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Sacred Geometry

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Article: The Spiritual Meaning of the Lotus. The I-Ching and Human DNA | Dreamcatchers Community. Ever wondered where people like Roger Hamilton got Wealth Dynamics, Myers & Briggs got their profiling or Steve Brown got Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. It all came from the work of Carl Jung (Freud’s offsider) who worked with Richard Wilhelm in the 1920′s on the I-Ching. Jung was introduced to it, after he lost faith in Freud’s theories, by Wilhelm who had lived in China for many years and had studied the book with the secret societies that existed there. Some background for I-Ching newbies. The book was commissioned by Emperor Fu Hsi in around 3,000BC. It is not known who or how many people authored it, Confucius edited it in his lifetime some 2500years later.

The 8 Trigrams of the I-Ching It’s more than a book or Oracles, it’s a book of life and Roger Hamilton, who I respect and worked with between 2004 & 2009 did an incredible job to pull ‘You Pathyway of least resistance to your wealth’ from the book. The basis of DNA is + and -. Is this co-incidence? So…what does it all mean? Like this: Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D. : Theoretical Quantum Physicist. The revival of an ancient science. At the other end of the scientific spectrum of contemporary science an ancient science is being restored.

For ages it has been preserved carefully. It is more or less an art form and it is called ‘sacred geometry’. Why sacred, what is so sacred about geometry? In spiritual mystery-schools of the past it was taught that sacred geometry has been used by God to create the universe. We now know that sacred geometry contains many mysterious elements that elegantly describe many phenomena such as the growth of plants, the proportions of the human body, the orbit of the planets, light, the structure of crystals, music.

The list goes on and on. We’ll give a few examples in this chapter. Now why do we introduce sacred geometry in a book that is about contemporary and groundbreaking science? Surprisingly enough sacred geometry also shows up in many crop circles that have been appearing in the last two decades all over the world. It is called the genesis pattern. Cube of Metatron Platonic solids. - Marko Rodin - Rodin Coil. -- Introduction -- Hopefully this will enable people to understand "why" there is only "one" truth and how we can all move forward in learning more about the "nature" of what that one truth is and why no single person or group of people can be the "owner" of the one truth and that literally everyone has a piece of the "enlightening" puzzle which is like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. -- Substance -- I just figured out a great example of how two seemingly very different points of view can be demonstrated to have not only similarity but symmetricality to the point that they are saying or expressing almost, if not totally, the same exact thing!

:o) Perhaps think in terms of a dialogue facilitator (or "introducer") who is in the presence of two people who are arguing violently that "their" symbol represents THE truth. Think about something for a moment. Life is a "continually" evolving dynamic. Then move "this" message window out of the way and continue reading. Now... love, Vastu Courses of Study with The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology. For Vastu news, design discussions and the latest University happenings visit the AUM S&T blog! Background The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology (AUM S&T) derives its history, philosophy, goals, objectives and teaching from the work of Mamuni Mayan who was a scholar, scientist, artist and builder approximately 10,000 years ago in the ancient past of the Kumari continent and South India. This body of work has been interpreted, preserved, and presented in modern times by Dr.

V. The American University of MayonicScience and Technology holds that the historical figure, Mayan, an architect, carpenter, town planner, and scientist of ancient India was the source of what is commonly called "Vastu Science". Mamuni Mayan was adored as "Viswakarma" by Veda Vyasa in his Mahabharata (one of India’s most renowned texts). Dr V. References about him are found in our epics Ramayanam and Mahabharatam. The American University Of MayonicScience and Technology was Chartered by Dr. Mission. Vastu Purusa. Vastu-purusa means in the present context a site-plan or a location plan. According to the Matsya Parana, the Vastu Purusa Mandala has particular deities of Vastu Purusa in respective places. The North-East (aisdnya) is said to be occupied by Mercury (budha) and Lord Vishnu.

