Steampunk. Steampunk. Ellen Celebrates Portia's Birthday. Portia De Rossi "Apologizes" For Marrying Ellen ;-) A Surprise Staff Proposal. Memorable Moment: Portia's First Visit. Ellen's Getting Married. Ellen & Portia's Wedding Video. Memorable Moment: Ellen's Wedding Monologue!

Ellen's Helping Out with Homework! Daniel Cormier - 'All About That Cake' Super Weird: UFC Fighter "Daniel Cormier" Is All About That Cake & Chicken! The Meta Picture. VOLTAGE - Quand un conducteur de métro met de l'ambiance... Paréidolie. La paréidolie, quand on voit des visages dans des objets. Yunus Can. 23 Frightening Tinder Messages That Prove Romance Is Dead. Which ‘Girls’ Character Are You? How Dudes On Tinder React To 'Frozen' Pick-Up Lines. 17 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make You Laugh. El Circo. The Semiotics of Professor E-mail Signatures. Average time spent writing one e-mail. Système tégumentaire. Quatorze besoins fondamentaux selon Virginia Henderson.

Pyramide des besoins. Just for Fun: The Difference Between Anthropology and Sociology. Latinos Post. Glitter. Cole and Marmalade’s “10 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Person” Video Speaks to the Crazy Cat Person in Us All. You Can Now Ship Glitter To Your Enemies, Because Revenge Should Be As Shiny As Your Loathing. Relaxing Ambient Bacon Sounds - Collection of nur abbas, into time .com by rafaël rozendaal, 2010. Patience is a virtue. LEEKSPIN DOT COM. Ouais Mais Bon. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples.

Blue Ball Machine. Break glass to sound alarm. Koalas to the Max dot Com. WHAT DO YOU CALL A THEIVING DUCK? A ROBBER DUCK. The Useless Web.