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Tasty PSD & other resources made with care for each pixel. Free for both personal & commercial use. Have a bite! CheatSheet. 300+ Resources to Help You Become a Photoshop Expert. Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most powerful graphics and photo manipulation software on the market.

300+ Resources to Help You Become a Photoshop Expert

You can do virtually anything with Photoshop, from fantasy image collages to complete website designs, and everything in between. Although while Photoshop is incredibly powerful, it can also be incredibly complicated, especially when trying to perform advanced functions. Below are over 300 resources to get you on your way to Photoshop mastery. There’s everything from cheat sheets to brushes to tutorials to action scripts, as well as collections of even more resources and tools.

New Free PSD Files 2014. High quality and free collection of Psd Files, PSD graphics, responsive templates, vector backgrounds, PSD business cards, PSD flyers, UI kits and many useful Photoshop resources which are very helpful to making web or mobile UI.

New Free PSD Files 2014

In this collection you will find only handpicked and fresh free PSD files which can save your same time and money, you can download and use all of these PSD files free of cost for your design projects. You might be interested to read: Recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. Please feel free to download psd files. I am confident that these files will save you lots of time in your next graphic designs. New Free PSD Files 2014. 20 packs UI kits gratuits et complets pour vos créations web - ressources. 350+ Latest UI Kit PSDs for Web & Mobile » Free UI Kits. Creative Flat UI Kits for Designers. Flat design flat user interface kits with a huge amounts of web elements for graphic designers.

Creative Flat UI Kits for Designers

Flat UI Kits was designed to help you design complete websites in Photoshop easily in few minutes. All Kits are fully layered and grouped and well organized PSD format. So it’s easy to modify and customize everything. All elements are easy to resize and change colors. Here is the list of Flat Design UI Kits which are playing a very important role in interface designing. You might be interested to read: Recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. Les meilleurs sites de .PSD webdesign gratuits #2. 19 Inspiring Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design. Illustrations are a great way to give a design personality.

19 Inspiring Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design

And it doesn’t matter if your website is a portfolio, a service, or an event – well thought out and designed illustrated elements look good in any project. From simple and minimal illustrated details, to full illustrated backgrounds, there are a lot of options. In the collection of sites we’ve gathered for you in this post, you’ll see sketches in headers and footers and even a whole illustrated team. You are sure to find plenty of inspiration here. Cole Townsend. 35 Brilliant Unusual Layout Websites. By Bruno Moura on July 31, 2011 with 0 Comments in Web Design 694 days ago by Bruno Moura in Web Design | You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS feed . You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Related Posts 30 Beautiful Examples of Designs of Brochures 22 Amazing Examples Of Branding Design Fascinating Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography 15 Inspiring Examples of Medical Web Design. PortKit: UX Metaphor Equivalents for iOS & Android.

PortKit shows you each Cocoa UI Element in iOS 6 / iOS 7 and its Android widget version, side by side, so you can compare and find the correct equivalent when porting an app.

PortKit: UX Metaphor Equivalents for iOS & Android

We are a Brisbane based company that develops iPhone & iPad Apps and Android Applications and we wanted a simple way to visualise, reference and compare UI elements, and have quick access to documentation and the respective naming conventions. Due to the popularity of this post we decided to add a tonne of handy resources, tools, and tips that we use day to day available at the bottom of this post. Skip to awesome resources below ↓ iOS 7 UIButton iOS 7 UISwitch. 22 Online HTML5 Tools for Web Designers.

Free HTML5 tools for creating, improving, testing and debugging your codes.

22 Online HTML5 Tools for Web Designers

Web development can include lots of complications… and especially with the advent of HTML5, browser compatibility and such issues have created more troubles. But thankfully, the solutions are never far away. 30+ Best Flat Web Design Examples. Despite the popular opinion that flat web designs are not “cool” the trend is growing rapidly among designers.

