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A beautiful and full-featured CSS framework

A beautiful and full-featured CSS framework
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27 Best Photoshop Web Layout Design Tutorials to Design Decent Web Layouts Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off For beginner web designers – design tutorials really help to understand the basic knowledge about web design! Design a cool Photography Portfolio Design A Grungy Website Design In Photoshop Design a High End Webdesign From Scratch Design Your Own Personal Portfolio Page In Photoshop Design a cool Portfolio Web Layout Urban Layout Design in Photoshop Design a Funky website Design in Photoshop Design a personal portfolio Site in Photoshop Designing a Dating Agency Website in Photoshop Music Band Website Designing a Clean Photo Portfolio Site In Photoshop Cool Dark website Design Dark Themed Website From Scratch 3d Studio Design In photoshop Design a Cartoon Grunge Web layout in Photoshop Design a Hand Drawn style Website in Photoshop Design a Cool Photo Portfolio Tutozor Web2.0 Re-Design Tutorial Webstudio Layout Design Dark Portfolio Layout

20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS CSS can be both a tricky and easy to learn. The syntax itself is easy, but some concepts can be difficult to understand. It’s super important to understand because your website’s reputation partially relies on it, as it is the backbone of your web design. This article features 20 excellent websites to help you “grok” CSS. 1. A List Apart, the premier site to read articles about web design and best practices, has a collection of articles on the topic of CSS dating back to 1999. 2. CSS Help Pile is an aggregate of CSS resources, tips, and how-to’s. 3. CSS Basics is formatted like a book with 18 chapters dedicated to educating readers about fundamental CSS concepts. 4. Holy CSS Zeldman (not a site by Jeffrey Zeldman) is a useful collection of resources that link to standards-based CSS tutorials, tools, and layouts. 5. Here’s a collection of works by Eric Meyer (acclaimed web professional and author). 6. 456 Berea Street – CSS category 7. /* Position Is Everything */ 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15.

Design a Clean e-Commerce Website Interface in Photoshop Remember the Fashion Store freebie? Today I'll show you how to create this clean e-commerce website interface in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial isn't only filled with many Photoshop techniques but also design concepts that go beyond the how-to part, which I'm sure you don't want to miss. Fashion Store, The Freebie First of all, I'd like to give credit to Sunil, who actually designed this interface. Sketch Your Idea Keep your sketches loose and rough. Before we jump right into Adobe Photoshop, we should first take a moment to think about the way we'll structure our design. When we're creating a wireframe, we sketch our page to try out different visual placements for each element in our page. At this stage we should stop worrying about how specific elements will be displayed, and think of what the overall site design can become. Unfortunately, since I've not created this layout from scratch, I don't have a screen shot of the sketched wireframe to show you. Further Reading: Layout: Composition

Web Design Resource - 25 Sites to download Free Web Templates Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. The open source is a great way to implement the newest ideas and latest concepts into design., Check out these 25 websites that offer quality website templates for free download (under creative-commons) – some of these sites give some stylish web designs that’s worth to download and have a look 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Complete set of image hosting with exclusive collection of 156-215.70 braindumps provide you complete knowledge of F50-531 and jncia exams so you will pass your final hp ais exam in first try. About brantwilson Brant Wilson is a staff writer for the DesignMag network.

Create a Clean and Modern Web Design in Photoshop In this web design tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a clean-looking and modern website layout. We will take advantage of some fundamental techniques and tools — such as custom shape tools, selection tools, and clipping masks — and end up with a nice and professional web design. Ready? Let’s get started! Preview First, take a peek at what we’ll be creating together by clicking the preview image below to enlarge. Resources Function Free Icon Set by WeFunction Step 1: Setting up a new document In order to keep everything aligned and well-organized, we’ll be using the 960 Grid System: Download it here. Once downloaded, open the Photoshop document called “960_grid_24_col". Hide the layer group called “24 Col Grid”. Since we’ll be using guides a lot in this tutorial, our Rulers have to be turned on. We also need to make sure that guides are turned on. Let’s make our canvas a bit taller. Step 2: Creating the navigation bar background Step 3: Adding website name and navigation text

204 Google Plus interface icons, including several sizes. (pixel perfect) Hello friends, we hope you have enjoyed our latest article “Google Plus: The good, the bad and the ugly”, the article has generated a lot of controversy that in the end will help us spread the word about this amazing social experiment from the Google crew. To continue with the same topic, today we have released an off the hook freebie for all of you featuring a huge bundle of Google Plus interface icons ready for download. The freebie includes both vector (PNG) and pixel perfect (PSD) sources, color and gray versions and different sizes; if you like this awesome freebie, you can show us your gratitude by sharing it with your friends or a quick tweet. Following the same Google style, our friends at Iconshock have created these amazing icons. From large vectors to pixel perfect versions, every icon has been created by pixel experts to guarantee a high end product that you can really enjoy.

Ultimate Free Icon Set: 1000 Free Icons By This design resource freebie — containing 1,000 free vector icons — is the biggest free icon set that Six Revisions has ever released. This freebie comes in three formats: PNG – a popular web format that’s ready to use (read about the PNG image format here)EPS – an editable graphics vector file that you can open and edit in vector-editing software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAWAI – the original vector file that you can open and edit in Adobe Illustrator This freebie was created exclusively for the Six Revisions readers to enjoy by — a search engine that helps graphic and web designers find high quality photos, vectors, illustrations, and PSD files for their creative projects. Preview Download ultimate_free_icon_set (ZIP, 10.7 MB) Related Content About the Author is a search engine that helps graphic and web designers locate high quality photos, vectors, illustrations and PSD files for their creative projects.

How to turn your icons into a web font I had created some neat icons for a website redesign I was doing, and I previewed the new site on an old iPad. The layout looked OK at normal size, but zooming in to part of the page, I suddenly saw that my icon was a blurry mess, while the text-based header was still crisp and sharp. On a newer Retina-display iPad, the icons didn’t look quite sharp, even at normal size. The first idea I had was to create double-sized sprite images, setting them to display at half their size using CSS. The answer was obvious. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to turn vector icons into a web font using a great free web app called IcoMoon. The advantages of using an icon font An icon font has several advantages over bitmap images, in addition to image sharpness. Suitability: an icon font will be much smaller in file size than a series of images, especially if you have used double-sized images for Retina displays. So, let’s get started! Creating an icon font Step by step 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the IcoMoon web app.

10 Free for Commercial Use Vector Graphic Galleries for Designers - Looking for a good source of free vector illustrations to throw into your designs can be frustrating sometimes. You find something you like or that has an object in it which you could use only to find out that you cannot use it in a commercial project. Well I’ve done my share of digging through hundreds of search engine results and decided to put them in one place where I can share these favorites. I chose these sites because I found that many – if not most – of the vector objects are available free for commercial use. It’s important for designers to respect the copyrights of the original authors. Many of these guys and gals make a living from producing quality graphics and illustrations. Before proceeding, here is a little more information about the Creative Commons Licenses and how they work: The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Here we go: Colorful, nice looking website.

15+ Free Holiday & Winter Vectors: Winterize With the holidays upon us, and with winter in full mode (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) – we present to you a vector pack that reflects this joyous time of the year. Winterize – an exclusive Six Revisions vector pack brought to you by Freelance Review, a design blog that covers the business of freelance design – is a vector pack containing 17 vectors, available in EPS and AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. You can use them royalty-free, even for commercial purposes. The only thing you may not do, however, is to redistribute the vectors without permission from Six Revisions. Preview Download winterize (ZIP, 1.3MB) Related Content About the Author