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Free Photoshop Brushes at Brusheezy!

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11 Water Splash Photoshop Brushes Brushes, Freebies February 17, 2014 Hello creatives! Last week was a showcase of Valentines-themed freebies for your design needs. This week, we will continue to give you guys some love with our awesome sets of Photoshop brushes. 33 Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Amazing Posters and Ads You will probably agree, all of these tuts are amazing, they all combine great typography, amazing image manipulation, color schemes and bring it all together perfectly. Download or Buy Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended » 1. Create a Sony Ericcson G900 Poster How to Change the Background of a Picture in Photoshop Do you want to change the background of a picture in Photoshop? Perhaps you want to turn a cloudy sky into a beautiful sunny day? Or add a flat background to your corporate headshot? If so, you’ll be pleased to know it’s actually quite easy. Being able to change the background of a photo is one of Adobe Photoshop’s best features. The application even includes tools to select tricky areas like hair, and match the colors from different images.

12 Mind Blowing Photoshop Actions That Transforms Any Image into a Piece of Art Lets kick this off by saying that these Photoshop actions literally made my jaw drop. Rewind 10 years, there I am spending hours upon hours in Photoshop creating pieces for fun that are similar to the outcomes of these Actions (I will be the first to admit that these outcomes are slightly better), fast foward 10 years, you can do it in one click. Rediculous! Sevenstyles, you have blown my mind. 500+ Free Exquisite Vintage Textures and Backgrounds The scariest thing about time is how fast it goes. It’s so fast that most of us doesn’t even know what we’ve missed, and before we know it, they’re all gone in a blink and all that is left are vintage images of the past which will just oftentimes, bring nostalgic feelings of the good ol’days. Sorry, I just can’t help feeling nostalgic this new year prompting me to gather some good ol’stuff like this round-up of 500+ free exquisite vintage textures and backgrounds that you can download and use right away without the hassles of going to antique shops or searching in your granma’s attic. These are all free, but please make sure your read each of their terms before using. Blast your way to the past, download and enjoy. 8 Old Books Textures by Flowersong

Brusher : hundreds of sparrows Brusher tool 1.0 extended readme Installation: Exit Photoshop. Put brtl_general.jsxbin to Photoshop/Presets/Scripts folder. If you're on Windows, start Photoshop by right clicking on .exe and selecting Run as Administrator. One-Page Packing Checklist The more you know, the less you carry. What To Pack This Web site features an extensively annotated copy of the packing list that I use, refined over many years (and many miles) of travel, both business and pleasure; it's intended to provide a convenient starting point for you to create a customized list of your own. For actual use while packing, of course, a more compact format is preferable. You can download the convenient checklist version of my list, provided in Adobe portable document format (PDF) for printing on a single letter-sized page, which can be printed on both sides, then cut in half to make two copies (this also works on A4-sized paper with just a bit of extra trimming).

Brilliant Everyday Design Tricks We'd Never Heard Of I write a lot of different things, but this stacks up as one of the most difficult pieces. Why? Because design tricks are a dime a dozen, but unheard of ones are, by definition, unheard of. To find them, you either have to know a few of your own, have some friends that are willing to dish their secrets, or get very lucky. Fortunately for me (and you), I had a combination of all three helping me out. Will you use these tricks every day? Free Photoshop Tools For Web Designers Photoshop is still a favorite among a lot of web designers, and the right tools make it even more powerful than it already is. To help you boost productivity, save time and (obviously) nerves, we have picked some valuable Photoshop resources, plugins and scripts for you. Some of them will speed up routine tasks so you can concentrate more on your actual work, others build a bridge between Photoshop and code so your design mockups can benefit from the best of both worlds. Unless otherwise noted, the resources are free to use and require Photoshop CC 2015. HTML Block Link Code and Photoshop don’t go well together?

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