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10 reasons why living in Germany is truly awesome - The Local. The beaches of Sylt - just one reason why living in Germany is so great. Photo: DPA The Bundesrepublik is a great place to call home. The Local lists the top ten things that make life in Germany so wonderful. 1. Nine different borders Okay, deep breath need: Germany has borders with France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland - phew! That’s the largest number of borders of any country in the European Union. 2. In comparison with other countries within the Western world, Germany is really cheap to live in.

So if you want to go out for dinner and drinks whenever you want and still be able to save a few of those hard-earned euros at the end of the month, Germany is clearly the place for you. 3. Crowds at Oktoberfest. If we’re totally honest, the real reason most of us pack our bags for Germany is that glistening golden brew that they pull from the taps. SEE ALSO: Ten facts you never knew about German beer 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. English: what you need to know about the language. English, english language, english lingusitics, english as a second language, english as a foreign language, english as the world What are the world's most widely spoken languages? In which countries is English the language spoken by the majority as a first language? In which countries is English an official language? How many people speak English as a second language? How many people speak English as a foreign language? So how many speak English in total? How many people are learning English worldwide?

English, english language, english lingusitics, english as a second language, english as a foreign language, english, english as the world language. 10 expressions to get you into British culture. If you go to UK to improve your English, or even just for a holiday, these 10 expressions might help you recognise some popular British sayings.

You might think you know the meaning of some of them, but the different situations where you can use them and their double meanings might just surprise you! Cheeky: is a word used by English people to describe somebody who says something insolent or irrelevant in an amusing way. You might say “Don’t be so cheeky!” Fancy: If a friend invites you for a drink, there isn’t a big chance you’ll hear the question: “Would you like to go out for a drink?” , instead, they are much more likely to say: “Fancy a drink?” Knackered: Do you feel extremely tired or exhausted? So there you have it – as if the English language wasn’t complicated enough. See you on busuu!

8 Harsh Truths About Life That Should Make You Stronger. People say that truth can be harsh. I think it can just make you stronger. In other words, truth is perfect. 1) You are not the center of the world. When you read this, you will probably be like "I certainly know that I'm not the center of the world! ". But, sometimes, though we don't certainly understand it, we behave like the world is spinning around us. We expect that everything will be as we want it to be and that every sad thing we hear on the news will never happen to us.

You need to understand this and feel this: all people are the same, everyone will face bigger or smaller problems in their lives. 2) Things won't always be as you want them to be. As a result of the previous statement, we need to accept the fact that there will be sad times. 3) You can't be sure about anything. People make plans. 4) You will fail many times. If you want to succeed without trying, then I've got bad news for you. 5) Many people will let you down and lie to you. 6) You are basically alone in this world. The most beautiful squares across France - The Local. Place du Général de Gaulle, Lille. Photo: Velvet/Wikicommons French cities are home to a fantastic array of historic squares (or "places" as they are known in French). Here are our favourites. Place de la Concorde, Paris The largest in Paris, this octagon-shaped square is located in the capital’s 8th arrondissement.

Photo: Photo: Bruno Monginoux/Flickr Place du Capitole, Toulouse Located in the heart of the southern French city, this square houses the city's neo-classical town hall and opera house. Photo: Benh LIEU SONG/Wikicommons Place Bellecour, Lyon If you go for size then Place Bellecour is probably among your favourites. Photo: AFP Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux Measuring a whopping 126,000 square metres, this square is thought to be the largest in Europe.

Photo: Photo: vinh161/Flickr Place Kleber, Strasbourg There's probably no better place to be in the run up to Christmas than Strasbourg's main square Place Kleber. Photo: AFP Place Stanislas, Nancy Photo: Arnaud Malon Place Masséna, Nice. Flight MH370 'made rapid descent' Image copyright ATSB Flight MH370 most likely made a rapid and uncontrolled descent into the Indian Ocean, a new report says. The Boeing 777 disappeared while flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board in March 2014. Despite an extensive search no trace of the plane's fuselage has been found. But the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said analysis of two recovered wing flaps showed they were not in the landing position when the plane went down in the Indian Ocean. Satellite data also indicated a "high and increasing rate of descent", said the report. "You can draw your own conclusions as to whether that means someone was in control or not," the ATSB's search director Peter Foley told reporters.

