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Facebook Twitter Satellite Look Angle Calculator. Kelong Technology Limited. How To Load C-Line And F-Line Into Dreambox decoder Using CCcam Line Manager For Card Sharing. Previously we mentioned about the way to load CCcam file using FTP or using CCcam.cfg Editor and if you think that is too simpler for advanced users, here is another more complicated utility that users can try.

How To Load C-Line And F-Line Into Dreambox decoder Using CCcam Line Manager For Card Sharing

Named as CCcam lines manager, it has the same feature as CCcam but with additional ability to add F-line and create C-line in simple windows based User Interface. Once download and run the executable file (no installation required), users will be brought to a simple interface. For the start, just key in the Dreambox IP (can be obtained from Communication Setup in Dreambox), username and password (default is ‘root’ and ‘dreambox’) followed by ‘Connection test’ press.

After a successful connection is established, users can now add new c-line account just like what can be done by CCcam.cfg Editor. IP CCTV, LAN, WLAN, TV, SAT TV, Antennas, Cables - DIPOL.

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OZ Licensed Installer. Sat Finder/Locator. Azimuth and Elevation for satellite dish pointing. Elevation Elevation refers to the angle between the beam pointing direction, directly towards the satellite, and the local horizontal plane.

Azimuth and Elevation for satellite dish pointing

It is the up-down angle. When your dish is pointed low down near the horizon the elevation angle is only a few degrees. At low elevation angles, below 5 deg at C band and 10 deg at Ku band, the path through the atmosphere is longer and the signals are degraded by rain attenuation and rain thermal noise. Scintillation also occurs, particularly in hot humid weather. When your dish is pointed almost straight up the elevation angle is nearly 90 degrees.

It is easy to set up the elevation angle accurately, using: (a) a scale marked on the mount bracket. (b) using an inclinometer. (c) If you don't have an inclinometer then make an inclinometer using a piece of card, a length of cotton and a small weight (small metal nut, for example). Setting up a Chinese Satellite decoder. Installing a Chinese satellite decoder on Astro dish A friend from Sarawak ask me to post this tutorials for him here to aid others who have the same interest. Just learn something new today; how to setup a Chinese Satellite decoder with your Astro dish. Please be forewarned that in Malaysia it is ILLEGAL to install a satellite decoder to receive even Free To Air TVs. Done all the wrong moves and learned all of them! So now you can install it with less sweat. Firstly, setup the location and channels of the free to air tv by going to the program setup...dont know where?

Assuming you are there, just fill in as below and always save before exiting. Interpreting Lyngsat You need a friend to help watch the the 'signal intensity' and quality. If it reaches 80 and you still don't see the picture, then you may have to adjust the 'A' ; loosen the screws, turning it down to about 20-23 minutes. Patient is virtue and if all fails, start from beginning. Satellite TV Channels - Satellit Keys. Download SatHunter To Calculate Orientation Of Satellite Antenna For Different Regions. There are various utilities that can assist users in satellite TV setup and in case you are looking for one that can help you figuring out the right positioning of your dish to accept signals particular satellite, SatHunter is one of them that you can’t miss.

Download SatHunter To Calculate Orientation Of Satellite Antenna For Different Regions

With such utility on hand, you no longer need to blindly scan through the sky for your favorite satellites with card sharing support but instead, it will give you the right dish positioning once you enter necessary info such as city and country name or latitude/longitude coordinates that will greatly simplify your tuning tasks at root top. Once download and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple graphical interface with five main menus namely Site Location, Align, Sun Calculator, Multi Feed and DVB Tuner. Grandpasghost. eHow Tech. How to Restart Your Whole iPad : Tech Yeah!

eHow Tech

19,309 views 9 months ago Subscribe Now: Watch More: Restarting your whole iPad is a process that begins by holding down the "Power" button for just a few seconds. Learn how to restart your whole iPad with help from an expert for Apple retail in this free video clip. Expert: Skylar KellyFilmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: Even several years after its original release, Apple's iPad remains one of the fastest selling and popular tablet devices on the planet. Sadoun Satellite. Update 1/31/2014: Use Discount Coupon Code YT5 to get $5 off your next online order at .

Sadoun Satellite

(Limited time offer). Instructions on how to install and align a motorized satellite dish.Go to Steps to a successful motorized system installation:~ Select your installation site carefully!!! ~ There must be a clear line of sight between the required satellites and the entire surface of the dish. The line of sight must be free from obstructions, such as trees, roof tiles etc. ~ It is very important to make sure the HH motor is fixed to a perfectly vertical (plumb) mast. . ~ NOTE: Tighten all coaxial cable connections on the motor only by hand. . ~ If the HH motor shaft is not at zero degrees reference, you should get it back to zero degrees by connecting the receiver to the motor. . ~ Fit the H-H Motor onto the mast and do the nuts up finger tight, ~ Set the elevation angle for the motor. List of satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Listings are from west to east (decreasing longitude in the Western Hemisphere and increasing longitude in the Eastern Hemisphere) by orbital position, starting and ending with the International Date Line.

List of satellites in geosynchronous orbit

Some of these satellites are separated from each other by as little as one tenth of a degree longitude. This corresponds to an inter-satellite spacing of approximately 73 km. The major consideration for spacing of geostationary satellites is the beamwidth at-orbit of uplink transmitters, which is primarily a factor of the size and stability of the uplink dish, as well as what frequencies the satellite's transponders receive; satellites with discontiguous frequency allocations can be much closer together. Western hemisphere[edit] Eastern Hemisphere[edit] In transit[edit] Historical[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] Motorized Free To Air Satellite system will allow you to move the dish to several satellites to watch more channels.  A powerful solution if your favorite channels are available over several satellites. The receiver's remote control will actually control.

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