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6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018

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10 Examples of Modern Classroom Technology The technology industry has progressed exponentially over the last few decades and has been adding tools to help teachers reach their students. Greater accessibility has made technology a viable option for teachers to include in their education plans. In fact, a survey conducted by PBS Learning Media found that 74 percent of teachers across the United States wanted tech in their classrooms.

4 Tools for Building Academic Vocabulary - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad There is a wealth of research to suggest that vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of student academic achievement across all curriculum areas. Experts agree, if given the opportunity to receive effective vocabulary instruction, most students can acquire vocabulary at rates that will improve their comprehension and also their chances for success in school. Even the Common Core identifies Academic Vocabulary as one of the six big shifts. It’s clear that educators need to spend some time teaching.

Bring Read Alouds to Life with the Novel Effect App Recently I stumbled across a post on TCEA's blog entitled Take Reading to the Next Level with Novel Effect. Apparently lots of educators are already using the Novel Effect app in the classroom! In case you are like me and haven't heard of this, I wanted to write a quick blog post about my experience and recommend that you try it out. It's FUN! About the App Seven NEW Ways to Use Google Forms In the Classroom - Teach Every Day Teachers everywhere are using Google Forms in the classroom for making self-graded assessments. But Google Forms can be used for so much more! Take a look at this awesome list of new ways to use Google Forms in the classroom!

Creating your virtual library (quickly) using Slides and Bitmojis as Hyperdocs Whether or not we are planning for a physical or a virtual school experience in September, it is clear that we need to translate our practice. We need strategies for personalizing and enriching the remote learning experience. And it is clear that the library must be the center of that experience. Currently, one very popular strategy is the creation of classroom scenes using Google Slides populated with their flexible Bitmojis. [Note: Buncee offers an alternately very easy strategy with lots of school furniture and accessories.] But, first, a little background:

15 Examples Of New Technology In Education 8 Examples Of New Technology In Education by TeachThought Staff What latest gadgets and gizmos are going to change your classroom? Zoom vs. Skype for Business Skype for Business Skype for Business has many of the same features as Zoom, however, where Skype for Business really excels is as an office communications solution. Skype for Business allows you to connect easily and quickly with co-workers using instant messaging, screen and document sharing, and informal audio/video calls. Sending a quick message or file through Skype for Business revolves around the intuitive chat interface, familiar to those who have used Office Communicator, Lync or Skype, and can easily integrate video and audio from the chat window. Zoom

Ways To Use Canva In Your Library & Classroom Instruction A couple weeks ago I shared Part 1 of this four part series. That is all about how to use Canva in meaningful ways. Today I am excited to share Part 2! In this post, you will find five ways to use Canva in your library and classroom instruction. Buckle up and get ready to be inspired to use Canva in your library and classroom! A Peek into the technology-rich School Library Space of the future Summer Reflection During the school year, I focus my time almost completely on curriculum, collaboration with faculty, and working directly with students. But during the summer I turn my focus on the immediate future of my library space and the library collection. I tend to be more of a big-picture person. Many librarians are detail oriented but details are not my strength. So, I have my lists.

(Part 1) TikTok & Why Librarians Should Use it – Don't Shush Me! Hello everyone! This will be the first post in a planned series of posts about TikTok! I anticipate there will be about 3-4 posts in this series, and they should each be debuted over the next 2 weeks. The posts will cover a range of topics relating to how and why (i think) Librarians should be on TikTok. Technology Tools Used in the Classroom Technology has a powerful impact on our world. The online market is quickly expanding, with many available opportunities for its users. One of the newest, best features coming into sight is the digital classroom. Now students and teachers have the chance to use technology as a tool for expanding their high-tech knowledge (and not only!). According to Pearson Australia, most (52%) educators feel confident about the process, familiarity, and access to technology in the classroom. Statistics show us that the evolution of technology in the classroom is rapidly developing, with tutors being increasingly interested in what the online market has to offer.

The Promise of Virtual Reality in Higher Education Virtual reality teeters on the edge of becoming mainstream, with software development outstripping the hardware and memory storage needed. In this article, a librarian and an art historian discuss the many ways that VR may transform learning and student experiences. Not that long ago students and scholars could access only the libraries and museums available to them on their home campus β€” or perhaps in their city or region β€” because only a select few had the credentials to access materials from other institutions or the means to travel to distant places for their research.