30+ Best Flat Web Design Examples

Designers believe that anyone can play with shadows, effects and gradients but only true designers are able to create good designs using only flat colors and line. An addition to this is that flat web designs load very quickly and they are very friendly with responsive web designing. On the other hand, there’s another opinion; some designers say that routine clients never get satisfied with flat color designs, they need wowing effects so gradients and shadows and stuff is completely necessary and there’s nothing wrong with using these effects. At first it was considered that this trend would never pick up. Even Windows 8 received loads of negative reviews because of their use of flat colors all around.

Actually flat color designs are fresher. Free PSD Mockup Templates For All Your Design Needs. One great thing about viewing other graphic artists Photoshop PSD files is that you can examine what kind of methods and techniques they use to achieve their works of art.

Free PSD Mockup Templates For All Your Design Needs

Download High-Quality Free PSD Daily - Download High-Quality Free Photoshop PSD Files Daily. Free UI Kit PSD 10 Most Popular Tools for Creating Infographics. : un nouveau service de création d'infographies automatisé. Alors que la visualisation des données est un sujet très en vogue actuellement, un service lancé il y a quelque temps propose aux utilisateurs de créer des infographies en quelques secondes. : un nouveau service de création d'infographies automatisé

Celui-ci offre pour l'heure la possibilité de visualiser et comparer des données statistiques extraites de Twitter et Facebook, mais devrait s'ouvrir prochainement à d'autres plateformes. Le service permet également aux infographistes de valoriser leurs travaux en publiant leurs créations. est un service gratuit de création d'infographies personnalisées, qui permet aux utilisateurs de visualiser rapidement des données extraites de Facebook et Twitter. Ils peuvent ainsi choisir parmi plusieurs thèmes graphiques et convertir des données issues du web social en infographies : comparaison de deux comptes Twitter (ex : engagement, ratio abonnement/abonnés), suivi de l'évolution d'un hashtag Twitter, ou encore visualisation des interactions sur Facebook.

Découvrir Useful Resources to Convert Websites for Mobile Devices. Internet access has taken a new turn with the introduction of Smartphones in the industry.

Useful Resources to Convert Websites for Mobile Devices

With a Smartphone in your hand, you don’t need to seat in front of a desktop or to carry the laptop with you wherever you go. Actually, this tech savvy generation keeps in touch with the internet through their handy, high class mobile devices. That is why they frequently visit those websites that can be easily accessed through mobile devices as well. Most of the website developers and website designers are now engaged in developing sites that can also be accessed through mobile phones without any hassle. That is why the demand for tools to convert a website to mobile-friendly format is so high in today’s market. Web access is very important nowadays. New Twitter App PSD Download. I am so excited about this freebie. A few days ago I decided to create a fully editable Photoshop file of Twitter's new Mac OSX app that was released a few weeks ago.

I figured everyone made such a big deal about it why not make a PSD out of the new design and share it with you guys, just for fun. Enjoy! Twitter Bootstrap – Out There To Accelerate Your Projects. Twitter Bootstrap is a widely used set of free tools containing HTML and CSS-based templates for buttons, charts, forms, typography, along many others, and even optional JavaScript extensions. GitHub continuously develops the project and it is most likely their most impressive toolkit until now – as a matter of fact, it is even used by MSNBC, CodeSprint and NASA. If you check all their websites, you will notice clean grids with a professional interface and will note a lot of variety in details.

Bootstrap was released as open-source in August 2011; its latest version at the publishing time of this article is 2.0.4 and is dated June 3st 2012. Un « Kit Infographie » à télécharger gratuitement. Les infographies ont la côte ces temps-ci. Pour appuyer un article, illustrer des propos, égayer une plaquette pro ou tout simplement illustrer son CV, impossible de passer à côté de la tendance. Pour mieux comprendre, partons de zéro et décomposons le mot : Info-graphie. C’est donc l’art de faire passer une information de façon graphique. Free Photoshop Brushes at Brusheezy!