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Kretsloppskompost - Gröna rader. Allt köksavfall kan användas i kretsloppskomposten.

Kretsloppskompost - Gröna rader

Foto: Lotta Flodén En enkel och miljövänlig metod att ta vara på energin i köks- och trädgårdsavfall. Bengt Flärdh är en passionerad odlare som under många decennier intresserat sig för och experimenterat med slutna kretslopp som har ett minimum av näringsförluster. Enligt Bengt Flärdh läcker den vanliga öppna komposten stora mängder näring och växthusgaser, så han utvecklade det han kallar för kretloppskomposten. Det är ett slutet system utan näringsläckage som har visat sig ge enorma skördar. Blanda lika delar jord och avfall Metoden innebär att man blandar köksavfall och andra biologiska restprodukter med lika delar jord i en skadedjurssäker behållare. Här har jag gjort en liten variant av kretsloppskomposten. Presentation av Bengt Flärdh, kretsloppskompostens skapare (av Lena Israelsson) Kretsloppskomposten: Beskrivning, resultat, bakgrund. Teas for the Organic Grower. This book is needed by all small backyard gardeners and small-scale farmers.

Teas for the Organic Grower

There are a lot of books exploring worm-farming, brief chapters in gardening manuals on garden teas, specifics on one single aspect of building soil fertility or information that is too general and diluted. It is clear that we have to stop using chemical herbicides and pesticides. This book fills the gap on a very important subject that will show you in detail how to remediate soil naturally. The author begins by explaining how the research and practice of using compost teas has developed. My only disappointment here is that he mentions Korean Natural Farming (KNF) preparations but does not quote Master Cho’s work directly. Ylva Andersson - Kompostera på olika sätt. Solkompost - så startar du egen. Solkomposten är en fin present.

Solkompost - så startar du egen

Det är en gåva till dig från solen, naturen och från Bengt Flärdh i Norrköping. Building Microbe-Rich Living Compost Part 1. How I make soil bacteria for my veggie garden. 9 Things Everyone Thinks You Can't Compost, But You Can! As far as green living goes, composting organic waste is about as earth-friendly as it gets.

9 Things Everyone Thinks You Can't Compost, But You Can!

If you’ve been composting for a while now, you’re likely aware of the long list of compostable items you can add to your pile, as well as a few materials that really don’t belong in a healthy compost heap. While there are certain items that are more difficult to compost, pretty much anything of organic origin can be composted or otherwise recycled. Pin It In the effort to encourage more composting – and not less – we’ve rounded up some of the top items we’re often told not to add to the compost heap, but have included methods to dispose of these materials that doesn’t involve the landfill. If you shudder at the thought of tossing organics in the trash, read on!


Cow Manure

Compost Tumbler. Compost Tea. Eliminating Weed Seeds Homemade Compost. I have always made compost.

Eliminating Weed Seeds Homemade Compost

Currently, I have a wormery plus a Hotbin chugging away in my greenhouse. These make weed free potting compost and the glorious 'worm wee' that fertilises the greenhouse crops. I also have a stack of three tractor tyres that composts large quantities of organic matter plus four black bins that were sold very cheaply by my council a few years ago. En hel videoserie om bokashi-kompost- Sara Bäckmo. Förra sommaren började jag spela in en serie avsnitt om bokashi-kompost till YouTube. Jag får många frågor om varför jag använder just den här komposten och inte en traditionell hushållskompost, hur det går till och om det verkligen, verkligen fungerar. Building Microbe-Rich Living Compost. Please read and agree to the following terms.

Building Microbe-Rich Living Compost

If you disagree, you will be re-directed to the home page, and will not be able to attend on-farm events. For the opportunity to participate in this workshop, conducted through Living Web Farms (“LWF”), I hereby grant to LWF and its successors, licensees, assigns, employees and/or agents (a) the right to photograph, record, tape, film and otherwise reproduce my likeness, voice, mannerisms, image, appearance and performance during my participation in the Workshop, and (b) the right to use my name, likeness, portrait or pictures, voice and biographical material about me. LWF shall have the right to use such materials and information for educational, organizational and promotional purposes, and to exploit such materials and information in any and all media, including, without limitation, on LWF’s website. Additionally, I acknowledge that there is a risk of injury, which can result from my participation in the Workshop.