MH370: What we know Relatives' anger at 'ignored' debris One man's search for answers The release of the report comes as a team of international aviation and communications experts gather in Canberra to discuss the next stage of the search for the plane. Image copyright AP. Capital - This might be the loneliest country for expats. Dating in Sweden might conjure up dreamy images of candlelit dinners in minimalist Nordic apartments, or snowy hikes with well-toned nature lovers. But international professionals — there are more than half a million foreign citizens of working age in Sweden according to national statistics — hoping to find a relationship face a challenge in a nation that boasts the highest proportion of singles in Europe.

Almost half of Swedish households are made up of childless single adults Almost half of Swedish households are made up of childless single adults, compared with less than a third across Europe, on average, according to the European Union’s number-crunching agency, Eurostat. That might not sound too shabby to a newly arrived unattached expat. But, behind the numbers is a cultural norm that almost outright promotes being single.

Swedish cities are full of compact homes carefully designed for independent living. I have no trouble getting a first date. Sweden’s single life Time and loyalty. Travel - The places the world forgot. The happiest place in the UK? It might surprise you. Travel - Why you should travel solo. From family holidays to romantic getaways, memorable travel moments are often spent with others. But sometimes, travelling alone can unearth unique experiences that are otherwise unattainable when navigating the wants and needs of a group. To find out more, we turned to question and answer site Quora, asking, “what is it like to travel solo?” You never know what’s going to happen – or who you’ll meet“When I travel alone I push myself to talk more with everyone and I leave my plans open to anything,” said Janice Waugh, author of the Solo Traveler blog.

“This has led to wandering the alleys of Lhasa only to end up being invited to a traditionally male-only tea house; [taking] a motorcycle ride between the lakes of Udaipur; being invited to an underground gambling hall in Shanghai; diving in the Red Sea [and] hiking in tea plantations in Munnar.” Mario Wilson, from San Francisco, said he ask questions without judgment and throws away the guidebook.

BBC Arts - BBC Arts - The real Van Gogh: A genius not driven by madness but crippled by it. 20 Interesting Facts About the English Language - For Reading Addicts. English, born from so many other tongues, and being so rich in texture and depth, is an extraordinary language. There are over 600,000 entries in the Oxford English Dictionary, and thanks to corruptions, misinterpretations, altercations and evolution, the language throws up many interesting quirks.

English just has so many words! There are many words that mean almost the same thing,words that are archaic, and words that don’t always seem to fit in due to the language constantly evolving. Here are a few fascinating facts about the English language we’ve put together for you. We hope you enjoy them! Only two words in the English language end in ‘–gry’ these are angry and hungry. The word bookkeeper is the only unhyphenated English word with three consecutive double letters. The letter E is the most used letter in the English language and accounts for a massive 11% of the written word. The shortest –ology in the dictionary is oology, the scientific study of eggs. 'Crude, but rarely nasty': The jokes Europeans tell about their neighbours | World news. Europe is the migrant crisis, the Greek crisis, the euro crisis. It is the CAP, Ecofin and Eurostat. It is Schengen suspended, anti-Europeans on the march, and the imminent threat of Brexit.

But it is also the Finns who snicker at overbearing Swedes (“What’s the difference between the Swedes and the Finns? The Swedes have got nice neighbours”); and the Portuguese, who mock Spanish arrogance (“In a recent survey, 11 out of 10 Spaniards said they felt superior to the others”). There are the Irish, who joke about buttoned-up Brits (“What’s the English definition of a thrill? Having an After Eight at 7.30”); and the Poles, who have a go at the Germans for pretty much anything (“German footballers are like German food: if they’re not imported from Poland they’re no good”). Making fun of our best enemies, said Romain Seignovert, who has just published a book on the jokes Europeans tell about their neighbours, is a great European tradition.

De Qui Se Moque-t-On (Who do we make fun of?) A map of the world according to what languages we want to learn. English is the most popular language in the world to learn online, at least according to one of the world's biggest language websites. Duolingo, which has 120 million users in 194 countries around the world, recently carried out some research into what people are learning. They've produced the below map: Picture: Duolingo As you can see, English was the most popular language to learn in 116 countries, followed by French (35), Spanish (32) and German (nine).

