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Chemistry and GCP

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Philadelphia Teens Urban Farm Community Service. Philadelphia Orchard Week 2014! - jason.phillyteacher - Gmail. We Are Young But We Can Make a Difference in Our Community. Mr Bean - Chemistry experiment. Chemistry of Sports - Download free content from MIT. Chemistry - Download free content from Yale University. Tyrone Hayes + Penelope Jagessar Chaffer: The toxic baby. 50 Awesome Chemistry Videos For The Busy Science Teacher.

Though we don’t often recognize it, chemistry defines nearly every element of our everyday lives.

50 Awesome Chemistry Videos For The Busy Science Teacher

From the reactions that fuel the sun to the biology of our bodies to the technology in our gadgets, chemistry is at the heart of everything we do and is the central science that unites biology, physics, geology, astronomy, medicine, and countless other fields. Yet chemistry doesn’t always get the credit and recognition it deserves for playing such an awesome role in, well, everything. If you’ve been slighting chemistry, there’s no better time to give the field the credit it deserves than National Chemistry Week. Founded in 1987, the week-long event has helped bring awareness to the role chemistry plays both in our lives today and in our future. George Whitesides. In his legendary career in chemistry, George Whitesides has been a pioneer in microfabrication and nanoscale self-assembly.

George Whitesides

Now, he's fabbing a diagnostic lab on a chip. Ramsey Musallam. Helen Fisher: The brain in love. Helen Fisher. Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies gender differences and the evolution of human emotions.

Helen Fisher

She's best known as an expert on romantic love, and her beautifully penned books — including Anatomy of Love and Why We Love — lay bare the mysteries of our most treasured emotion. Why you should listen Helen Fisher's courageous investigations of romantic love -- its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its vital importance to human society -- are informing and transforming the way we understand ourselves. K_12_science_000.pdf.pdf. 9 Disturbing Side Effects of Soda. Diabetes Facts and Myths. Philadelphia-dma-diabetes-statistics-2009.pdf. Girl Rising. Water for Waslala - Dedicated to Providing Clean Water to Waslala, Nicaragua. Chemical Reactions - BIll Nye The Science Guy. Costa Rica Facts. Biodiversity-in-costa-rica. Biodiversity is a resource with enormous potential, both for intellectual and economic purposes and as an instrument for a country’s development.


The tropical zones of the American continent (Neotropics), where Costa Rica is located, contain a greater diversity of species and ecosystems, as well as a broader range of interactions, compared with other tropical regions of the world. Obviously, this diversity is also much greater than that of temperate and cold regions. With a land area of only 51.100 km2 (0.03% of the planet’s surface) and 589.000 km2 of territorial waters, Costa Rica is considered to be one of the 20 countries with greatest biodiversity in the world.

Conservancy Magazine - Forever Costa Rica. For being one of the most biologically rich spots in the world.

Conservancy Magazine - Forever Costa Rica

Though it occupies less than 0.01 percent of the planet’s landmass, the tiny nation is home to 5 percent of all species. And the country has pursued an aggressive agenda to protect this diversity. The government has set aside 26 percent of its land for conservation, which means it is closing in on an important milestone under its treaty obligations in the 1993 U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity. But to be the first developing country in the world to meet its commitments to protect biodiversity, Costa Rica still has work to do. Sibu Chocolate - Costa Rica - Sibu Chocolate - Costa Rica. Brain-Chocolate Study Suggests Opium-Like Chemical Triggers M&M Cravings. By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Published: 09/20/2012 12:22 PM EDT on LiveScience A part of the brain usually associated with movement may also control our responses to rewards, according to new research that finds stimulation of the region with an opium-like chemical can make rats gorge on M&M candies.

Brain-Chocolate Study Suggests Opium-Like Chemical Triggers M&M Cravings

The brain naturally produces opioids, or chemicals with similarities to the drug. Magazine: Chocolate: page 8. Page Eight Phenylethylamine is also found in chocolate.

Magazine: Chocolate: page 8

It's related to amphetamines, which are strong stimulants. All of these stimulants increase the activity of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) in parts of the brain that control our ability to pay attention and stay alert. Why Your Brain Loves Chocolate. As mid-February rolls around, two subjects, hand in hand, start winding their way into our societal consciousness.

Why Your Brain Loves Chocolate

Like it or not, you probably have two items “on the brain” these days: love and chocolate. Now, I sincerely hope you have an affinity for love. Likewise, probability indicates that you most likely have an affinity for chocolate. But what is it about chocolate that has all of us running to the store on Valentine’s Day to procure those shiny red boxes for our loved ones? Consider the sensations that love creates in the brain. Now, consider chocolate. CNN Food: Come on, get happy... with chocolate's help. Chocolate and the Brain" Chocolate has all of the ingredients needed to make it a wonder drug.

Chocolate and the Brain"

Global Classroom and chemistry. Homemade Bug Spray for Gardens - Homemade Bug Spray. Since Spring finally decided to stop being on vacation and show up this year many are finally being able to plant those beautiful and yummy gardens!

Homemade Bug Spray for Gardens - Homemade Bug Spray

The only problem is that with this beautiful weather also comes another visitor-little buggies. These of course can be the most annoying and destructive aspect of planting a garden. Organic Gardening: Recipes & Tips. Food, Inc. Fed Up. Vegetable, Herb, Flower, Bulbs, Gardening Supplies, Organic, Heirloom. America's Top 10 Urban Farms: Organic Food Farming, Community-Supported Agriculture, Farmers Markets. Urban Organic Gardener. Organic Agriculture: What are the environmental benefits of organic agriculture? Organic faq. What Are the Benefits of Organic Coffee Consumption? The Chemistry of Coffee. A Cup of Coffee for the Chemists. For as long as people have been working around the clock and undergraduate students have needed a little boost to get through a day’s lectures, coffee has been the go-to product. Coffee, and the caffeine that we extract from it, powers our 24-hours-a-day society.

But while many students and professors worship coffee, a tasty cup of java contains plenty of chemistry as well. Coffee relies on its chemistry from the moment the bean is picked to the first sip. Moreover, coffee’s most famous component, caffeine, plays a powerful role, even outside of that first cup of joe. Coffee: A Brief History. Unlocking Coffee's Chemical Composition: Part 1. Everyday millions of people around the world begin their day religiously with a morning cup of coffee. Though today we easily identify coffee in its beverage form, it wasn’t always this way in the beginning. Throughout history, coffee has taken on several physical transformations, initially serving as an energy source when nomadic tribes combined coffee berries with animal fat as an early form of an energy bar.

Later it was consumed as a tea, then wine, and finally to the beverage we’ve come to identify today. But how much of coffee’s chemical composition do we actually know? Over the past half century scientists have made significant progress which has allowed them to unlock the nearly 1,000 compounds found in roasted coffee. Welcome to