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Bertrand Jubault

Entrepreneur,Modern humanist, Hobbies: information society, Disruptive technologies, collective evolution, netizens empowered ad disintemediated Natural health, Vibrationnal healing, sounds therapy, My blog:

Le Guishu en Provence - First French Fermented rice

Knowlegde management. Vortex. Cool stuff. The Future of Work and Purposeful Collaboration. Presenters R "Ray" Wang Principal Analyst & Founder, Constellation Research, Inc.

The Future of Work and Purposeful Collaboration   

View Bio Alan Lepofsky Principal Analyst & VP, Constellation Research, Inc. Varun Kohli Senior Director of Product Marketing, Egnyte, Inc. Topic The future of work is here. Join Constellation Research's Founder and Chairman R “Ray” Wang and Principal Analyst Alan Lepofsky to learn how new collaboration approaches are taking over the traditional workflows of the enterprise.

The state of digital disruption in the enterprise The shift to purposeful collaboration The five strategies to adapt to this changing environment Presenter Bios Principal Analyst & Founder l Constellation Research, Inc. R "Ray" Wang is the Principal Analyst, Chairman and Founder at Constellation Research, Inc.

Principal Analyst & Vice President l Constellation Research, Inc. Senior Director of Product Marketing Varun Kohli heads product and partner marketing for Egnyte. What’s next in disruptive technology and innovation in financial services - Download from Davos. Regulation and technological innovation are among the key subjects being hotly debated both on and off the official agenda at the 43rd annual World Economic Forum which kicked off in Davos this week.

What’s next in disruptive technology and innovation in financial services - Download from Davos

These topics were especially scrutinized during the WEF’s Disruptive Innovations in Financial Services working group meeting on Thursday. This group, of which I am a member, includes a small number of senior representatives from leading banks, insurers, wealth and asset management firms and financial organizations. As the session was under Chatham House Rule, I am prevented from revealing specific details, but there are some high level points I can – and would like to – share. One of the more interesting questions we debated is whether the current model of capital markets, buy- and sell-side, can survive in a world where technology no longer presents the barrier it once did. Clearly the complexity, structure, and expertise mean there is still a strong role for sell-side institutions.

DIY health

Reference. Sound Healing Classes - Globe Institute. WHAT IS SOUND HEALING?

Sound Healing Classes - Globe Institute

Sound Healing, through various techniques and technologies, is the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to reach identified goals and promote wellness in the human system – including the expansion of consciousness. Sound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. For example, the study of Cymatics has shown how sound creates geometric patterns in matter. Dr. There are a wide range of techniques that utilize sound as a tool for change. SOUND HEALING TECHNIQUES Here is a list of Sound Therapy techniques offered in our Sound Therapy Center. Sound health work is now becoming more and more accepted in the mainstream.

Using Music for Healing, Therapy, and Expansion of Consciousness First there is the whole world of music. Pain Alleviation Music is also being used to help with the alleviation of pain. . - Biowaves • Bio-Tuning - by Dr.


World politics. Financial crisis. Bee the change.

  1. jubault Jan 3 2014
    Bonjour, bravo d etre utopiste, ce sont les reves ambitieux qui font avancer les choses. |Je reside en Asie depuis 20 ans a Hong Kong Cordialement, Bertrand Jubault
  2. econologie Jan 2 2014
    Bonjour :) J'ai pu voir dans votre profil : "Hobbies: information society", je me présente : je suis en train de développer un site important et dense qui se base sur des intégrations de dossiers Pearltrees, essentiellement orienté sur les alternatives. J'ignore quels sont votre métier ou vos compétences, mais j'aimerai m'entretenir avec vous dans l'espoir de quelques conseils. Je suis utopiste, décidément non adapté à la société actuelle... mais souhaite que mes travaux virtuels profitent à des projets concrets. Et c'est sur le concret que je butte :° Merci de me laisser un message en MP une fois que vous aurez confirmé notre connexion.
  3. declick Dec 28 2009
    Oy Bertrand ! Thanks for the link. To find a shop on line of Independant producer with very nice wines and Champagne also ! " Stop the Big Distributors, Buy from your Independant Producer ! " Cheers ;)