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Bake the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies by Knowing What to Tweak. Snickers Cheesecake Brownies. We should agree that any discussion of calories or earnest intentions of workouts after having these brownies are as sensible as washing a car two days before a rainstorm: pointless.

Snickers Cheesecake Brownies

Snickers Cheesecake Brownies Yes, pointless. My advice eat, enjoy and don’t worry that the calorie count if printed would probably require a comma. Deep Dish Chocolate Mint Chip Cookie Recipe. Deep Dish Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies We shared photos from our Summer Outdoor Dinner Party yesterday and today we are sharing the dessert recipe we served at the party-Deep Dish Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies.

Deep Dish Chocolate Mint Chip Cookie Recipe

We are going to share a few more recipes from the party, but I had to start with dessert. Dessert first is always a good idea, especially when cookies and ice cream are involved. Nutella Swirl Brownies. I know I’ve said it before but I really do have the most talented friends EVER.

Nutella Swirl Brownies

Are you still staring at the picture above? I don’t blame you, I almost licked the screen myself when I saw it. Today’s calorie free (wink wink) guest post comes from my friend Liren who writes the award nominated (soon to be winning I’m sure ; ) blog Kitchen Confidante. She makes some smack dab decadent food and takes ridiculously amazing photos to go with her recipes. Mini Santa Hat Brownies. Currently Baking {Rocher-stuffed Brownies} « Miss Renaissance. Truly (in my little world, at least), there’s hardly a better combination than chocolate and hazelnuts.

Currently Baking {Rocher-stuffed Brownies} « Miss Renaissance

It’s the perfect marriage of intense cocoa flavor & nutty sweetness. I could go on and on about this….those close to me know how intense my love for this combo really is (hence, my crazy addiction to Nutella!) This being said, let me introduce you to heaven in brownie form: the Tartine Bakery Brownie. This recipe is deep, dark, luscious, fudgy…it’s all chocolate and very little flour….nom! If you’ve been to Tartine’s brick and mortar location in San Francisco, then you know how sinfully delicious these brownies are. The only thing better than a deliciously rich brownie or a handful of yummy Rocher is this mash-up of sorts. I used Tartine’s brownie recipe from their book (pictured above, click to see it larger), and simply “dunked” 16 Rocher into the batter before baking.

{All images by Miss Renaissance.} Mexican Brownies. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cupcake = The BEST Cupcake. Ever. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups. Soooooo… you know that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda has to dump dish soap on top of chocolate cake just so she will stop eating it??

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups

Uh. Yeeeeeah. These are like… of that caliber. And that totally almost happened to me. You PROBably should not make these if you are home alone for four days. I ate what felt like a million, then had a plate of 5-day old green bean fries from the fridge and called it lunch. Recipe: two (exactly two!) chocolate cupcakes. I have a strange relationship with sweets.

recipe: two (exactly two!) chocolate cupcakes

I’m kind of obsessed with making them, but I’m not really that much into eating them. I don’t have a big sweet tooth (I’ll take wine and cheese over cookies almost any day of the week). And when I do get hit with a sweets craving, it’s usually short-lived. Better-Than-Crack-Brownies. I’m sorry for doing this to you.


I really am. But see, last Friday while I was on a 10-hour road trip heading for vacation, I received this recipe from a reader named Liz. Liz, I love you. Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes. Well these naughty little treats are well….naughty but oh so necessary.

Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes

There are a bit like my Brownie Covered Oreo’s from last Christmas but enhanced with layers of peanut butter and a double decker stack of Oreos in each little brownie cake. They are simply prepared in cupcake liners. A Tasty Recipe: My Granny's Chocolate Cobbler. This week, Ree’s in Orlando, ditching the boots for a pair of flip flops.

