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Faux Barn Wood Painting Tutorial

Faux Barn Wood Painting Tutorial
Okay folks, are you ready for the Faux Barn Wood Painting tutorial!?... I ask if you're ready, because there are about a trillion photos. ha! Even though this process is SO easy, and relatively quick... I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anything important that you may need to know, when attempting this barn wood look on your own. At this point, if you're not into the whole "barn wood look", then you can just stain it, or paint it whatever color you want! But I love to mix different styles together, especially when they're close to each other, to add visual interest, so I went all barn-wood-crazy on this tabletops be-hind! I'm admitting right now, I am NOT a furniture refinisher/painter. I tell you this because there is NOTHING technical about how I came up with this finish. I've broken this tutorial down into 4 main steps, so it's easier to follow. * Sand your wood surface well * Wipe it down to remove any dust or debris * Do not wipe any off. REMEMBER: You CANNOT mess this up!!!

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25+ DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects for your Homes Outdoor Advertisement To make your home be distinctive, are you looking for ways to decorate your outdoor? You may have a lot of ideas for decorating, but the high budget for decoration material always make you go no further. Are there other easier ways? Yes, you can do it yourself by recycling the wood. DIY reclaimed wood is really a wonderful project, not only because the wood is cheap and easy to get, but also it is an earth-friendly material that is a trend for environmental protection.

Weekend Project: Make a Backsplash from Pebbles, Shells or Leftover Hardware My favorite DIY projects leave lots of room for improvisation and creativity—and this one is spacious. Former Natural Home & Garden art director Susan Wasinger taught me this trick for using found objects—pebbles, seashells, buttons, sea glass, pennies and even galvanized steel hardware—to liven up a bathroom backsplash. (Here’s what you can do with all those leftover steel washers that rattle around in the bottom of the toolbox.) If you’ve never set tile before, you can learn about tools, materials, and techniques at or check out the video below. Glass globs (also called glass flats, nuggets, pebbles, gems, or half-marbles) are available in a dazzling array of colors and finishes from frosty tumbled textures to pearly iridescent. Find them at craft stores, florist shops, or online at

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Small Attic Loft Apartment In Prague The design of this modern loft conversion located in Prague, Czech Republic uses natural materials such as stone, brick and wood to enhance the flat and angular surfaces. Designed by architect Dalibor Hlavacek, the two-storey attic loft makes good use of limited floor space. The living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are on the lower floor. The upper gallery, accessible via staircase and a steel footbridge, creates an intimate space for the study, which can also be used as a second bedroom. Via: ArchDaily This Beautiful Table Actually Starts To Glow As The Sun Goes Down A piece of furniture can really change the dynamic of a room. Whether it's meant to be a conversation piece, a practical addition, or a combination of the two, the right furnishing can go a long way in making your home special. A piece of furniture that could definitely make any room or dinner party more exciting is this DIY glow-in-the-dark table. The table was made and designed by Mike Warren, a DIY-er and columnist for Dollar Store Crafts.

Compact Assembly Station Want more great tips? By subscribing to Woodsmith Tips, you'll get free tips in your email inbox every week! Share eTips with your friends Motor Yacht - Mikymar - Canados - Completed Superyachts on Superyacht Times .com The external lines Mikymar are unmistakably Canados: slender bow, rounded deck structure sloping towards the bow, where the resin-reinforced fibreglass seems to play with the spacious glass surfaces in a succession of opaque-shiny and dark-light that emphasises the spirit of the craft. The shipyard’s technical office also took great care to make the bulkheads aesthetically pleasing, placing numerous circular portholes horizontally to complement the surfaces of the 34 metre yacht, and designing them in harmony with the interior to allow natural light to filter through from bulkhead to bulkhead. But it is the Mikymar’s interior that leaves even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of innovative style breathless.

Six “Rules for Success” for SketchUp beginners David Heim is a veteran book and magazine editor specializing in woodworking. He has been writing about and teaching SketchUp for more than four years, and says he never begins any project until he has previewed it in SketchUp. This is another guest post from David on modeling principles for woodworkers. As I prepared to teach my first SketchUp class at a nearby Woodcraft store, I realized I couldn’t just walk into the room and begin talking. The class needed something to take home and use to make SketchUp behave. So I came up with my six SketchUp “Rules for Success.”

Canados' Mikimar wins World Yachts Trophies Award - Other Events Thanks to her original interior design, the Canados Mikimar has won the “World Yachts Trophies Award” as best yacht over 24 meters in the Interior Design category. The ceremony took place at the gala evening organized by the LuxMedia Group during the Cannes Boat Show. Mikimar won the award, thanks to her sophisticated and harmonious interior design. The interior was designed in collaboration with Salvagni Architetti of Rome, who are characterized by flexibility, continuity, and the skilful use of lighting. “We are very pleased to receive this important award for a yacht that is an excellent example of the level of customization offered, by Canados’ yard, to its customers”, stated Maurizio Baldoni, who leads the Roman shipyard since April 2007. “This prize means a lot for the yard and for the people who work at Canados and it shows the company real potential.

Understand Mechanical Linkages with Animations Mr. Đức thắng Nguyễn (Duc Thang Nguyen) is an engineer from Vietnam. Since his retirement in 2002, he has being working on an amazing animated 3D catalog of mechanical contraptions. Using Autodesk Inventor as a tool, he has documented over 1,700 mechanisms.

Squirrel Diner 2 metal squirrel feeder. Holds peanuts, corn and large seed perfect for squirrels! NEW! all metal construction stops those chewing squirrels dead in their tricky little tracks! Durable chew resistant powder coated steel body. Quick release body for easy filling and cleaning. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, chances are you have firewood, right? Unfortunately, that also means you need place to store it! If you are like me, you want the firewood nearby so you don’t have to trek out to a cold shed through a snowy yard, but you don’t really want it inside. Firewood is dirty, it brings in some bugs and unless you live in a rustic mountain cabin, chances are it doesn’t do much for your style. But then if you store it stacked outside, you need to make sure it doesn’t trap moisture between it and the side of the house or become a perfect home for vermin in the garage.

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