How To Improve Your Garden Soil Without A Compost Heap - Whole Food Home. A compost heap is a great way to recycle kitchen waste and improve your garden soil for free.

How To Improve Your Garden Soil Without A Compost Heap - Whole Food Home

However not everyone has the space needed and depending on where you live, you may want to deter any unwanted furry visitors. 5 Fantastic DIY Composting Methods For Endless Rich Organic Black Gold – By J HERMAN Compost is one of those nifty gardening tools that can either make or break your garden.

5 Fantastic DIY Composting Methods For Endless Rich Organic Black Gold –

Revered by weathered garden pros as ‘black gold,’ compost is something so highly praised, you’d be nuts to not add it to your own garden. But how do you make compost? Fortunately, composting is a relatively easy process, and there’s a handful of different methods you can try just by holding on to your food scraps. So hop on the ‘going green’ train and give composting a try. Biokol och Bokashi - enkel variant för dig som vedeldar hemma. Greenfoot - Effektiva Mikroorganismer. För er som odlar, kommer här ett recept för att ta tillvara hästgödsel på bästa sätt.

Greenfoot - Effektiva Mikroorganismer

Bokashimetoden kan man lika använda på gödsel som med matavfall, det är ett billigt och enkelt sätt omvandla färskt gödsel till jord på bara några veckor. Använder du hushållsavfall i täckodlingen? Även om det inte är animaliska produkter i hushållskomposten så är den ett byte som är hett eftertraktat av en mängd olika djur.

Använder du hushållsavfall i täckodlingen?

Hund till exempel. How to Make a Compost Bin from Pallets. 6 Main Reasons Compost Piles Fail, and What to do. There are six common reasons why compost piles fail, but solutions are relatively easy to accomplish. Anyone who has read about gardening knows that compost is a good thing. Compost provides and holds essential nutrients for plant growth, improves soil structure, helps retain water and improve soil aeration, and it attracts beneficial microorganisms to the soil. But sometimes even the experienced gardener may experience what I call “compost fail.”

Symptoms of compost fail include material that never decomposes, a pile that stinks, or a pile that attracts vermin. 30 things you should never compost or recycle. Remember the good ol' days — back when we only had one bin for trash? In retrospect, those days were actually more wasteful than good. We sent things to the landfill that might have nourished our yards, and buried them side-by-side with materials that should have been reclaimed and put back in the production chain. Today, most of us have two bins: one for compost and another for recycling. They're great for reducing curbside trash, but not everything is suitable for those bins. How to Make Compost. Compost is the ultimate ingredient for building fertile soil. If everyone composted their kitchen and garden waste, the world would be a cleaner place, and we would all enjoy more productive organic gardens. Some folks are intimidated by this unfamiliar and seemingly mysterious process — but have no fear! Composting is nothing more than guiding the natural process by which organic wastes decompose.

You simply cannot do it wrong. Composting Techniques for Anyone. Compost bins can be made of repurposed materials, like these pallets. Composting doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it require a strong back, large acreage, livestock waste or expensive bins. Even apartment-dwellers or those with physical limitations can put their kitchen waste to work. The following are composting techniques from the simplest to the most strenuous. Screen Compost Now to Make Your Own Seed Compost for Spring. If you make a plentiful supply of good compost, you can screen it to remove large particles and be self-sufficient in seedling and potting compost. In the summer months, compost piles work fast. If you can set aside some time before cold weather to screen the amount of compost you will need for seedlings in the spring, you can then have unfrozen compost ready to use when you need it in January or February.

Even better, if you put the screened compost into some kind of bin, bed or box in your greenhouse, you can transplant lettuce into it, and the watering to keep the lettuce growing will help the compost organisms to mellow out the compost over the winter. Worm eggs will hatch out, the lettuce roots will make air channels throughout the bin, and you can harvest the lettuce before you need to sow seedlings.