Accordingly, the place of conducting mental work and the worship chamber in a ruse is to be situated in that direction. The South-East (agrneyi) is said to be occupied by the Moon and Parvati. The Moon is said to be the controller of mind and Parvati is the symbol of mother, of mind. Frailty is the nature of mind. If Parvati becomes the redressessor of the house-hold, her place like that a house is in that direction. It is a rule that pillars are not to be raised on the sensitive points of Vastu Purusa. The head of the Vastu Purusa is at the Aisanya. Legends of Vastu Purusha There are many stories regarding Vastu Purusa. Vastu shastra. While Vastu had long been essentially restricted to temple architecture, there has been a revival of it in India, in recent decades, notably under the influence of late V. Ganapati Sthapati, who has been campaigning for a restoration of the tradition in modern Indian society since the 1960s. While the fields are related, Shilpa Shastra explicitly deal with sculpture – forms, statues, icons, stone murals etc.

The doctrine of Vastu Shastra is concerned primarily with architecture – building houses, forts, temples, apartments and other buildings. Terminology[edit] Fundamental concepts[edit] There are many principles in Vaastu Shastra. Five elements[edit] According to the vastu sastra, the world comprises five basic elements known as the pancha maha bhoota. EARTH (Bhumi) - Earth, the third planet in order from the sun, is a big magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions. AIR (Vayu) - As a life supporting element, air is a very powerful life source. Vastu Purusha Mandala[edit] Stargate - Vortex Based Mathematics. Click The Images To View Them Full Size. Ether vibrations. Chapter 6 Aether vibrations Quantum physics that has been around for some hundred odd years now is still mainstream physics most accepted physics.

Although quantum science has revealed the presence of the zero point field with all its virtual subatomic particles and photons that jump into existence from apparently nowhere to return to oblivion nanoseconds later, there is still is no reasonable explanation as to how and why particles and photons can appear and disappear just like that. Also the quantum probability wave is still hard to grasp and visualize.

Quantum physics may have proven to be a mathematically correct science; for lay people the wave-particle duality of quantum science it is still very hard to understand. Another difficult thing to grasp is the atom model presented by Niels Bohr where electrons fly in well-defined shells around the nucleus. Even three hundred years after the discovery of gravity by Newton, science still has no theoretical explanation for it. The aether Dr. CHAKRA VORTEX , SCALAR ENERGY TRANSCEIVER -- CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL. If you have never heard of the 7 chakras, you are indeed an ignoramus, of the first order.When my wife took her exam in Reiki, the old Guru gave her his quartz tetrahydron dowser , and told her to douse his body and find out which chakra of his body needs speeding up.

She found a weak Manipura , and thus got her 4th degree ( one step above Grandmaster ).Before that he took her to a room, with about 50 pictures of various dieties and saints, and told her that the energy would come to her chakras from only one of the pictures. To her surprise she felt it emanating in full force , from the photograph of a person she had always detested, since childhood-- a living person ( no names ! )-- and pointed it out .

The Guru told her, she was right. Chakras were figured out by Vedic seers in 9000 BC, with NIL junk DNA in their bodies and king sized pineal glands, on the banks of the river Saraswati in India. There are seven chakras or energy centres. Mecca Kaaba , on SE corner. ÉCLAIRAGES CONVERGENTS SUR LE « GRAND TOURNANT » (II) « Évolution morphologique et culturelle humaine : l’apport des modèles fractals » L’article « Évolution morphologique et culturelle humaine : l’apport des modèles fractals » a été publié en 2002. Ses auteurs sont Pierre Grou, un sociologue, Laurent Nottale, un astrophysicien, et Jean Chaline, un paléontologue. Sa publication précède donc le début de la crise du « grand tournant » de six années. L’apport principal de l’article est de mettre en évidence que les crises économiques que subissent les sociétés humaines ont lieu à une échelle de temps que l’on peut caractériser comme « log-périodique », l’expression « log » renvoyant aux logarithmes « naturels » ou « népériens ».

Ceci veut dire – pour ceux qui décrochent déjà – que d’un point de vue graphique, si les crises sont représentées comme des points séparés à intervalles réguliers le long d’un axe (« l’axe des x ») et qu’elles sont situées dans le temps, le long d’un autre axe (« l’axe des y »), par rapport à une échelle « log-périodique », elles s’aligneront sur une droite. -ln (Tc – T). Faut-il en rester là ? Yantra. Enthroned Jain yantra besides Adinath image Shapes and patterns commonly employed in yantra include squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns but may also include more complex and detailed symbols, for instance: Geometric element meanings: Circle = Energy of the element waterSquare = Energy of the element earthUpward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element fire; energyDownward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element water; knowledgeDiagonal line = Energy of the element airHorizontal line = Energy of the element waterVertical line = Energy of the element firePoint = Energy of the element ether As an astrological device[edit] Yantra may be used to represent the astronomical position of the planets over a given date and time.