The second most popular languages in countries were also visualised, and France is second fiddle the most frequently - in 77 countries. Interestingly, the most learned language in Sweden was Swedish, which Duolingo suggest is due to high immigration - and the same in Norway where Norwegian is the second most popular language to learn. More: The 10 second languages UK employers most want their staff to speak More: Here's what the English language sounded like 500 years ago.

How to find a good language partner? – WORKOUT 4 BRAIN. Most of you probably learn a language without a teacher, right? Anyway, with or without a teacher, you cannot learn a language alone. So, if you have no teacher, you must find at least a language partner. Do you know how to do it? 1 – Best tools: First of all, my favorite app in the world.

You definitely should check it out! In case you have tried and you want some more, try the communities on Facebook, in fact you can try general ones, like Polyglots (The community) or something more specific, with focus on the language you are learning. 2 – Time to talk! Ok, now you have HelloTalk but you are too shy to try it. You can always start with basic stuff, like good morning, I am XXX, could we talk? 3 – Building a relationship It is pretty boring when you just say: Hi, I am from Brazil, I speak your language, I like to read. and then, the person says, oh, I am XXX and I am from Egypt, I speak your language and I like to travel. You need to feel empathy for him/her. 4 – My example: Like this: Mysterious giant sphere unearthed in forest divides opinion.

How to see the terrifying things Google knows about you  How much of a plane spotter are you? 4 Aviation Monuments At Schiphol. You’re likely to walk right past them and some aren’t even accessible to the public, which makes it even more fun to bring them to your attention: monuments marking milestones in Dutch aviation history. I tracked down four at and around Schiphol. One of which seems to have disappeared. Mercury Standing on a windy square in a somewhat chilly concrete corner of Schiphol is a modest monument, featuring a somewhat heroic figure who has seen quite a bit of the airport, picking up some dents and scratches along the way.

The monument was badly damaged during the Second World War, when the base was blown up. Many years later, the monument was moved a few hundred metres, to guard the entrance of the secure area where the maintenance hangars are located. A wandering stone On 24 May 1949, Prince Bernhard opened the then recently completed KLM Head Office in The Hague.

But the stone wandered on. Pioneer Jan Dellaert is the founding father of modern Schiphol. Mystery No blog without inspiration. How Do We Test Jet Engines? In previous blogs we have discussed the repair process of our aircraft engines and what it takes to get the engine into good shape. Now let’s talk about the test process for a jet engine. When do you test a jet engine? Jet engines are tested on a number of occasions: during engine design and the development process at the manufacturer;during engine installation on the aircraft following maintenance on the wing;following overhaul, repair or inspection in the engine shop. Engine tests during the design and development process The manufacturer conducts extensive tests at remote areas both outdoors and indoors in a test facility.

Outdoor development testing The tests need to demonstrate that the engine can meet its design goals and withstand events such as: ingestion of debris, dust, sand, etc. Development tests take several years throughout the entire engine development program and consume a significant part of the total development costs. Indoor development testing of icing conditions Some physics. 9 European Castles Well Worth A Visit. When I hear the word castles, I get this fairy-tale feeling. Since my childhood, I have always loved visiting these historic buildings and tried to learn about the stories behind them. In this blog, I will show you 9 stunning European castles that will enchant your imagination. Once upon a time… That’s how my grandfather began his stories.

As long as I can remember I have had a thing about castles and I blame my grandfather for that. It started when I was about five or six years old. My grandfather has around thirty books about castles. He always told my two cousins and me stories about their rich history. What makes a castle a castle? The first castles were built in the Middle Ages as a home that was easy to defend, so many had moats and drawbridges. 1. Rumour has it that King Ludwig II built Neuschwanstein Castle in 1864 to escape from reality, which is why he decided to build it up in the mountains.

How to get there? 2. You may know Alnwick Castle under the name of Hogwarts. 3. 4. 5. Uk.businessinsider. You Already Have Everything You Need. How could I read more books? What's That Comma Doing in That Engine? Mapped: The countries with the most forest. 20 Places you Must See in Budapest. The 16 Best Places to go in 2016.