Composting. Fast compost - Soil Permaculture Design and Maintenance Permaculture Research Institute. What is Compost? Compost is humanity’s version of the humus found in nature, and the compost heap is a ‘digester’ – our tool used to produce it. Humus is made of broken down vegetation which releases nutrients back into the soil for healthy plant growth. Similarly, under the direction of the careful gardener, the composting process breaks down a rich mixture of ingredients to produce a potent humus which will regenerate soil and foster vigorous plant growth.

Virtually anything which has once lived can be composted – although selecting the most appropriate mixture of ingredients from what is available can be seen at first as something of a ‘dark art’. Time spent in quiet observation of the natural processes of your garden will never be wasted. 5 Tips for Making Better Compost. A Complete Manual On Vermicomposting And Vermiculture » Sustainable Living World. Compost Q&A. Build a Worm Tower To Spread Compost Over Your Garden. A worm tower not only enables worms do their work at composting, but it also helps them spread out and distribute the compost in your tank garden. This is such a low maintenance way of keeping nutrients cycling in your garden, and easy to put together. All you'll need is a 3 or 4 foot piece of PVC piping (or a 12" concrete pipe) and a flower pot. According to Ecofilms, be sure to use a food grade PVC pipe to avoid any chemical contamination - and the concrete pipe often works best.

Punch holes in the side of the pipe. This is where the worms will travel back and forth between the compost and the garden patch. Once you've got your pipe, the next step is to bury the tower half way down in your garden with half of the pipe sticking out the top. DIY: Chicken Manure Tumbling Composter. Composting 101 for citydwellers. As Tom Philpott wrote in the introductory essay to Grist’s Feeding the City series, urban agriculture took a huge hit once combustible-fuel machines replaced horses — and horse manure — as the vehicle of choice in cities. Farms need fertilizer, and it’s more efficient to grow where the sources of it live and poop. However, every day city dwellers throw away huge amounts of organic matter that could be turned into that precious material — through composting.

Yard trimmings and food scraps make up 26 percent of U.S. waste, and once this organic matter hits the landfill, it breaks down slowly due to lack of air: your farmers-market tomato can produce methane, a deadly greenhouse gas, in a not-so-green afterlife. DIY Spinning Composter. This year was my first year for a full-fledged garden. I consider it full-fledged because it produced enough to not only feed Biceps and I, but it also allowed me to dehydrate, freeze and give-away the excess. To be honest, I was just happy that anything sprouted from the earth. "Backyard composting is as easy as walking out to your yard on a summer's day". Pin our helpful composting infographic and start your own compost p… How To Compost Like A Boss. 3 Composting Techniques Everyone Should Know. We all know by now that composting is important to the environment. It allows natural waste to return to the earth, while adding a nutrient rich material to our gardens.

Composting for Serious Gardeners. With more than forty years of experience redefining gardening's boundaries, author Will Bonsall shows how readers can eliminate the use of off-farm inputs like fertilizers, minerals, and animal manures by practicing a purely veganic, or plant-based, agriculture-not for strictly moral or philosophical reasons, but because it is more ecologically efficient and makes good business sense. In Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening, (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015) he offers readers in-depth information on growing, harvesting, and processing an incredibly diverse variety of food crops. The following excerpt is from Chapter 1, “Composting as if it Mattered.”

How to Make a Worm Compost System: 10 Steps. How to make a Worm Farm from a Wheelie Bin. Worm Composting. Bokashi blir jord direkt i landen. Hot Compost – Composting in 18 Days. Cohabitat - Photos du journal. Healthy News and Information. Kökskompostering med bokashi. Blir jord på plats i landen. Cohabitat - Timeline Photos. 310040 10151436392157993 933123408 n. Easy Organic Compost. Composting Toilet - What Is It? And Why Do I Need One? Top Things to Compost, and What to Avoid. The composting area or how to abound life in your soil - The Humanure Handbook - Center of the Humanure Composting Universe. Urban composting toilet: humanure for your garden. The Humanure Handbook.