It is considered auspicious in Hindu mythology. These yantras are made up on various objects i.e. Philosophical context[edit] Yantra function as revelatory conduits of cosmic truths. References[edit] See also[edit] Music and Sacred Geometry | Sacred Geometry Web. In the Brahma Samhita story written in Sanskrit the first born son of the creator god is called Narada which means Music. I take this as an acknowledgement of the importance of Music as one of, if not the, primary language and metaphor that creates existence.

Music spans the gulf between the impersonal patterns of number woven into frequencies of sound and the very personal emotional response to the archetypes of embodied experience. It strikes me as interesting that it is not just being suggested that vibration is the source of existence but that it is the beautiful patterns that can be perceived within the vibrations ! Since at least the days of Pythagorus we have understood that harmony is dependent on simple numerical ratios of vibration.

All cultures seem to have discovered the Octave, the extreme consonance of vibrations in the proportion of 2:1, and most cultures also discovered what we call the ‘fifth’ created by proportions of 3:1. Ani Williams – Geometry, Music and Healing. LA CLEF DE L'ORDINATEUR QUANTIQUE. Wheeler's «it from bit» Lier et délier. Matthieu 16:19 Je te donnerai les clés du royaume des cieux, ce que tu lieras sur la terre sera lié dans les cieux, et ce que tu délieras sur la terre sera délié dans les cieux.

Matthieu 18:18 Je vous le dis en vérité, tout ce que vous lierez sur la terre sera lié dans le ciel, et tout ce que vous délierez sur la terre sera délié dans le ciel. Empilement compact L'empilement compact est la manière d'agencer des sphères dans l'espace afin d'avoir la plus grande densité de sphères, sans que celles-ci ne se recouvrent. C'est un problème que l'on se pose en général en géométrie euclidienne dans l'espace à trois dimensions, mais on peut aussi le généraliser au plan euclidien (les « sphères » étant alors des cercles), dans un espace euclidien à dimensions ( ), avec des hypersphères, ou dans un espace non euclidien.

Thèse de Church et calcul quantique Propriétés conjointes Ω = √√ ((√ρm) ^ (√ρm)) Dr. An Introduction to Hexagonal Geometry | Contents Introduction The following is a brief survey of some elemental properties of hexagons, and why they might be useful. It is not intended to be a comprehensive treatment of the subject. My specific concern here is with the mathematical properties of hexagons, and, to an extent, their role in the natural world.

I have avoided discussing hexagons as they pertain to human culture, religion, history, and other "local" concerns, though there are many fascinating instances of hexagonality and sixness in these areas, and they will no doubt be treated more fully elsewhere at another time. This article is very much a work in progress, and is not really "done" in any meaningful sense. A note about terminology: As is my general custom, and unless otherwise noted, "hexagon" refers to regular hexagons only. Some observations about hexagons A hexagon is a closed plane figure with six edges and six vertices. The properties of hexagons are numerous and interesting. And so on. Hexagonal tessellation. 33. Revolution Eve (Topology) Ch.33 Revolution Eve (Topology) We have seen what the Hyperbolic NonEuclidean World is. That is a universally acknowledged truth if we accept the assumption of parallelism.

We do not doubt it. However, there is a revolutionary idea. Do you know the Euclidean geometry completely? First we see what Euclidean geometry comes out. Here is a square. We mark arrows on edges of the square to indicate this gluing (identifying) method as shown Fig. (2). ====================== We fictitiously imagine what abstractly glued without distorting Square. We will apply a way of thinking like these to subjects hereafter A generic name for Square, the donut and the abstract glued object is 2-torus.

"2" specifies two-dimensional. Let us count Euler number (cf. . = v - e + f = 1 - 2 + 1 = 0 . Is zero. Four corners of Square gather at a point (intersection of Green and Red lines) on the donut surface. At the point without any gap or wrinkle. Fig. (3) shows a circle and a straight line on an ordinary square. . .) . Welcome To The Hanna House. Ezine. Angel – Archangel - Metatron - Tree of Life – Sephirot - Kabbalah - Qabala - Kether - Crown.