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How to Make a Vermicomposting Flush Toilet

How to Make a Vermicomposting Flush Toilet
Quinta do Vale is an off-grid permaculture project of 2.5ha in the mountains of Central Portugal. It’s an evolving demonstration site for many aspects of sustainable living, with a particular emphasis on off-grid infrastructure. It’s run by Wendy Howard. When I first started planning the infrastructure here, I intended to use Joe Jenkins‘ dry ‘humanure’ composting toilet system throughout. It’s simple, easy to construct and maintain, portable even, and doesn’t require separation of urine from faeces. And it’s an efficient thermophilic composting process with a well-balanced output. Many people though dislike dry toilets. In 2013, we were converting an old hen coop into an outhouse toilet. From a conventional flush toilet, flushings drain through a waste pipe into an insulated plastic container. When the flushings enter the container, the solids remain on the surface to be processed by the worms and the liquids drain through the organic filter material and exit the container.

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Construction of Holzmiete-Inspired Compost Toilet and Urinal System by Paul Kean, Tiger Hill Permaculture Last year some trees were cleared for milling on the farm and a by-product of that process was the tree crowns and stumps that can’t be milled. There is estimated to be about 200 ton of stumps and crowns to be cut up for firewood as a result. Composting Toilets UK, Ireland & Europe - Sun Mar - Toilet Revolution Sun Mar composting toilets are the only residential composting toilet system certified and listed under NSF Standard 41. NSF Fact Sheet, see our NSF Listing by following the link. Products are only certified by NSF after an exhaustive 6 month test, backed up by satisfactory experience in the field, which requires amongst many requirements that there is to be no odour, even during overload testing, and the compost produced has to contain extremely low levels of faecal coliform.

It's simple. If we can't change our economic system, our number's up Let us imagine that in 3030BC the total possessions of the people of Egypt filled one cubic metre. Let us propose that these possessions grew by 4.5% a year. How big would that stash have been by the Battle of Actium in 30BC? This is the calculation performed by the investment banker Jeremy Grantham. The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building, and Using Greywater Systems, Includes Branched Drains by Art Ludwig Start by marking “The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building, and Using Greywater Systems, Includes Branched Drains” as Want to Read: Enlarge cover Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Rate this book Clear rating

L'Uritonnoir: the straw bale urinal that makes compost from 'liquid gold' "Are you used to going for a number one in the back of your garden?" asks French design studio Faltazi. "Do not waste this valuable golden fluid by sprinkling on inappropriate surfaces!" Free Energy Live In Action! This Is Breathtaking As Science Is Being Re-Written Watching this video was quite an experience. It’s perhaps because I’ve been following this topic for so many years now and amidst all the doubt and negativity from mainstream science, amazing scientists have put together devices that time and time again show that our current understandings of science and physics can use some updating. To begin, I want to define what I mean when I say ‘free energy.’ I refer to it as getting more energy out than you put in and/or not requiring input and having energy be produced perpetually. To answer the question, yes this device will need part replacement, bearing, belts etc. at some point in its lifespan. Minimal costs involved there.

Tips for Septic System Maintenance - Green Homes Bio-Microbics incorporates designs, manufactures and supplies wastewater and storm water equipment for residential single-family homes, small communities, commercial properties and marine vessel markets. If a septic system is not suitably located, properly designed, carefully installed, and adequately maintained, it can fail. It can also fail if solids clog it. Failing systems can threaten your family and neighbors' health, reduce the value of your property, and cost a lot of money to repair. 7 Uncommon Items You Should Toss Into Your Compost Pile Composting might not be as cool as making smoothies and creating new vegan dishes, but it is a trend worth catching onto if you haven’t already. Composting isn’t some hippie style of gardening – it’s a fantastic way to use something you’d normally trash and re-purpose it to enhance your garden, soil, or your plants if you have any. The idea of composting is to essentially let the items disintegrate, which will help them nourish the soil due to the nutrients that form as they disintegrate. The 411 on Composting Composting is really pretty easy, too. All you need to get started is either a composting pail or an old container such as black compost bin (which will help it last through the winter).

Waterless Composting Toilets: A Practical Guide Waterless Composting Toilets: A Practical Guide One of our most popular articles in Issue 2 of Pip is our piece on composting loos, “Waterless Composting Toilets” [PDF]. In fact, we were really chuffed to hear from Jan and Nat from Designful Studio, a sustainable building design firm in Hobart, Tasmania, who liked it so much they said on Instagram, it’s a “very handy resource… [looking] forward to referring it to [our] clients who want to embrace composting”. Thanks guys, it means a lot that you want to spread the word of our work, and that you’re enthusiastic about composting human poo! Another big thanks goes to Kym Mogridge who kindly and expertly wrote the piece. Kym is the owner of Adobe Loos & Worms, in Bega, and has a proverbial humanure (ha, see what I did there?)

Five-dimensional glass memory can store 360TB per disc, rugged enough to outlive the human race Scientists at the University of Southampton in the UK have succeeded in creating five-dimensional (5D), ultra-high-density storage on standard silica glass discs that, unlike DVDs or Blu-rays, seem to be capable of storing data for an unlimited period of time without a reduction in data integrity. The scientists say that 5D optical storage could allow for densities as high as 360 terabytes per disc, and unless you crush it in a vice, these discs are so non-volatile that data stored on them should “survive the human race.” At first glance, five-dimensional storage might sound a bit like pseudoscience — but, in this case, the data really is stored on five different dimensions (surfaces, planes). There are the usual two dimensions (width, height) provided by a piece of silica glass, and depth is provided by writing at three different depths (layers) within the glass.

Biochar! The verdict is in: it works. And you should do it. Badgersett Research Farm If you’ve been hanging around green or sustainable news and discussion places in the past five years, you’ve almost certainly run into articles, video, and TedXes on biochar, and how it “could” or “can” or “will” save the world. You may also know it as terra preta. Biochar has been seen doing so many things in so many places, that it is incredibly easy for intelligent readers to start muttering “snake oil" by the second paragraph. John Searl Solution : The Searl Effect "Nothing is impossible, except that the state of your mind makes it so" Prof John R.R. Searl The Searl Effect Soil Food Web Course Free Intro CourseCourse Description Do you actually know what’s in your soil? Elaine's free introductory course called 'Getting to Know Your Soil' is rich with paradigm-shattering information. You'll learn about the best way to grow sustainably. Ready to get started?

free to download, an expert guide to seed-saving - A Way to Garden AROUND NOW, THE HOOKS on my mudroom walls offer no space for coats (though the weather hints I’ll be needing mine). Too many paper shopping bags are hanging there instead (photo above), one after another with faded, upside-down plants inside, meant to let go of their increasingly dry seed. That’s my primitive tactic, but there are better ways to save seed, and the Organic Seed Alliance shares them—from which variety you grow with eventual saving in mind, to maintaining that crop in the garden, to drying and even storing it–in a free, 30-page book-like pdf download loaded with both the botanical science and sensible tips, too. roguing, and isolation distances