A Tasty Recipe: My Granny's Chocolate Cobbler

Right now, she’s either lost in Wally World, hiding in the bathroom, or clutching the bars of some insane ride and crying for her mommy. So we have another special guest filling in for this week’s Tasty Recipe post! Today, missamy takes over with a decadent chocolate dessert that looks almost too good to be true. If you remember Amy from her feature some months back, then you know you’re in for a wild and delicious ride. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting. Even before we tasted these cupcakes, we'd already consumed a fair number of baked goods.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

There was the espresso chip scone. The Nutella sandwich cookie. The donut muffin. The 'smores cookies. Oh and the dark chocolate covered honeycomb candy. What could possibly possess one to consume all those treats while peanut butter cupcakes were cooling at home? Mummy's in town of course! And might we add, all of these treats were consumed while walking. (We might also add that they were consumed while walking to a Whole Foods in order to purchase green juice.

Really, if we're being honest, we could have used more, um, fuel. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes Recipe. As I mentioned on Friday, I have been doing some experimentation with the beer and chocolate combination. The Guinness-chocolate ice cream that I made totally kicked butt, so I couldn’t wait to see how I liked beer and chocolate in my cake. The answer? I like it, a whole heck of a lot. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cupcake = The BEST Cupcake. Ever. Flourless Chocolate Cookies. Anything called “flourless chocolate” always hooks me from the get go. Cook's illustrated's perfect chocolate chip cookies. If you’re at all familiar with my blog, you must have known that I would be all over Cooks Illustrated’s new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Not because it might become my new favorite – I knew beforehand that it wouldn’t. The thing is, I’m a major cookie dough eater. To me, the baked cookies are just a bonus dessert; the dough is the reason I make chocolate chip cookies.

And I don’t like dough made with melted butter. No, the real reason I wanted to try this recipe is because it has some interesting tricks in it, and I thought I might learn something. It also makes the recipe very easy – you just melt the butter, whisk in a few more ingredients, let it set, then stir in the remaining ingredients. Here are, for me, the things the recipe has against it. 1) The dough has a greasy texture from the melted butter. 2) It uses portions of eggs. You may have noticed that none of my complaints take issue with the outcome of the baked cookie? Day 1: Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Roll. It’s December!

December 1st.Ready to gain 5 pounds? Okay, hopefully not.Buttttt (sorry), let the countdown to Christmas begin! ….with something gooey, chocolatey, and freaking good. This is my sister Camille’s go-to recipe.And last month I was totally craving a slice.So I asked her to for the details, made it that day, and almost finished it off that night (with the help of a few friends).Seriously, it’s soooo good…… 60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie A la Mode. I had so much fun developing this recipe. Talk about kinda dangerous though. This baby is baked in 60 seconds, no lie!! The cookie dough recipe is prepared right in your ramekin, so we are also talking about minimal dishes. Win win, right? You know those fabulous pizzookie’s you order at certain restaurants? In any case, Enjoy my friends!! Start by creaming your butter and sugars right in your ramekin. Chocolate Banana Cake. Do you always have bananas rotting on your counter too?

Moist Chocolate Cake. There’s something to be said for a cake that you can whip up at 9 o’clock on a Friday night, after a serious doozy of a week, when you need some baking therapy that requires little to no brain power. By the time this past weekend hit, I think anything requiring technique or poise in the kitchen would have had induced some kind of cerebral short circuiting – I imagine there would have been sparks, probably some twitching and likely even drool. Okay fine, so there might have been drool anyway. Actually, when the cake emerged, there was probably drooling and clapping. Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. Intro With a title like that there is really nothing else that needs to be said. In fact I feel sort of badly for writing anything at all knowing that the time you take to read these words is time you are not setting to the task of making this cake. But perhaps there are a few of you who are not already gathering the cocoa, butter and sugar just by the mere mention of “fudge”, “pudding” and “cake”.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks. But I have some bad news first. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies. Chocolate gingersnaps. During the four weeks of giveaways, I posed the question, “What is your favorite Christmas cookie?” Classic sugar cookies were definitely the number one answer, but coming right behind behind were gingersnaps and snickerdoodles… two of my favorites! Warm chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Soft Pretzels. Two Tiny Kitchens. Salty and sweet. Crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth. 2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie For One ? Recipe ? Zoom Yummy. Moist, Decadent Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread. Chocolate Nutella Molten Lava Cake.

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