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Chocolate Mint

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After-dinner mint cream. Homemade Thin Mint Cookies. Dark Chocolate Mint Fudge Recipe. Yield Makes 2 dozen This rich and creamy fudge is a snap to prepare.

Dark Chocolate Mint Fudge Recipe

For a special gift, associate food editor (and resident chocolate expert) Sarah Tenaglia sets the fudge in gold foil cups and packs them in white boxes tied up with French silk ribbon. Preparation Line 9 x 5-inch loaf pan with foil, overlapping sides. Place first 4 ingredients in metal bowl. Chocolate-Mint Layered Cookie Slices recipe from Betty Crocker. After Late Dinner Mints. Jun 24 Although I have a sporadic sweet tooth, I have always fancied the idea of a miniature after-dinner sweet.

After Late Dinner Mints

And if it has digestive qualities too – which mint undoubtedly does – then I know it’s got to be a good thing after a well-rounded dinner. Of course, the inevitable problem lies in self-restraint – something that this little delicacy challenges on a large scale. Suffice it to say, that there was no trace left of the first batch by the time the coffee was topped up – save for slight scrapings of chocolate and a whiff of mint on the serving plate !

Raw, no-bake Dark Chocolate Mint Thins : vegan, gluten free, grain free, paleo. Chocolate + Mint = Pure Love!

Raw, no-bake Dark Chocolate Mint Thins : vegan, gluten free, grain free, paleo

I love lots of food combinations, but chocolate and mint to mingle together is the perfect gift from Mother Nature ;) It’s rich yet refreshing – delightful after dinner or anytime. And when the ingredients are pure and natural, it’s a joy to enjoy such goodness! Good bye Girl Guide Cookies, goodbye After Eight – this is something way better : delicious clean ingredient, raw, no-bake, dark Chocolate Mint Thins that are naturally vegan/ dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, sweetened naturally. Oh yum!!! Makes about 12 patties. Peppermint Patty Recipe. In desserts On June 8th, 2012 Do you ever make a recipe for someone else because you think they will love it even though you don’t like it yourself?

Peppermint Patty Recipe

That is this recipe to me. My husband loves the York peppermint patties but I have never been a fan. Hubby was recently away for business and my little guy wanted to make a treat for when daddy got back and so we decided to make some peppermint patties together. I had come across a recipe over on Whole Lifestyle Nutrition and of course had to pin it a few months ago. Mint chocolate cake: Recipes: Good Food Channel. 1.

Mint chocolate cake: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. If your 20cm square cake tin has a removable base, butter the sides of the cake tin and line the base with a square of baking parchment, otherwise line the base and sides of the tin. 2. 50+ of the BEST Chocolate Mint Desserts.