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Roton Products, Inc. Quality Lead Screws and Nuts for Power Tran. - Home. Woodworking for engineers. Build Your Own CNC Router Machine. HobbyCNC - CNC Kits, Plans, Stepper Motors, Foam Cutting. CNC4PC. November 2008 - DXF Archive. Home. Woodworking Assembly Hardware - Cross Dowels. Ceramic,Miniature Ball Bearings. Welcome to CamBam. Drill bit, drill bits,shop tool, drill bits,carbide drill bits, On a real object this can manifest itself by giving really poor results.

Here is a chair back that was done for my neighbor to replace a broken one. Note that the rungs "X" and "Y" are supposed to be the same width. I purchased the bipolar stepper drivers for my new CNC machine from because I liked that they have a modular design (each axis with its separate driver board). I got the electronics put together on the workbench and connected to motors and everything seemed to be fine but after I got the machine together, I noticed that it was missing steps in every axis and this was reproducable with exactly the same error and not speed dependent. MeshCAM - CNC Machining Software.