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101 Ways to Use Tagxedo - Tagxedo Blog. Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles. MultiModal Health. Toyra Introduces Virtual Reality to Occupational Therapy. Toyra is an advanced upper extremity rehabilitation platform that uses virtual reality, motion capture and healthcare information technology to deliver interactive exercises tailored to individual patients.

Toyra Introduces Virtual Reality to Occupational Therapy

Toyra is an innovative virtual rehabilitation platform designed to increase patient motivation and deliver a range of effective therapy exercises to patients with impaired function of the upper extremities. The system was designed to facilitate occupational therapy and improve the quality of life of patients with spinal cord injuries. The interactive exercises available with Toyra were developed by rehabilitation specialists to ensure proven results and recovery. Occupational Therapy Evidence Based Practice; Virtual Reality. Occupational Therapists’ Views on Using a Virtual Reality Interior Design Application Within the Pre-Discharge Home Visit Process.

Enhanced Biofeedback with Virtual Reality - The MotionMonitor® Conduct motor-control and stimulus response studies with audio and visual cues using either a 2-D display or 3-D immersive stereoscopic display.Generate discrete or randomized targets.Provide visual and audio "pacing" signals for timed exercises.Encourage extended range of motion with "success" tones when target values are achieved.Monitor timing and existence of muscle recruitment with EMG feedback.Optimize balance strategies by tracking body segment center of mass and forceplate center of pressure.Record and save all data collected during the biofeedback trial.Display data selected from intuitive drop-down menus or defined by the user with standard math notation.

Enhanced Biofeedback with Virtual Reality - The MotionMonitor®

Export all raw or processed data for further processing in other software. The image to the left dispicts a 2-D biofeedback balance exercise with the subject encouraged to extend his limit of stability. Virtual Reality – Nevermind. Eight Great Apps for Educators to Create, Display and Share. Nancy White/Flickr By Kathy E.

Eight Great Apps for Educators to Create, Display and Share

Gill, PBS MediaShift For educators looking to integrate iPads, iPods and other mobile devices, here are eight must-have apps that will make life easier to do things like move files, capture lectures, read PDFs, and much more. 1. COPY, Freemium With cloud file storage, there’s no need to email yourself a copy of that Powerpoint lecture or video clip; just save it to the cloud and access it later from campus.

In the U.S., our markets tend toward duopoly and oligopoly: FedX and UPS; Apple, Microsoft and Google; Facebook and Twitter. Bloomin' Apps. RFID Tags Past and Present - How RFID Works. RFID technology has been around since 1970, but until recently, it has been too expensive to use on a large scale.

RFID Tags Past and Present - How RFID Works

Originally, RFID tags were used to track large items, like cows, railroad cars and airline luggage, that were shipped over long distances. These original tags, called inductively coupled RFID tags, were complex systems of metal coils, antennae and glass. Inductively coupled RFID tags were powered by a magnetic field generated by the RFID reader. Electrical current has an electrical component and a magnetic component -- it is electromagnetic.

Because of this, you can create a magnetic field with electricity, and you can create electrical current with a magnetic field. Capacitively coupled tags were created next in an attempt to lower the technology's cost. Socialmediaforeducation. Clarisketch. DePaul University Teaching Commons. DePaul University Teaching Commons > Teaching Guides > Technology > Desire2Learn > VoiceThread Main Content VoiceThread is an interactive, collaborative, web-based tool that that allows you to communicate through images, audio recordings, videos, and text.

DePaul University Teaching Commons

You can use VoiceThread to set up a discussion board, record a lecture, or show images. Visual Dictionary, Visual Thesaurus. Create and share visual ideas online. SlidesCarnival, free presentation templates for Google Slides & Powerpoint. How to Edit Photos using Pixlr Editor - Part 1 (Basic Overview) Online Tools. Piktochart.

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Conferences, Webinars, User Meetings. Online Presentation Tools. Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. Getting students active in the classroom is a tough task for any teacher.

But there’s a silver bullet that is, quite literally, silver. It’s the Apple iPad and this expensive, silver, and engaging device is making its way into classrooms around the world. Since there’s such a push to bring apps into the classroom, it’s time to figure out which ones are right for you. I threw together this cheat sheet to choosing education apps that will hopefully help you quickly choose what works (and what doesn’t). So what are some of the best education apps for active learning? This cheat sheet will help – but first let’s run through the questions you see in the visual.

Questions To Ask When Testing Apps For The Classroom. Infographics. 5 Great Online Tools for Creating Infographics. Professional infographic designers rely primarily on a core vector graphics software program to create their infographics designs.

5 Great Online Tools for Creating Infographics

The main advantage is that all the icons, charts, images, illustrations, and data visualizations are treated as separate objects that can be easily moved, resized, overlapped, and rotated. No matter where you create the individual design elements, the final infographic design is usually put together in a vector graphics program. Creating infographics using online tools has never been easier. The Twitteraholic’s Ultimate Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter.

Most educators who learn to use Twitter effectively say they learn more from their personal learning network (PLN) on Twitter than they’ve achieved from any other forms of professional development or personal learning.

The Twitteraholic’s Ultimate Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter

Unfortunately educators often dismiss Twitter, or fail to see the value of Twitter, when they’re first introduced to Twitter. Our aim of this post is to provide all the information you need to learn how to use Twitter effectively as an educator. We regularly update this post with new information. This post was last updated June, 2014. Click on a link below to go to the section you want to read: About the Twitter-a-holic’s Ultimate Guide The original Twitter-a-holic’s Guide was published in July, 2010 when I’d just returned from attending a large conference overseas and realized that while a conference can make you feel really overwhelmed and alone — especially amongst the 13,000 ed tech professionals participants who attend it each year — I never felt alone.

Top 10 Free Content Curation Tools For Teachers - eLearning Industry. Rubrics for Assessment. Teachers who integrate technology into student activities and projects often ask us this question - “How do I grade it?”

Rubrics for Assessment

Fundamentally, assessing multimedia activities and projects is no different than evaluating traditional assignments, such as written essays. The primary distinctions between them are the unique features and divergent possibilities associated with their respective medium. For instance, a blog has a unique set of possibilities (such as hypertext, embedded video, interactive imagery, etc) vastly different than those of a notebook (paper and pen notes and drawings within a contained document). The first thing to realize is that you cannot separate the user from the device. iPads, Chromebooks, and tech tools themselves don’t demonstrate great learning; it’s about what students do with the technology that matters. The technology itself is simply neutral.

Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Free Instructional Design Storyboard Template. We introduce several new templates each week but this template is especially awesome.

Free Instructional Design Storyboard Template

First, it’s free! Second, is it’s made for instructional designers to streamline all of your instructional design processes. Here are the things that this Free Instructional Design Storyboard Template will do to make your eLeaning design process awesome: Create clean storyboard content for your clientIntake client/SME observations and suggestionsKeep track of your instructional design and development project needsOrganize course based on client style guideBuild a Table of ContentsSave valuable time on your design process Sign up for a free account to get this template. Here is how it works. How to Use the Free Instructional Design Storyboard Template. Free PowerPoint Templates for eLearning. Adapt authoring tool - Adapt Learning.